Only scammers ignore profile info

My profile is so dirrect.
I won't relocate.
I won't give money out.
Now any person reading this would not bother
If they not within a certain about of miles
From my home.
But damit these scammers actually think I'm thick
enough to fall for:
I'm willing to relocate.
I don't need your money.
Then suddenly they doing a business trip to africa.
Really? Its so pridictable.
And then suddenly they got pic pocketed.
They really such a waste of human life. And waste of time.
For every 5 men I chat too one is real. And with these I seem to have no luck either, coz clearly majority don't read profiles. And I'm pretty
Sure many men out here have the same issues. Personally I think then only real group of people are bloggers. They can actually express themselves
And read into things.

Extremly frustrateddoh
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wave I have been here just under 2 years, and not a day
goes by, where someone does NOT post a thread on the Forums
or put up a Blog about Scammers. Yet there is Scam warnings
all over the site from the owners of this site, especially
when you are registering. Even a search of Dating sites
warn against this one. So........cswelcome
I think a lot of people would be happy to have a one in five chance of finding a real man on this site, regardless of things not turning out well.

I have to say in all the years I have been here I have perhaps had one or two scammers contact me, I think they tend to contact women more, either that or I have been fortunate.

Dont let your frustration get to you, things take time.
Thanx. Yes we all aware of scammers.
Letting off steam helps.
If I had a dollar for every scammer, I'd
B supa rich.
Actually I have met one real person.. as for the blogs and reviews, I have blocked so many of them it's not funny. Yes, I do my homework, yes, they were reported before I found them on the internet but not here... So, that being said, be very, very careful uh oh Most recently, not many have approached me.. but hey, the full moon will bring them out. dancing
there are so many diverent type of scammers ,and thy realy think thy are smart.

thy whant your email adres to sell
thy whant your money for them self
thy whant your to live with you and you will pay for everyting


they com with sad storys ,try to work on you emotions so you will feel pitty for them .

we get them almost daily ,we can block certan country's , bud what hapen than thy suddenly live in a country near you for many years ,don't speak the native laguage ,with out google translator ,don't now nioting to tell anyting about there naberhood where thy live already for manny years .

and if yyou whant to skype thy disapear ,profile canselt

thy just waisting our presious time ,we not getting younger only smarter
I found that very few guys read a profile. A lot of copy / paste messages hoping someone will bite. roll eyes
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