Back In the Market

Ok, I’m back in the market, but not just anyone will do. I’m looking for a very special girl. The properties I’m looking for are very hard to find. My high standards will not allow me to settle for anybody less.snooty

I want somebody who has seen the bad side of life as well. She has to be young, beautiful, and orphaned, living in a refugee camp, somewhere in Central or West Africa, outside of her own war torn country, and coming from a very prominent political family in her original country. If her late father was a political leader or an industrialist and held a doctor’s degree, honorary or self awarded, it will be an added bonus.wink

However, an offshore banking account in London, boasting at least 6.5 million US Dollars, is a prerequisite, even if there are some logistic problems in securing the money. I will gladly supply my bank account and pin number in order to facilitate the transfer of money to my country. Preference shall be given to the candidate with the most money, unless if she is very ugly. But even then, it will be weighed up against her cash reserves. Money talks loudest.blah blah

I can fully anticipate that she will be in a great hurry to expedite this for I know and understand that her greedy uncles and cousins will also be trying to lay their hands on what is rightfully hers. For all we know, they may have been instrumental in the demise of her parents. I shall protect her against her conniving family.super

I'm fully prepared to send to her the money for a passport, airfare, and any other incidental expenses, providing that we work through a reliable and trusted intermediary, maybe the preacher man that we find in every refugee camp. If we cannot trust him, whom else can we trust?grin

No, this is not about the money; I really do love her. I know she will have a wonderful personality even though her English grammar is not that polished. After all, she speaks French. The problem is that I don’t know where to find such a girl. If any of you happen to come across somebody in this position, please refer her to me. I will forever be in your debt.laugh
cats meow cats meow

Oh, if you find her, don’t keep her to yourself. My happiness depends on her.rolling on the floor laughing
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Cat, so soon? you're already hunting for my replacement? crying So my mere million pounds was the problem, it simply wasn't enough.


Catlover rolling on the floor laughing
Cat ,have you been watching Bollywood movies lately.?...rolling on the floor laughing
wow wow Sheesh, of course I'm joking. Me, a smoker and nervous flier, in a LDR with someone who lived 12 hours away by plane? To be laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Eish, if it was not so cold I would have go for a swim in the sea but I doubt it if it will clean me.

I've been receiving some hate mail again but amidst of all the insults there was one big compliment. She called me a typical South African Male. At least we're in agreement about that.

Then she said that I'm not ever to send her mail again. Well, I can live with that but the problem is that I did so only twice and that was in direct response to her rantings. It seems that she only wants to dish it out but wants nothing back.

Anyway, I fixed it in the only way I can think of. I blocked her. It is very unlikely that I would send her anything without receiving anything.

Some people!doh
Oh Vivian,
You were not supposed to see this. I thought you went to the hairdresserblushing
laugh wave
Hi India
Noo! I have had this secret fancy for years. I once found one like this but I was a bit strapped for cash at the time, so I had to pass on her.
rolling on the floor laughing wave
Will 2 cartons of popcorn be enough for this blog? beer I'm not budging from my seat. Cat, my hair can wait, darling. This is too good.
Hi Viv
I hope you enjoyed catching me in the act of cheating on you. I feel so embarrassed. Now everybody knows that I'm a cheat and not what I pretend to be at
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
but I have some too.popcorn popcorn
Hi Jarred,
Hell, those girls look funny without their glasses. Almost as if their eyes are popping out.
laugh wave
hello friend is all in fun laugh thumbs up
that is what this blog is about. Fun! has some. Like CS, it is 100% free.cheering
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
You're going to be chastised about this pic. If it spills over to me, you're going to get it as well.
laugh laugh
wow [deeply impressed] Hope Alex comes on line before this blog fades to the second page. He is craaazzzzzy about big women.

Where's the fight? Fight! Fight! Fight!
What's going on here?

Cat, what are you up to?scold

Jarred,thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Viv
Alex? And what fight?

I'm disappointed. I thought the offers would be streaming in but it seems that few young girls have a bit of cash on hand. Or maybe the refugee camps have been emptied.doh
rolling on the floor laughing wave
Hi Vivapplause applause popcorn popcorn popcorn pizza burger drink pouring
I thought ur angry friend would be here by now. Tchah. And Alex - oh, Cat, I cheated on you too. I am sooooo sorry. Forgive me? At least until those poor girls in the refugee camps are allowed their half hour on line to reach out to you? blues
Hi Crazy
N... n... nothing dear. It's just a joke. I thought you said you're going for a manicure and some shopping. This is really getting embarrassing.blushing
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Hey, CH! you're even more prepared than I am! rolling on the floor laughing
No, hate mail is more personal. Much more fun to read. Nothing like the poisonous stuff we get on the blogs some time.giggle
hug wave
I don't know how Jarred get away with it. Had I done it, I would have been quartered, drawn and hanged upside down as a woman basher. He's obviously doing something right.giggle
doh confused
Cat, I didn't know you had such a taste.. Nevermind! laugh laugh

I do my own manicure and pedicure...I don't like colors on my nails...I like plain clean nails...some french once a week....some blood red on very very special occasions...

Do you like your woman with colorful nails?blushing blushing

No, not really...I'm actually feeling hungry here...thinking of ordering some Chinese foods...grin

Jarred has a special license to post special pictures...grin
Oops! Something cropped up. Be back in 20.uh oh
You've come to the right place professor such women are 10 a penny here, however they do tend to be like buses, you don't see one for a while then two come along together uh oh wow crazy
The 4 women in the bikinis look like they missed the "weight-watchers bus"rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Jim I have it on the best authority that big women are much, much nicer than we regular-sized ones. scold

Z, is that 10 a penny on CS or in Spain? They build flesh here in Scotland too, for the winter hibernation. 9 months is a long, long winter
Good luck in your cheers
Hi Crazy
Not particularly but I dont mind. Ditto for makeup. Women look prettiest with a natural look but I must admit that a little makeup expertly applied, is a feast to the eyes.thumbs up
hug wave
Viv, I was referring to the OP & CS, "I didn't get where I am today" by making comments about ladies of generous proportions professor grin
Hi Z
Really? So If I wait a while I will have a choice?
banana cheering laugh
I wish somebody would tell me where he bought that license. I want one as well.laugh
hug wave
Hi Jim
Chances are that the bus refused to stop. Bus suspensions are not what they used to be. Can you imagine the stress with all of them aboard.
laugh wave
Hi Viv, Z was talking about my dream girl. It is a common scam that I described.
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
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