(Introduction: I was browsing the blogs & this came up under "other blogs". A blast from the past, as it were.
Anyway, as there are a quite a few recent 'Newbies' (in fact, since this was first put up, a number of newbies have become oldies santa ) and undoubtedly there are more shy viewers blushing...AND, with the changes CS has recently introduced, making one comment on this is easier than coming up with a whole new blog...
I'm gonna make that comment! grin )
....Looking at the stats for several blogs, I've noticed a great number of "Views" relative to "Comments".

Being a curious type, I began wondering why that is so. confused

Thinking back, I was on CS several months before I even DISCOVERED the blogs.
(Thanks to the suggestions of a couple very thoughtful people...
who also gave me pointers - and encouragement - for offering comments.
You know who you are. wink flower )

Even with that encouragement, it was some time before I haltingly uh oh & shyly blushing offered my first one or two comments typing

Anyway, I suspect many(!) of those "Views" are folks just needing a gentle nudge to join the CS Blog Family. group hug

Well, newbies - ya just ran out of excuses - cuz...

Hop in! reunion

Let us get to know you! handshakebuddies

Don't worry that you'll make a fool of yourself! scold...

What the hell...there'll be quite a few new faces here
& they won't know any more about this than YOU do!

So...even if you DO make a complete @ss of yourself...
no one's gonna be savvy enough to know it anyway!
You just can't GET a better deal than THAT!!
head bangeryaybanana

Some bloggers ROUTINELY make fools of ourselves! tongue
uh oh...er...uhhh...I mean THEMselves, of course! roll eyesgrin
Ain't no big whoop!...dunno
You get used to it!...yawn
It actually gets EASIER the more you do it! peace

Sooo...Here's a big WELCOME TO THE BLOGS...
to all you Bloggers-To-Be!

...CS might pony up a dandy set of steak knives for the first five people to offer their First-Time-Ever-Comment on THIS blog!

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Comments (86)

Given i'm not a newone
hope its ok to pop into here hole

Just to say howdy do lee wave

Sure love your new look bouquet
You bet, Witch!
I reckon the newbies will appreciate as much enforcement as we all can give 'em.

Not only stay...Spread the word!!!

I even remember when we first meet!...wink

It was rocky for 10 minutes. But! It turned out that!
scold You are one of the good and kind guys here!...hug

And To The New Bloggers Ahead!
Welcome To The blogs....group hug
wave cool

Might be a good opportunity for folks to do some reminiscing...
daydream How THEY broke into the blogs.

Good thinkin' there Angel! flowerwink

That's the kind of problem-solving approach we should look for when selecting the next POTUS!

Oh! Miclee
daydream You Rock My World.

I am guilty of viewing and not commenting. Sometimes the blogs are too old to comment as I am not on here on a daily basis. Sometimes I just have nothing to say so I don't say anything. wave
I Agree With You!
And Me Too!.....thumbs up
Hi Mic...

A guy I chatted to and became a good friend online told me about the blogs. My first few comments here on blogs were a bit "shy"...made friends with good bloggers here right away.

Catfoot was the one who encouraged me to post blogsteddybear

A warm welcome to the newbiesteddybear yay yay
and I told Ian about the blogs and to join too...a big mistake on my part!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Yeah, that would be one big blooper, alright.
I guess it proves we're all just human.
rolling on the floor laughing

Hi, everybody. Personally I, watch the blog when there is time, and when clearly the text. But even when it isn't really clear, I speak simply hi. I think you agree, there are many pleasant and kind people who simply want to tell hi. Four years ago, it was interesting to me as think that people of other countries think, communicating on the Internet, it was important to me to know for the book, I a lot of things learned something new, and I am grateful to those bloggers who were mutual.
Embedded image from another site
Nice of you to welcome the newbies...so welcome bloggers to be...wine cheers
Hi I'm new here blushing liar How do I claim my steak knives dunno banana
Highlight /Web Search

> YouTube Georgy Girl (lyrics) The Seekers <

You know what to do, Lou! wink
(And, more importantly, HOW to do it! typing )

Dear M...

I am a 'newbie'. You are very considerate doing this blog. Thank you...yeah, I often read the blogs, but then do need a 'Chill pill' to break my shyness and worries to not smack my 'username' with a 10 pond hammer...rolling on the floor laughing

This blog is a great idea to build a bit of confidence providing inputs and comments...

So, hello all bloggers...I am new and shy blushing handshake
Welcome to CS Blogs, LFA!! handshake buddies

You just won yourself a dandy set of steak knives! applause

(Assuming I can actually con 'em into springing for them uh oh
Er...I mean negotiate an arrangement satisfactory to all parties. grin)

O.K. y'all "Georgy Girls"...or Guys*
One dandy set of steak knives down...four to go!!

*COOL ... that name works for everyone! grin

To: LonelyfromAfrica

balloons Welcome To The Blog Page.
wave wine

Atta Girl, Lou! applause

balloons Welcome to the blogs.
Again!... ...popcorn
Hi everyone.wave I am very shy blushing and I was wondering if some sweet, kind, thoughtful lady would give me a tour of this site?bouquet Only gentle sweet ladies, who don't charge a fee, need to write me.hug hug

Your too funny...not going to work...lol...laugh wine
On the earth the secret goes down evenings
Also Friends wait for me on the Internet:
Are clever, charming, extraordinary -
Same "owls", as I!!!
Having sat down to the monitor, having sighed with relief,
Having forgotten about household chores,
I will stir with them easy
About the most usual things.
For lovely chatter evening time
I will find an hour at dreams.
I will console someone, slightly I will calm
And I will tell couple warm words.
… Long ago after midnight. Eyes stick together
And month in a window looks.
Pages are one by one closed.
Also all want to wish kind dreams.
No fee?...confused
HA! Do you want to bet?
How much $$$$?!.......popcorn
Oh! Gjimmie

scold You Got Mail!

.........bouquet$$$+ Tax
Ya like we aren't going to charge him...lol...you hold him down and I will frisk him...laugh cheers
Welcome to the CS Blogs, Jim!! cheers
This will be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for you to meet fellow shy newbies...
Just like yourself.
Who are commenting on a blog...
Just like YOU are!

(Great angle yer wotkin' here, Jim!...
I wish to hell I'D thought of it. devil)

I Know! Right.

scold He want get away!
Not while you & I, is here....rolling on the floor laughing

We has a group for him to join anyway!...wine
Too true!!...lol...oh gentle where are you?...you can't hide forever...devil laugh
Awwwww you are so thoughtful Mic..cowboy (though you seem to have changed your image) roll eyes

cswelcome blogs.. all you Newbies hug hug

Just remember we have all been new at sometime or other and felt shy and apprehensive. blushing uh oh

I remember doing a blog and Welela came to my rescue along with Minerva to help guide me through it and made me welcome bouquet bouquet

Then Angel was truly an angel and helped me get involved in blogs.. Thank you hug heart wings

Now here is some cup cakes to welcome you here..

Embedded image from another site

But watch out for DC, as she will take a bite out of each one so that you can`t eat them. very mad
@ Eks...

Excellent observation!

hmmm Better to remain silent & be thought a fool...
blah blah Than speak up & remove all doubt!
rolling on the floor laughing

Hey Lou and Angel...

Leave Jim alone...I'll show him around here...

He'll be quiet safe with mescold scold

Jim, where are you? I got you...don't worry, you're in good handshug hug
laugh Wallop
I even remember when you got confuse on what blog you were on.
Your comment were meant for another blog. But! You were putting it on the wrong blog....rolling on the floor laughing

bunny Got dog!

nerd Oh! Yeah. You forgot to pay me.
Ms. Heart
Yeah! Right....rolling on the floor laughing
Keep your eyes on your fries.

oops! I meant Jimmie....teddybear

Loulou & I, has big plans for him....comfort


Get shown around...
by someone who put "crazy" in her username.
uh oh
Use yer own judgement on that, Jim!

Oh angel I remember that so well, wondered what I was doing. confused
I got so lost as that blogger kept changing her page and I didn`t know you could do that help Butters was on that blog too and kept coming to find me bless her hug
But it was so fun and I felt so welcome whilst feeling a real plonker doh
Laughed so much that night.. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hands off our new recruit...lol...angel and I have plans...laugh

Hope your good crazy...all the best to you!!wine

Where's Jim?confused confused

OK people, I might be crazy but I'm very much sane when it comes to men, specially to a gentleman like JIm.

There are many places here that I would like to show him...the Forums, the other side of the Blog Land. Though I haven't been to Puzzles, Games,Music, Video and Quiz sections, I'm sure Jim and I will enjoy exploring it together.

Best part, I'm not charging him any fee but would say yes if he chooses to take me out for a dinner or a drink or two.

and if he say Yes, Angel and Lou can tag along...Mic, you're more than welcome to pay for their drinks too!teddybear teddybear

A bit busy these days...but doing great. Hope all is well with you there too!wine wine
.....rolling on the floor laughing
Yes! We have had some good times here!.
yay Rock Steady! Baby.

( Aretha Franklin)
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