Narcissistic Supply

right off the presses from Wikipedia:

Narcissistic supply is a concept introduced into psychoanalytic theory by Otto Fenichel in 1938, to describe a type of admiration, interpersonal support or sustenance drawn by an individual from his or her environment and essential to their self-esteem.

The term is typically used in a negative sense, describing a pathological or excessive need for attention or admiration from codependents, or such a need in the orally fixated, that does not take into account the feelings, opinions or preferences of other people.

Hope this helps ya.........are you orally fixated today?? laugh

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for all CS'ers
Don't be dumbstruck, a narcissist looks at you as a stick of furniture.. The man from Germany summed it up perfectly, his screen name was toe something....he knew posting his comment 2ould just empower her. Now, LJ, look what One narcissist can do to a blogging think what Trump can do to an entire countrydoh
No one like that sure..rolling on the floor laughing
Shit...doh ....glad i don't live in America......
And as you çan see the pattern, new blog like nothing ever happened. The need for narcissistic supply is no different than the need my cat has to catch a mouse. Remember, we're all just sticks of furniture. Now if we can get the codependents to stop communication icating with her she will find another venue for her narcissistic supply...
There is no cure for narcissism because the narcissist doesn't believe the problem is ever with them. Narcissists view even the gentlest criticism as an all out attack. They get their jollies attacking others because it fees their perception of their own perfection. However, they are also well aware which people to keep on the good side of so they do tread carefully with some people (bosses, "friends" they need). Sometimes we forget who we're dealing with and try to have a normal discussion with the narcissist. It doesn't take long for the narcissists true colours to show. In reality, it can be a crushing experience to live with a narcissist especially if it's a parent. Online, it's water off a duck's back. cheers
I just finished reading a article from the Mayo Clinic and it says that Getting the right treatment can help make your life more rewarding and enjoyable.

So it is treatable if and when the person chooses to seek help.

Just like someone who is suffering from PTSD and one must have compassion for someone who has any kind of disorder.
Well, CC, the first thing to understand is that the narc doesn't see any problem with their persona. So, if you can't see a problem you can't fix a problem. That's why you will read that narc's compose 4% of society, but in actuality it is closer to 20%. Why the spread? Because the narc can't see their fixy........

There are no drugs, no therapy nothing that can help 'evil'. They just were doing a segment on Trump on was called the "evil" of Trump. The mainline know what going on..........some others like to hide in the dark........
Sands I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop telling me something that I already know about.

I did attend medical school did you?

It seems that everyone wants to be a doctor.giggle
CC, you have said that you've had a narcissist in your family, you sound more like a codependent then someone who now says they went to medical school. I thought you said you were an accountant.........?????? Don't bother explaining I see your game very clearly.....
CC, it may very well be treatable. However, the narcissist must recognize they have a problem. With the narcissistic personality, it's the rest of the world who is always wrong. If you can't or won't see you're sick, you won't get help.
I'm playing a game.Oh that is very funny.Next you'll be wanting to see my resume on the things I've done through out my lifetime.

Are you sure you aren't an narcissistic person yourself?

You say I'm a codependent ok.

When I saw your first blog topic I had a pretty good feeling to whom it was about.

It's obvious you don't like a certain person cause I remember when you kept posting links to articles pertaining to narcissistic people.Also telling me and others that we should read them.
Treating us like we weren't capable to look things up ourselves.

I will no longer posting in your blog topics.

Have a happy life.
Sands and LM. I agree that for such a person to seek help they first have to recognise they have a problem.
Sands,wave I have a question for you. grin

We see this kind of behavior in blogs quite often. And I see most of the bloggers line up themselves to post a comment and get insulted or attacked.

Knowingly or unknowingly why do people like to be feeders? Just asking.

What takes a person to fall into the trap and get owned or devoured and what makes a person to run to the hills?laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Usha, nice garage you have therelaugh

Your question is a very good one. And if you look on blues blog I just asked that exact question to 3 people. One responded kindly and thoughtfully and the other responded in an angered tone and the third has yet to respond.

Here's the definition of a co-dependent:Codependent relationships are a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person's addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement.

So, in essence it's an enabler.....but that's as far I know. I'm sure it's a deep routed issue that goes back to childhood (like everything else does). I asked another person this question a while back. I asked why do you suffer the abuse? The response was what abuse?
doh So, it's a lot deeper than I think I wish to know and probably different for each individual.....
Okay, if you insist I will read Blue's blog later.laugh It's too early for me to get my blood boiling if he is rude to anyone.laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Usha in the real world the place where real people I was taught young to stand up for yourself. Don't run from a fight don't let anyone walk over you...

Blue,hug don't I know you? What I say here is just to annoy you. I know you are a decent fellow out of blogs. In real where everything matters, I can be a b*tch( not the sleeping around with every bastard kind though.) and witch if needed to. I don't think I would have survived if I didn't stand up and stood my ground. Don't take it seriously. wink hug

Sands, I read the answers. Not enough reasons why they are magnetic for such situations.sigh I mean why do people even bother to go in there to prove themselves when the pattern is quite obviously monotonous. doh laugh You don't walk in to the pit at noon what you fell at night, right?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Yes,Usha it's mind boggling why they keep going back to the fire. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I think most of the people who go back are good people (except for one). They think that they can get their views heard. They just have no idea of the mental disadvantage they put themselves in. The narc is the predator and they become her prey....every time. I'm getting more data later on today that may shed some more light on the matter. But for now I truly wish that ,CS had an ignore feature. It works so well on m6 financial message boards.I wish all to put her on a 'no con5act' list and end this pattern of abuse....later wave
Sands,wave hug

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our power/strength to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Can't remember who said this.

Too bad most people won't read this in a second page blog. I don't think that silence is always a weakness, nor having a say doesn't always make anyone strong. dunno Growing up is an option.grin Growing old is not. doh laugh

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. - Viktor E. Frankl

Great quote. Thank you. teddybear
Hi Usha, could it be that simple? Yes it can. I refuse to respond to an abusive persons comments simply because I won't stoop down to her low level. Hmmmm!!!! You're on to something, it may just be about growing up. Darn, I was looking for some deep rich psychological response.....maybe I need to go stimulate myselflaugh

Always love your common sensical logic.....have a great weekend wave
Hi calm, your up late....can't sleep so you thought reading about a blog ortwo would help ya sleep?? Well sometimes these blogs can be over stimulating with every response......laugh
Sands, I can't sleep often...laugh when there is a lot on my mind.

I go to the blogs for the chit chat and find myself amazed at the CS "reality show" going on 24 hours non-stop. laugh cheers. I mean, we are all adults and it is like a children's playground sometimes.

If this is the example being set for them, can't blame them for how they grow up.

Hope you're doing fine.
Their life and their problems - if I don't want to have to do something with someone in RL, I don't on here as well.

They f*ck up their life themselves and will never be happy and that's their prerogative. wine

I don't have someone like that in my family and make sure I don't have it in my life with the people I choose to have around. wine
Hi calm, your words remind me of something Obama said yesterday in reference to Trump. "Running for President should not be a reality show".......laugh
Hi KN, thanks for your comment, but I don't think the narcissist had any options. From my research a tramatic event occurs when still a child. This event could be lack of attention by the parent(s), an abuse of some nature (physical/mental/s*xual) something that leaves ajar a part of the soul. With the soul ajar evil finds it's way in and corrupts not only the soul but the mind. It's very sad that this occurs and is not a choice the narcissist ever had.

They end up coñstantly using projection of other people's lives because their life is void of any empathy or compassion. They will act like they have empathy, but this is just what they have learned via their methods of projection. The are constantly trying to protect their 'self'. It's fascinatingly sad that this occurs, and the term 'evil' is being discussed as a label for the DSM. The DSM is the world leading body for psychological disorders.

If one believes in good then by default one must believe in evil.

'No Contact' is the only viable solution for the rest of us. It pulls on your heart strings because most good people want to lend a helping hand, but it becomes toxin when the narciist devours your hand along with your heart and soul. Have a great weekendwave
Sands I amnot a medical professional, but my mother is a Narcissist, I wasnot reared by her, but she is in touch.

To try and ease the pain of rejection, coldness,blow ups. cutting across and being the centre of attention.... [when we speak on the phone] and h er inability to feel any real emotion [unless she fakes it ].
I went to the trouble of studying this condition... personality .

I don't believe a Narcissist can be helped. There is a complete shell underneath and of course, a very very low self esteem, that they willnot get int touch with, they simply lack certain emotions. like guilt, pity for others...
Now scientists/Neurologists have found that both psycopaths and Narcissists have a very small underdeveloped AMygadia in the Brain so it seems, this condition is not something that can be 'cured' or one can take medication for..
There are fantastic sites online to help those who are, or have been affected by Narcissm. The Mask....

Somehow they always walk away, feeling slighted, hard done by, even though they will rip you apart with their tongue... Toxic and I say stay away if you can. sad flower

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