Why is it so difficult to love another person ?

Why is there often no trust or respect for the other person ?

I wonder how people can live with a person, say they love the person and only are after their own luck and use that person at the same time.devil

That is so low but it happen often.

Do you have experience with that ?

I wonder what it has done to you, I once was broken emotionaly for nearly 6 month's cause it was so bad what the other person did to me and for the rest of my life I have to live with what the other person did to me...........I can not change that.

I wonder, is there real love in this world and how can you find it ?

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You only have to live with what the other person did to you if you don't let it go.

Let it belong to them, not you.

Like bitterness and hate, holding onto destructive thoughts only hurts the person who holds onto them. Don't allow it to own your life.
I'd say the bigger issue here is cellulite.
Pat, I am scrubbing it daily with the coarse sandpaper you sent me

Stop judging me
Forgive, but it seems to me, men don't know what they want.
Don't "tame" the woman beautifully,
When at you with her only little flirtation,
Each gesture usual, not haughty
Nevertheless speaks about your feelings.

Don't "tame" the woman in vain,
When she for you only easy laughter,
She can believe in this "fairy tale"
And "to die" when she is told - No.

Don't "tame" the woman as a cat,
When you with her have decided "to play",
You wanted love "for fun",
You "have played enough", to her – to survive.
Another difficulty in loving someone.

It's not difficult loving's your choice whether past relationship hurt influences your future
When I thought I was alone-----with a broken heart, wondering where love and respect had gone I found out 85% of people had and was going through the same as me.

That saying we do not get out of life alive grin is true.

We all, every human has had bad experiences in life, it's those pebble stones we have to walk over to get to the other side that is the problem. We slip and slide, come down with a bump, but we do get to dry fresh land in the end. Just imagine a fresh field of mown grass, fresh smell new shoots----that is you when you pass those pebbles.applause applause applause
Easy to find, if you know what you want and what you giving. You have to commit to it.

being an adult is knowing what you want out of a relationship, and falling in love is a risk, just like starting a new book. You open the pages knowing a little bit about it . Sometimes people advertise themselves as one thing and then when you get deep into it you realize that they’re something completely different. end of story.

it is a choice, either you live or make it complicated..... and die.

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