It is rare to go more than a couple weeks or so without someone posting a blog with that title (or something similar).

Typically, the disgruntled blogger then launches into now-familiar gripes...
devilvery mad

"No one on this site is real!" blues

"All my mail comes from scammers!" moping

"I try to mail/flower women/men with decent sounding profiles...
I'm ignored. sigh
Or blocked." crying

Am I saying those things don't happen?
of course not!

Yes, this site attracts scammers like ants to a picnic!
No doubt about it. very mad

So picnics attract ants. dunno
Does that mean you quit enjoying picnics?
I think NOT! scold

Just keep the scammers in perspective.
Think of them as the ants at the CS picnic.

(Scammers & ants -
a peculiarly apt comparison...
wouldn't you agree? very mad) answer the questions posed in this blog's title...
Not only yes...
HELL yes! peace

I (miclee) joined CS nearly 1 1/2 years ago.
Sent out flowers...emails.
Some ignored.
Some not interested because...
(Name your reason. Not enough room to list.)
Some started talking...moved on...

About Valentine's Day, 2014...
"Flowered" Kandy4321.
Got a response, but would ONLY communicate via CS mail.
(Scammers & all that, you know! mumbling)

After some time e-mailing...
might like to get to know her better grin

What to do?? confused

Ask for her phone number?
Hmmm...Might be thought a scammer.
& never hear from her again. blues

idea Give HER MY phone number...
"Want to call?...Like to hear from you!
Want to keep it on CS?...that's O.K. too!"

WORKED!! yay

She called!
We talked!

Went on for about a year
(with some ups grin
and downs moping )

One year "anniversary"...
Might be time to meet...

Plans made. applause (& fell through. moping )
Finally came together. applause
Here in Florida NOW. reunion hug

She made me a "Honeydew List" for while I was here.
(Honey, do this.
Honey, do that.)
Things that might've been put off...
simply because it'd be easier to do them with a guy around...
(Strong back. flex Weak mind. roll eyes )

Worked on the gas grill...
rewarded with great food. burger


Gotta go. gotta go
I got me a "Honeydew list"! grin
(Best part about being given a "Honeydew List"?
It means ya have a Honey love...
And I've been missing that for quite some time.)

Leave y'all's comments below...
for mic OR Kandy...She's right here, too, ya know.
I (she) will look in from time to time.
typing........uh oh

What? confused
Ya don't think we're gonna spend all our time tending this blog, do ya??
rolling on the floor laughing
Are you CRAZY!!! tongue

P.S. - Southwest Airlines fares to Florida PLUNGE about 75% after Spring Break/Easter wow...
Yes. Really. grin
If any of y'all are thinkin' ahead...
Just sayin'.

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Comments (68)

"Best part about being given a "Honeydew List"?
It means ya have a Honey"

Naaawww! I so like that. yay
Excellent my friend,,totally made up for you both..bouquet Enjoy yourselves (though you dont need me to tell you that)...I think..conversing banana cheers wine
yeah a whole bunch of scammers and spies and hackers

want somelaugh
Thank Honey batting
Nice blog entry. I love it! Wishing both! of you all the best and I'm happy to read that CS worked for you guys group hug wave cheers from the other sunshine state grin
thumbs up handshake cheers peace heart wings Enjoywink
daydream Omg!
What about what we had together????

You're going to miss me..blues

Congratulations girl.....hug

You have a winner!....cheers
Dear Mic and Kandy
This blog was like a fresh summers breeze. Thank you! I am so happy for the two of you. Kandy, you got a nice bloke...Mic invited me to participate on the blogs and not because he liked me per se, but because he saw something worthwhile I could add to blog writings. Thanks Mic, sometimes all one need is a bit of encouragement. May the two of you find all the happiness that a relationship can bring. Also hope to still see both of you popping in sometimes...bouquet
Great stuff Micleecheering
I wish you both all of the best. thumbs up
cheers wave
Awwwwwwww....... Miclee!!! cheering cheering cheering

Congratulations!!! yay yay yay

And to you too, Kandy!! yay yay yay

Here's to wishing both of you the best of luck in your next chapter life together wine

hug teddybear bouquet
Aw shucks, what a lovely read Lee wave
couldn't of happened to a more nicer guy, hope you and yours will be buzzing happy for always teddybear
Well Miclee, am I HAPPY or am I HAPPY!!!! very happy very happy very happy very happy for both you and Kandy (kandy don`t know you much but am SOOOOOOO excited with news and to get to know you better hug hug ... yay yay yay yay yay yay

Think we should have a CS party now.. WOW wow wow I can`t stop smiling grin grin

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Happy stories and I LOVEpeople being in love!!!! love love love

Now I think we should have a party.. what with you and Mimi`s news..... applause applause applause think I am bursting with.... HAPPINESS cheering cheering

party party hat balloons danceline elephant elephant
joy joy cartwheel cartwheel party party hat joy cartwheel danceline boogie dancing boogie dancing elephant
Here we go Wallops,

For Mic and Kandy!!!!wine wine wine

Embedded image from another site
Crazy, NOM! NOM! NOM! love love ... hug hug

I suppose we ought to wait for Mic and Kandy to come before we cut the cake roll eyes roll eyes

They best not be TOOOO long mumbling
Great news miclee & Kandy! yay

Wishing you lots of laughter & happiness. bouquet
@ miclee & Kandy - wave .. Congratulations,.... I've always believed that LDR's can work when both parties want it to..... yay

You might like to drop by and visit DH44 to say 'Hi' seeing as your in his territory, just troll the 3 Starbucks in that area, you'll find him..... conversing

.... grin cheers wine

Embedded image from another site


Embedded image from another site
Oh wow wow Crazy!!! That is AWESOME!!!! applause applause

I love parties... Time to get ready. grin

rollers hair getting done ... pointing

shimmy dress on ... pointing (Pinched somebody else's figure) uh oh

it's just one big table for all of big happy family of bloggers...

but where's Mic?, where's Kandy?confused confused
and of course...

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site
I wasn't sure if you had bought enough balloons Crazy ...confused

So thought I would take some too..

Embedded image from another site

Didn't want the room to look empty ..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I don't know where they are ... But two love birds, well ... smitten smitten smitten

But the food looks A-MaZInG!!!!!!! grin grin
I'm also waiting for Angel..she surely will bring her calculator and charge everyone for the food and drinks...laugh
Angels trying to figure out who she is going to have some babies with now... comfort comfort
Maybe Johnny or Robert or even GentleJim dunno

She sure will have her eye on that money though doh
recently a German woman emailed to me

calling me Paul?very mad
Hi Girlswave

We still need the booze for this party...tried to fit it in my big...crying crying Money has been send ...Angel can check...

PS trying to figure my tablet for picture upload...
Derty...Paul is a nice name...head banger
Thank you!....hug

typing I am going to check on this!
Angel wave

You got it Girl? We need that booze...Our love birds can join any moment... violin
They need an entrance song too...danceline dancing boogie dance , what will we play for them? uh oh
Took break from "Honeydew List". grin
Spent time hanging around the pool. cool

Fresh off Winter Wisconsinite. cold
Hanging around a Florida pool. cool

Note - in pic above...
Tanned Floridian (her).
Pale Wisconsinite (me).

CORRECTION: FORMERLY pale Wisconsinite...


On the other hand...
Heard on weather report...
Snow possible in Northern Minnesota/Wisconsin!!
rolling on the floor laughingrolling on the floor laughingrolling on the floor laughing


yawn ...... sleep .......blushing .........sigh



Highlight /Web Search :

"Don't Worry Baby" - The Beach Boys. By TYLER


Welcome to the club hun...i ask the same question on cs,but not all are scammers on this site...good people are on CS is just to find them:i can a sure you that you are real,and i know i am a 100% real..GOOD LUCK.peace

Highlight /Web Search:

"Don't Worry Baby" The Beach Boys by RGL


How the hell could spell-check turn "RGL" into TYLER?


Stupid Spell-check.


Highlight /Web Search:

"Don't Worry Baby" The Beach Boys by RGL


How the hell could spell-check turn "RGL" into TYLER?


Stupid Spell-check.

Hi lonely from Africa found your blog!! Quite interesting LOL!! Can I go to ya party.
Lovely story! Love the Honeydew List, and right with you on the joy of Honey! yay

And if I'm not given a Honeydew List, I just make one up anyway! laugh
aaawww, Mickylee, you sly fox... what a beautiful way to introduce your honey-bee to usapplause banana I'm happy for you and the Misses,and I pray everything will workout and you both are blessed in all things in your new found relationship with each otherangel


Here's a blast from the past... Maybe you or someone can pull up the video from youtube... I don't have a clue how to do the video thing , or copy and paste in search...laugh thanks.

Here are the lyrics, very simple for you Mic to learn and sing to Honey-bee laugh

"I Found A Love"
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
I found a love, I found a love
I found a love that I need, oh yeah
I found a kiss I found a kiss just wanna
tell you that I can't resist
I found a kiss that I need, oh yeah

Wait a minute; one thing I wanna say right here
The way that woman walks, she set my soul on fire
The way she talks, she's my heart's desire
And oh if she leave me, I think that I would die
Sometime I'll call her in the midnight hour
Yeah yeah don't leave me baby
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah

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