TILL DEATH DO US PART................

What happens then?
1. If you are religious then you would wait until you had passed away to be reunited with your partner.
2. If you are religious, but decide to begin a relationship with another person, then you must be a hypocrite. You may use an excuse such as, " Well I'm sure my ex partner wouldn't want me to live without loving someone else and indulging in s*xual gymnastics."
A rubbish excuse as it is really just the same as being unfaithful and showing no concern for a partner who was in this world.
3. If you are not religious, then you are free to indulge in whatever your conscience permits.

Is this the case?

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Hi Crown
I thought the days when the queen was buried with the king is over. Mind you. till death do us part means exactly that. If one of the two dies, the other one is free. not so? Death did part them.dunno
cheers wave
Agree with catfoot..
To me just silly if you stick with point no. 1
Hi catfoot wave If religion is to be true, then is it not worth waiting to be reunited with the partner you loved? Are they a dispensable item? Did they fulfil you for a period of your life and that's all? dunno
Flash - Depends how deeply you believe and whether you are just out for what you can get in life. Some people believe that the dead will be resurrected. What happens then? Do all your partners get together and have a party?
I think that there are also many women stay alone after their partner is gone. But still a person can get lonely too. confused dunno bouquet
Crown why are you on dating site???

What will I do after my beloved partner passed away? That's my decision to make a choice .. but yes, I need time to move on. To return my condition and accept the fact that he's gone. I could not stay in the past... life must go on and living with someone to grow old together is something nice. So I will give another chance to myself to fall in love again.
The wedding vow is, as stated, until death do part.

If death parted, you have fulfilled your vow as others said, and are free to go on. That means you can marry again, in a reasonable time (to allow for grief and healing)....usually the one who passed before you would not want you to stay alone for the rest of your life. I wouldn't, I would want them to be happy. It would be a terrible thing to bind someone to you after you were gone.

It meant to me "Till Death Do Us Part which in my case it obviously happened in my case.I was faithful til the day he passed on 9 yrs ago.

But obviously with the divorce rate I doubt if Till Death Do Us Part would apply.
When death happens to one of the spouses, the other spouse is not bound by the marriage vow any longer. Here is what the bible says:

1 Corinthians 7:39

A wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is free to be married to whom she wishes, only in the Lord.

I think that is pretty clear!

Till death do us part since when and quess who wrote that into the contract , theres other reasons why a marrage fails and I,ll give you one ,

When you are with a man and he almost with in a breath would have strangled us and if we had not taken flight he would have tried again and this was a marrage, bullshit , we went, as for a marrage it was over then and there ,

If your a legalest what ever, okay you stay with it ,if you wish , try real life and living and if it happened to you youd soon get real, I don't and wont go with the so called legal stance taken by those who claim religion,

the bible does not teach that till death do us part if you check the facts and to whom that letter was written and why maybe then people will see beyond their narrow view of the bible .

get away from the control that the church placed on the people in todays society and going back to 500 AD ,

Taken out of context the bible is used for what ever reason can be and is used for their own ends ,

so look at who wrote the message , to who , when , and why ,and do a background check on the real facts and does it apply now in that same context .

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