I come and i go

I have been on CS blogs for 4 years boy was it rough on here when I first came on, but now I don't seem to have the interest for blogs anymore.
I don't know why really and it is not my blogger family and it is not that I have not had the time, just saying it is me.
It has been exciting at times and also boring at times.
Do not want to offend anyone as I said it is me.

I just wanted to know do you ever feel this way,

I do care for all my family here.cheers

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Well your blogging again maybe you have no interest in other bloggers ? I'm a bit confused dunno confused
did you not see the question, do you ever feel this way confused

Good to see you back! I think we all go through phases! If you find someone whom you really like talking to here, it makes it more fun! IMO.
Hi Jim wave Yes that is true, don't know it just don't feel the same here anymore. handshake
Hi Wen wave

we had a member named Angelface ,do you remember her?wine
@ Jim, by the way it is just 3 more months to early retirement dancing
I don't seem to have interest for blogs anymore this is what you wrote and no I don't see any question marks , any ways welcome back cheers
I know Angel from here in the states, but don't recall the name Angelface. whats up with her.
@ Abby, thank you,is School out now so I can go play.professor
Wen, I am happy for you.thumbs up Retirement is great!

Lot of new people on the blogs! Some good and some questionable!confused Have lost some of the old bloggers.
No school isn't out for you . I believe you have a weeks worth of detention .grin I'm teasing you cheers
@ Jim,i have noticed that with the older bloggers I do keep checking in glad to see you are still here handshake
@ Abby, that is ok with me as long as you are the teacher in charge cheers
from which state she was ,could u tell please ?so i will further tell you
How do Wenwave
its not just you, i get like that too.
years ago i used to tune in out of interest but these days, its more of a habit if i'm being honest...either that or its because TV is crap or i've nothing better for doing...or" being on here beats ironing that i should be doing wink
Do you mean Angelpepper ?
@ Ali, I am sure we are not talking about the same person. but I just don't recall that name.
Hi itchy wave I agree, but so glad to know you are still here, you have been a real good friend. hug
@ Cap wave that is the only Angel I can recall, but I think Ali is talking about someone else.

No Not Angelpepper but Angelface wine
Oh ok Wen
I don't know any otherwine

There are several Angelface. Go to search at the top of the page and put the name in.thumbs up

No , i know where she is now
Hi wen nice to see you back.

I've been using CS Blogs as just a winter fill in and soon I'll be doing some traveling with my neighbor guy.

For me the blogs have become boring and so have the Forums too much political junk.

Just arrived home from interacting with some wolves and seeing some newborn wolf cubs.They were so cute.

For Her
@ Ali, I don't remember her, but she is really pretty. I hope everything is ok.
Hi Cc,wave good to see you

Be careful with the wolves you know they come in sheep clothing lol.

Have a lovely weekend hug
Hi Wen!

Fell the same way here....it's not like before, there are divisions here...some bloggers can be aggressive attacking others, they just keep going on and on...I find it boring....laugh

I come here from time to time to banter with good friends...and good to see you here todaylaugh
@ CH,wave hi my precious [you know from the Lord of the rings]lol. I keep saying just taking a break but when I do come back just don't feel interested, maybe something will change this time who knows.hug

Things will only get better here when bloggers know how to have fun again...I'm done with all the whinings and bitching around herelaugh
@ CH, yes I do remember a lot of fun times on here it was almost every day, but now,, well you said it the best.hug
Ah thank you wen, you have always been a good one youselfhug

As for me, i think i'll always be here...
whats that they say, you can never get rid of a bad smell giggle
@ itchy,you have always had a way with words rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing hug
Wen, as long as you DON'T agree with my last ones....
you may come and go from here but i'll always put out the welcome back mat for you when you return.. wink wine
wen wave nothing stays the samemoping But like crazy says when the fun good humout can commence again applause cheering You can take the micky out of situations without being offensive its an art though to learn I think.
anyway the world is full of alsorts and I love thoserolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
People come and go, no matter if it's here or in RL Wen. dunno

For me CS is entertainment, I'm not getting worried about anything going on here and there are only a few people I keep in touch with (always glad to hear from them though).

To care for someone - I like to keep in touch and it's nice to hear how people are doing and sometimes it's easier to talk about a few things not with someone that is directly around/involved - but it doesn't replace RL for me in any way, so I wouldn't have any problems walking away from here. conversing
# itchy, no I don't agree. there is no bad smell lol rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Redex wave nothing stays the same thumbs up I have not been offended on here, just lack of interest. hug
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