Hello to all my blog family. just came on to let you know i am still alive and kicking.have not been here in a good while but here now to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a nice NEW YEAR. cheers

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Wen!!!!! applause applause applause

dancingsanta dancingsanta dancingsanta
good to see your still with it an happy Christmas to you hope your good
Merry Christmas Wen dancingsanta christmas happy snowman2 dancingsanta
Thank you, Wen, wishing you and yours the same wine
@ DC, hug I still have to stay out of bakery's i laugh to loud rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Jim, what are you doing in Ireland, everything is good here i have been making toys for Santa been real busy but the pay sucks rolling on the floor laughing Hope everything is going well for you. handshake
Hi Molly, MERRY CHRISTMAS. you are still looking great hug
Hello divoa, wave Merry Christmas keep up the good cheer cheering
Wen, you're one of Santa's elves? Well yay!

Merry Christmas to you, and may 2017 bring you lots of good things and occasional visits here. peace
Hi Elegsabiff, wave yes i have had to keep it a secret that i was Santa's helper. but now that we went on strike and one no more pay but we can say we are his helper, don't know if we won or lost rolling on the floor laughing

Thank you , and also wishing you a Merry Christmas santa waving and a Happy New Year, you have a Good Onecheers
Thank you 1 to 1cheers . You have a good one also.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you Wenhug
@ capricorn Hello wave Thank you and wish you the best. cheers

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