Sunday Lunch

My sister is playing old man’s marbles today. I don’t like the game, so she did not even bother to ask me along. My father will be having lunch at his retirement village and will be joining her after lunch, so I have the place for myself today.yay

And I’ll be making my own food for a change.grin

I asked Bea to come around for lunch with me; she undertook to bring a salad or two and will provide the dessert. She’ll be here early to give me a hand.cheering

I’m not very fond of chicken but today I’m in the mood for it. I’ll be off to the supermarket to get some after posting this blog. I don’t like the white meat of a chicken; too dry. I only eat the thighs, drumsticks and the wings and only if the skin is nice and crispy. I’ll be cheating today. I’m going to do the chicken in the microwave before putting it in the oven.idea

I don’t know yet what we’ll have with it, I’ll have to see what is available, but spinach, butternut, and green beans will probably win. Those are my favorites. I have potatoes in the house and with a helping of rice it should make the meal. And not to forget the wine. I have a crisp dry white in the fridge since last

We’ll probably spend the rest of the afternoon listening music. We share the same taste in music and never bother with the TV. In all, I’m looking forward to a blissful day. I always enjoy it when she’s around; it’s a pity she is just a sister to me.mumbling
cats meow cats meow
Have a great Sunday!wave

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Hi kitten. I hope you will have a good and cheerful day today. To stat, meat of chicken it is very useful.hug
Hi Ummka
I seldom eat chicken. I prefer red meat, more specifically of the bovine variety. I'm just in a rare mood for chicken.
hug wave
So.......I see that you're not a breast man, eh?? drinking

Hello Catfoot wave hug

I'd love to join you and Bea daydream You know I love chicken but what type of music do you and Bea listen to?
A very wide variety, from classic to rock. The Bee Gees, Simon & Garfunkel, and the Bellamy Brothers are rated very high by both of us.
hug wave

hmm, talking to me again?giggle

Bea sends her regards.wave
Well............I can't stay mad forever, can't I ?? dunno grin

Very good choice of music there, I gotta say thumbs up

Please send my regards to Bea also. I've always liked her on the blogs. bouquet
I still don't know why you were mad with me. It was a prank and Bea was in it with me.laugh
hug wave
You and Bea are few of my favourite people on here.

It'd be grand if the two of you......well, I guess it'd be just a wishful thinking...daydream

As for not getting crossed with was entirely YOUR idea and I'm pretty sure she had been coerced into it! scold
Bea cannot he coerced into anything. That man is yet to born.grin

I'm not going to respond on the other part of your comment.tongue
hug wave
wow wow wow cat a bit of eye opener here grin doh I always put you down to self suporting human being, does bea do your washing anallrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Sorry about that it is Sunday, I do some things for my bro, take him SOME of my scones etc, but unless he was ill the rest is up to him.
Hope you enjoy your chickenlaugh laugh
Roasting some oxtail prior to casseroling it. Eat your heart out laugh
mmm eleg if he lived nearer he could cook for usgrin what chatter we would havepeace peace
Hi Red,
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
I have a washing machine but she will if I ask her.tongue

You see, we are friends with benefits. No, not those benefits that some girls advertise. If she has a leaking tap or need the lawn mowed or has a niggle with her car, I sort it out for her.super

Mind you, my sister do my washing with their washing most of the time.blushing I also do all the little odd jobs on her property. Her husband has five thumbs on each hand.

Yes, the chicken was good and now I had enough of chicken for the next six months.laugh
hug wave
Cat, hmmnnn yummy. Would you believe that is the best part of chicken for me? Although here in the US I limit my consumption of chicken because of the way they are raised. But in PI where I was born, my mom's chicken taste so good. I love the legs, and the feet and wings Cat. No white meat or thigh for me.

Anyways sounds like you have the lunch date all ready to go. Enjoy it.

On your last point of saying: "It is a pity she is just a sister to me" sounds like can't it be changed? Into something I mean? So it is not a gush of pity anymore? Just asking..bouquet wine
Hi Biff
Now that is food fit for a king. thumbs up

A while ago my sister made 'oxtail'. It was delicious, and only the bare bones on my plate gave it away as ostrich neck. And bear in mind that I don't eat ostrich at all. But she can make her 'oxtail' any day again. I'll eat it.grin
hug wave
My respect. Well and as there has passed your lunch. I hope cheerfully?hug
Hi Lj
Lunch was hours ago. Bea has gone home some 20 minutes ago. It is 6:20 PM here.

My grandmother kept chicken in her backyard. They were great to eat. If our municipal bylaws were not so strict I would have kept a few hens. In some places you may still keep hens, but no roosters.doh
hug wave
Hi Ummka
Yes, it was great, thank you!conversing

And everybody is back home now.mumbling
hug wave
Well Cat I hope you had a great lunch. Yes some cities here, too, wouldn't allow you to grow chicken unless you have a substantial acreage and must not cause any disturbance to neighbors.wave
Yea it is a pity. Loose running poultry, scratching for worms and fed on grain are still the best.thumbs up
hug wave
Good food, relaxed company and nothing to do for the afternoon - sounds like a great time Cat. hug wave
yes it was great. An ordinary day turned into a great day. It is like this whenever my sister is away. Not that it is not nice when she is here. I just miss my privacy. I've been threatening for a long time now to get my own place again. I think it is time.mumbling
hug wave

Havung very bad connectivity again.frustrated
Nothing better than your own, cosy place Cat. daydream wave
Shucks, pages take for ever to load.frustrated

But this time I'll do what I should have done in the first place. Get a smaller place. That vandalized house was a mistake.doh
hug wave
It is hard to go out and buy exactly what you want if you don't built it yourself. dunno

I got what I was looking for size and location wise, but with a lot of stuff to do and a WAY bigger garden than I was looking for. Love it! yay

It takes time and patience though to find something suitable. conversing
There is a two bedroom townhouse with a small back garden close by that is in the market. I know what they look like inside. I should think about it. If only the kitchen was a bit larger. I like space in the kitchen.
hug wave
I wanted a big open living space incl. kitchen, took out a wall and put a kitchen in where a bedroom was. conversing I don't know how new the place you are looking at is, what I liked about buying an older place that needed some work is that I could change the place to suit. wave
Hi Kn,
It is fairly modern and the body corporate is full of shit, but as long as I can put up a BBQ in the backyard I'm ok. Apparently they allow that. Several units have BBQs; maybe this one also have one.
hug wave

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