Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Really Hurts...

Well I have no clue as to how or why, but I got it. And its 80% debilitating because of the constant pain and inability to use the arm for little to nothing.

It started I believe a couple a weeks ago, as I try to remember back. Sometime after the 4th of July. I hadn't been sleeping well so I moved to the couch. Thinking closer to everything I need or use regularly. And easier to feed my cat and do my cat chores he he.

So I awakened to a stiff shoulder, and I'm not able to raise my arm up or out straight or carry much of anything. I could bend at the elbow, but its like my muscles won't work to raise my arm. And the pain is crazy all around the ball n socket and at rest in my forearm below the elbow and on top of my shoulder but not in my neck. So I'm completely perplexed. I'm down for the count.

What have I changed in my routine that brought this on? I recently bought a Fry Addy so my veggie oil intake went way up. And my carb potato intake as well had risen. And making my own tortilla chips with sea salt. Popcorn- gmo popcorn a couple times a week. I've been smoking more and coughing a bit more so I've strained an artery as it pains me to cough up in my shoulder. Water intake has gone way down as milk has as well.

So there ya have it pretty much. No stress at home. No strain, heavy lifting or mass exercise.

I Don't have diabetes, heart issues, a few extra lbs. Broke a wrist bone last yr and did therapy. The shoulder bothered through all that. But never a real concern then or until recent. It just came on recently and now its a whole different story. Ibprohen every four hrs and rest. No work as I am one armed now lol.

Any one heard of frozen shoulder syndrome? Any cures ? lol

I'm off to the Dr this week...
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Yup, a girlfriend has it. She undergoes acupuncture every other week.

comfort bouquet
I've been doing YouTube videos to Lear more about it....I see a lot of people get it.
Over here. It's easy to get a good and reputable acupuncturist. Hopefully you can find a good one too over at your place. least, you don't have trouble fastening a bra like how my girlfriend does! laugh

Maybe...just unhooking one....wink
try pullin those shorts up and on one handed ... ohhh the pain . as for me I like going braless lol
Too funny giggle

Well, I do hope your doc able to cure that shoulder of yours real quick and suffer no more.

Take care bouquet wave
I got once diagnosed with a muscle impingement and told that this, if not dealt properly with, could become permanent and labelled "frozen shoulder". I know your pain very well, months of sleep less nights almost made me loose my mind. I've never taken any pain killers, instead I've had lots of accupuncture and excercise. I also had those little plasters with electricity going through them which had the effect that I'd be for at least 24 hours without any pain - able to hang up the laundry and wash my hair giggle
After a bit more than one year the pain was behind me. I'm glad I didn't go with the western doctors. Trust I'd be still hoocked on pain killers with a few op scars wink
I got the same after sleeping on the couch. It helps to keep the arm bent at the elbow.

Try not to sleep on your front as this puts pressure on the shoulder.

When the pain is at its worst try gently exercising the arm, dont carry anything with the arm as this will pull on the muscles, even something as light as a book.

Depending on your age, could take up to 6 months before the pain subsides.
I recommend herbal combinations to cure this. And in general, once people over 40,then the blood circulation and health is not the same as when you are young. And if you have used the shoulder in a wrong way, not only carry heavy things, and some parts might be blocked. And then little by little the symptom can be more and more severe. Then the frozen shoulder finally come.

I recommend one cure: although you need try in a chinese herbal shop.
I would go to a good doctor and get an opinion.

Any problems with bones or muscles, I go to a good physio, ostheopath or chiropracticer (someone who you know is good).

On a different note, maybe get a food allergy test done altogether, some food can have a bad influence on your body functions.

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

KN is right. Go to a good orthopedic dr. You may have torn a rotator cuff in the bad shoulder. I have torn both of mine and had to have surgery to repair them. I wish you the best!handshake
Truly it sounds like a torn rotator cuff muscle or a burst bursal sack to me. An ortho specialist can tell and also determine if you can live with it as it slowly heals (prescribing specific exercises to prod it along), or if there is a need for surgery to stitch it back in place.

Numbness from sleeping on the arm should have faded inside a day or two. Since it didn't I would go for an MRI of the shoulder and see what's what.
all true Ken...I'll just add apinched nerve to the fray...cheers
yup, been there, done that. I go to physical therapy. The magic of someone else's fingers and the right exercises putting me back on track. Takes a while to mend but with the right guidance this too shall pass. Hang in there sad flower
wow see Dawson your not alone most of us have had something simular.
A drink of something at night and a lubricant can help with pain but as everyone says it does take awhile. Think yourself luckgrin you don't wear a bracheers
today we are blessed and cursed with the internet. I found a video made by a fitness guru all about trigger points in the muscles and how to manipulate them. just amazing stuff. ya I had a semi run into rearended me years ago at a toll booth. I suspect this is the original culprit lol. two arms is deffinately better than one, lol.
I have had frozen shoulder. It was triggered by my carpal tunnel but I went to an acupuncturist and that cured it after two or three treatments.
I never go to physical therapists. They have always injured me. Hate them.
Acupuncture is also a part of traditional chinese medical treatment. And it is more natural and much milder to the body to cope with. I use both herbs and western medical treatment.
Tonight its really bothersome. Still can't lift my arm at all up or out from my side. Taking IBP regularly 200 mg every four hrs. I'm checking my insurance overage tomorrow. I hope its not an Aneurysm, that would really suck. :( When I cough It shoots right into the joint.

I remember I was doing IBP at work and after work for the last month, but I could always move my shoulder with out problems, accept hurting. I'm not happy. A hand v***rator only irritates it. Thought it would help the circulation and healing. Can't drive a commercial vehicle like this...grrrr.
A burst bursal?...ohhhhh crap.
well today its less irritated, but I still can't pull my arm up away from my side, or lift my arm or reach behind my back ...grrr. I used a low setting v***rator and just irritated the heck out of it yesterday. and I'm drinking more filtered water and taking a 'men's' vitamin daily to boost the nutrients.
I'll use a freezer pack a couple times today, and do hand massages to keep circulation up, as best as I can reach over. I have a very small amount of ability to roll the shoulder socket and move it front to back. yippy!
Getting better. Dropping a vitamin everyday. Drinking water. Watching videos on therapy exercises for it. So I'm gaining some movement back and a small amount of lift if the arm is bent at a forward angle. but can tlift away from my side at all yet. yep, pretty hopeful. Now the cause, and why it started. I eliminated fried foods all together, still smoke, cough less now so the pressure hasn't returned up through the vein into my shoulder muscle. The water helps eliminate toxins and possibly improves the burtas sack. So water, vitamins and exercise it gently. the response is good and very hopeful. improve quality blood flow, eliminate trans fat and rinse toxins. oh reduced potato/starch/potasium intake to a cup every three days or less.

exercise and hand self massage twice a day. walking 5 minutes a day to uplift heart rate.

lookin good and feeling a lot less pain and thus few IBprohens. which 200 mg wasn't much anyways every 4 hrs, but maybe once a day now only.
Well my regular meant of water, vitamin, 0 fried foods, exercising my shoulder in therapeutic ways has done wonders. Today, now, I can lift my arm above my head. Slowly but deffinately with out help from my other hand and arm. I still can't move it out away from side but by an inch or so. But forward out and up is pretty good. 1 more week I hope. Probably 3 weeks back to normal. But its all one day at a time.
My mother got this after hitting it on the door, you're right..she was in terrible the end she got cancer in that shoulder...and then a secondary cancer called limblastic lymphoma .

get it checked out please...
I have to say the shoulder is 70% better today. And I can push my arm out from my side if my arm is bent. which is much better. Lifting above my head and touching the top of my head is OK, hurts somewhat through the range of motion and a little on the way back down . so I can cook and do dishes and use two hands for dressing now. lol water vitamins change of diet yepper and exercise it theraputically
wow. cancer. doesn't sound like much fun
well today i discovered I can do a 360 with my air with minor discomfort. man it was scary there for awhile. wasn't sure Id ever get my arm back. I did pray a fewtimes and gave thanks for inspiring me to research it and the symptoms. i had no clue what it was stoping me from using my shoulder. so recovery is doing well id say at this point. more water, increased circulation, no fried foods, vitamin daily, exercse the arm and joint. im so dancing
Frankly, since I have my own recent shoulder problems, I think not talking to a doctor about it is silly, as well as possibly dangerous.

Right after my accident in May, although still very sick (literally at death's door, but not knowing it yet) I overhead lifted some old broken refrigerators and washing machines (that had accumulated here over the decades of running rental properties) into the back of my pickup truck so I could take them to the scrap yard for extra cash. I had decided there was no point to spending the money to get them running again since the rental properties they would go into had already been sold by me. I had no help (which was stupid) and I was weak from the damage the acid had done to me and the pneumonia and other stuff that resulted. One of the refrigerators was an extra large one and very heavy. Just getting it outside involved removal of a door first. At the truck I started with a 'deadlift' motion and went on to an attempt at 'clean and jerk' but that failed to topple the refrigerator into the back of the truck. I needed another 3 inches. I shifted position and used the same shoulder muscles used for a behind the head 'military press' and found the 3 inches. Unfortunately I also heard a loud Psssh noise come out of my shoulder along with incredible pain just as the refrigerator finally fell into the truck. At the salvage yard ir was later determined the weight of that refrigerator was 380 pounds.

Back in the early 80s I had experienced (after being thrown off a parapet) something called an inferior dislocation of my shoulder. Trust me, you don't want one. It took almost a decade of weight training before that didn't trouble me anymore. I had thought it fully healed. Since May I have learned no dislocation ever fully heals. There will always everafter be some looseness to the joint. Since I went into the hospital on the point of death anyway a few days later I had them MRI the shoulder which was basically useless at that time. The loud Psssssh noise was the sound of my shoulder's bursal sack bursting under the load and squirting out the contents into my blood stream. A bursal sack is a little jelly sack between our bones at the joints. It helps avoid damage. Unfortunately if it bursts, this allows additional bone movement and a rotator cuff tendon then also tore. Hence the pain and an arm limp at my side. Also some nerve damage from torn nerve fibers. Ouch.

I am happy to say the doctors and I jointly decided although surgery was an option, we wouldn't do it yet and instead see if the arm heals like it did last time. So what was the benefit of consulting the doctor?

A refillable prescription for Meloxicam. That was a BIG benefit. Now I can take one before sleeping, roll onto that shoulder at night while asleep, and not instantly wake up screaming. To me, that was a plus. Also I have regained full movement of the arm. I still have some numbness in my hands, but way less than before. Two months ago, I lacked enough finger dexterity to pick up a quarter. Today I can pick up dimes with no problem. I can do a curl again (but not too heavy). I still can't put any weight on the curling bar to do an overhead lift with, but at least I can get the empty curling bar up there. I am sure that with continual exercise the shoulder will heal again. In any case I am lightyears ahead of where I was with the arm hanging limply at my side and having to be picked up with the other hand to get dressed, as it was in May.
Ian - I once loved a woman who had a faulty chair collapse under her. She hit an electrical outlet box with her shoulder. A year later a very nasty bone cancer began at the same spot. She died from it a year later in 1988 at 34 years of age. Those impacts on bone where the padding is thin need to be monitored. moping
hey ken. Well the shoulders alot better thank goodness. so if i assume it was a clogged artery which is possible diet is key from jere on out and specific foods to try and reduce plaque. the coughing spasm that nrought pressure and pain in under my ball socket hasnt rturned but ive been careful not to cough harshly. so smoking is something i nither can dal with out or wish not to confront. i grill all my meats and drain the fat off. my cereal grain intake is up n down. but deffinately off the vegie oil n french fries lol. and knock on wood no more semis rearending me is my goal lol
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