Trust + Laughter, lead to > Ecstasy x 3

In ten years, i'll probably still be teaching most of my lovely, little ladies how to loosen up and Enjoy life, . . professor

The Number one very most Important thing in any Relationship is trust, which is necessary to Obtain Intimacy, . . . on a mental and spiritual level. angel innocent

The other Ingredient is FUN, Smiles, and Laughter, . . a Happy and Humorous Attitude / lifestyle dancing cheering

Once a Happy, Laughing, loving Woman,. . Completely and Unconditionally TRUSTS a man With her Heart, Mind and Soul, . . kiss

her Body, will happily follow cheering

and then , . .We are talkin, . . M A G I C A L , Lovin, . . hug
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what great job you have cool
Ok, all that I can do easily except for trust....

If only HE does not lie through his teeth that easily...sigh
Yes Karina, . .
I reckon, somebody has to do it professor

I kinda look at it as God's Calllng, . .for me roll eyes
yes Dream Girl. . . : cheering

That's The Main reason I'm so popular and in High Demand, . . professor

I guess i just have that Trustworthy , Honorable kinda look, about me roll eyes
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