Its A New Venue.

I'm really happy to have a new venue to share my mind and thoughts with people. I started blogging about 3 years or so back at googles . Like so many people I wanted a nitch on the net, and heck maybe make some loose change even. lol. Well I never did the paypal thing, because its not the mney end of the deal, like I'm made of a million bucks lol, I'm not.

Its my heart and soul to reach people with what I believe to be sound information on current events, politics, dangers in the world and history which people aren't taught today. Wisdom. It can be found in history from some amazing people and the trials they had gone through in their life times. I heard it said nothing new under the sun, and I'm sure that is true. So learning from others has always been the way. And now with the internet we can all journey together of like hearts minds and souls even.

InRealTyme is my 1st Google blog. I guess they use it to boost their ad rates and all that, but I filter them as best as I can and I don't use their ad sense for income generation. I feel if I'm not bought, I can write about anything and be sincere and shoot straight from the hip. To me that's keeping it real. Followers is not what I am seeking either, thou I probably should. Views to me tells me their there and its anyone's guess if their actually reading it or watching the embedded videos or not lol.

The goal in blogging for me is to warn people and help people, that's it. There's a gazillion fashion, romance, photo, news outlets etc etc etc on the net, so I'm not really seeking fame or fortune. I'm there for others. To get a message I see as imperative and important others get it as well. I don't produce videos or ad copy or post for money like people do at and cnn and There's a gazillion of them also and maybe someday I'll go down that road. I just think it dirties up the agenda and motivation a tad bit.

Am I trying to save the world lol. Probably. Okay thats a bit far out there, and maybe I can't save the world, but if I can help one person, one stranger in even the smallest of way, hey good for them, and may the gods look down upon me kindly. lol

So, have you checked out the videos I have been attaching? Some are so amazing. The emotions, the messages, the stories told are so incredible. Everyone communicating something to someone, to everyone, about something. Some of them are made by people with no education, phds, doctorates, ex cops, vets, house wives, moms, dads. Its clear they took the time to say what was on their hearts and minds to others. And that says alot about real people with real struggles and having real experiences, woorth talking about. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Now please be kind, as I'm not a professional writer, as anyone can tell. My sentence structure and train of thought isn't by design from a college writing course or class. lol And it'll take me abit to get used to their controls here, but I'll try to keep it clean, sometimes erotic sorta, and interesting maybe (to me anyways ) so as to not bore you to bad.

Other than that come along and comment anytime.


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Welcome to CS cswelcome
well ty loulou77! they finally let me in here lol applause
Hey! Dawson
balloons Welcome To The Blogs!
Hello DDawson59wave cswelcome , , Give it some time, I find theres usually someone , or some subject that catches my attention.yay yay You have a Good One,cheers
Welcome wave

We all in here also not proffesional writer but its good to share some thought, experience or just fun info.


Just speak for yourself! As you may know. I am a great writer...hug

Thank You! Very Much....popcorn

roll eyes Sorry! Dawson.
Hi angel hug .......yes you are
Got laugh
Hello DD

Join the party!

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Hey everyone! Thanks for a cool welcoming... u to angel lol. yeah any pro writers here hit me up, and ill study your products, hopeful I can improve my own skills.

Arent we all a student of nature and of the world?

I think, therefore I am...

If I could then would I or knowing I could, would it be satisfying my desire to do so?, Thus I wouldn't. And yet apart of me feels I would truly be dissapointed in that I didn't experience what I could of,
had I would of....
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