LOVE IS ...???

Breathless smitten

Heart breaking crying


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I think you missed the most obvious one witch.

Relax you're not so stuffed up comfort
you've only your hands in the air but the one with the legs up, kind of is .... what was she thinking conversing kiss my roll eyes
Well I do have some allergies.dunno wave
wagi, never heard that lennon song before....
nice one wine

Love Is stupid or maybe not...
just makes us stupid is all conversing

night all sleep

Yeah this maybe your thread but don't even try and be condecsending toward me it looks like your hard face suits your sense of humour.

You have the shits about my profile pic?

Go by yourself a mirror and scratch that itch ya witch!~
Jesus Christ but why is it when everyone tries to insult me personally they all call me hard face crying

Right that's it, bin Nivea tomorrow and try oil of Olay instead snooty

More serious note...
condescending how? you have your arms in the air, Ms O has her legs.... I was comparing the similarities, that's all, If you read more into it than what I meant, than the faults on your humour and not me or my hard face.

Good night.
Love is a drug and I need to score.
Love is.......

Checking out some Chinese restaurants to make sure they don’t serve dog’s meat when I bring my Arty there....uh oh

There's a little good in the worst of us
And a little bad in the best of us
So who are we to judge the rest of us?

That's love right there in them words.
If you say so roll eyes lol

wave keepers
6th July 03......
my brother inlaw, his anniversary.... I remember him and his song

Love is......

He kissed you even after you ate durian grin
Ineffable... smitten
When my heart goes silent...
Love is boring its getting there that matters most.
(This Definition Has Nothing To Do With The Author)

"But...A Possible Explanation... Could Be"

"That Person Number 1...Is...At Times...Taking A Lot Of Heat From.Person Number 2..........Who...At Times?"

"Can Be Absolutely.... Out Of This World....... To Get Along With"

"Who...At Times?.....Jumps The Gun...And Then Goes Into....... "Impossible Mode"

"At Let It Be Known That...Person Number 1.... Has Dealt With Person Number 2"

"Many A Times Over....... In This Very Same Manner"

"But For Some Strange Reason?

"Person Number One Continues To Be There"

"For Person Number 2"

(Maybe..... This Is A Possible Example?)

"For That..... "Crazy Little Thing Called Love?"............................... detective
That all sounds a little crazy to me....

But even crazy love is welcomed more so, If one's going crazy without it ... love that is heart beating

Bogart nerd


heart wings Love is a mystery. heart wings
We can feel it, But
We can't explain it, we can't define it by few words. Explained or defined love could not be "LOVE"
Mostly, explained love dies after few months or years. The age of explained or defined love is very less.

confused I think "LOVE" doesn't need any explanation.

You may be right Mr Amore, love has no explanation ....
but it certainly has a lot to be answering for.

Love is ... hoppy very happy

"Love Is"

"The Knowing...... Of Something Bad"

"That Has Happened...... To Someone Close To You"

"And...You Cannot Undue It"................................detective
Love is our strength to overcome the worst that can possibly happen to us. Believing that our will to endure can stand strong because of that love.

I gave up on love, for the time being. sigh
Nam & Ms Jones, know where ye're coming from on why... kiss kiss to you both teddybear

Welcome curves wine
for the time being, nice view but once we reach 50 and not yet found...don't you think love is but a memory to be remembered and not again to be lived felt or shared... dunno

Love is not always fair and often unkind ....
For example.... when he sees her instead of me sigh

love is ... God yay

Love is wanting to break your partner ex’s neck for causing hurt and pain to him and don’t mind going to jail for it very mad you think ‘wring’ sounds better than ‘break’ her neck? dunno
Partners ex's Mimi doh
been there done that ... hope you have more success with such dealings than what I did.

lOVE IS ... not pondering roll eyes when it comes to saying sorry... sad flower

The right words at the right time mean everything heart wings
even if and when it comes to nothing......
its far better than not saying anything a tall.



A good day to all, gotto go can't be pondering about gotta go

For my beloved Arty....whom I don't mind sharing my toothbrush with smitten love
Aw Mimi you two are such a lovely couple bouquet
Bet he rings you when he says he will and doesn't leave you by the phone waiting patiently roll eyes lol

Note the lol very happy

Love? Trust and responsibility.

food too. love


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