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Last night I watched another movie that I had never heard of previously. "Big Fish" is perhaps the best film offering by director Tim Burton, who is generally mired in macabre cartoonish films. However, this film utilizes real actors depicting a cartoon like adventure based on the almost never ending embellished stories of an ordinary father, who has charmed almost everyone with his tall tales. The one person he no longer charms, is his only offspring. His son, as an adult, searches to understand the real man, which he feels he has never known. In his attempt to understand the man who was hardly ever there during his childhood, he struggles to separate the truth from the legends. Ultimately, to comfort the old man on his deathbed, he ends up weaving the final connecting tall tale.

This movie is one that can be enjoyed by both children and the child in us all. I give it a solid 7 stars out of 10. The story is both touching and entertaining with a sprinkle of some bigger life questions. The cinematography is delightful. A wonderful tale for that rainy night.

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Thanks my dear for this movie and description it must desrved to be seenteddybear
It is very cute, much like you. wink
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