The house is cleaned, small selection of goodies made up, tree is brought in the house going up tonight, got my stash for tonight and tomorrow.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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You've got more done than I have help

Happy Christmas, Track!dancingsanta dancingsanta dancingsanta
Merry Christmas Track...hug snowman2 gingerbread
Merry Christmas Track
Merry Christmas ladies bouquet bouquet bouquet
Many many many years ago we got the great idea to decorate a sickly looking pot plant that we growing
in the dorm.

We used a very old string of lights and shredded exams as tinsel.

It was so festive.

Christmas eve, somebody forgot to turn off the lights, and as the Christmas bush had become badly dried
out, well it kind of ignited.

Set off the smoke alarms and woke everybody.

It was a glorious sight, that smoldering bush.

We did what any rational student would do,

We ordered pizza and wings.

Merry Christmas.

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