Israel and it's settlements.

So it seems we are all against the Jews, as they would have us believe, and at Xmas time to! Even though they continue to push into lands that are not theirs, they still believe they have the right.

About time the US stood up to their bullying and lies, but trump Will soon be in their pockets again, he's a businessman, he relays on Jewish bankers.

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Well Ian, I don't think that I could disagree with you more.

Don't get me wrong. I couldn't really care less how it all turns out. I have horse in this race. But I do
know several things about how the world works, and most especially the ME.

This vote at the UN was a colossal mistake and will lead to something you don't want to see.

Care to make a side bet on it?

And making light of the new president won't win you many points in the real world.

Like I said, I have no horse in this race. I dislike both sides equally.
And your grammar and spelling is shite, a five year old could do better,..........................laugh
Who Scotty, me or the Arab sympathizer?
Not you David, you shouldnt have to ask me that lol,.....
I thought not, Scotty, but one or two too many lagers and who can tell?

Merry Christmas amigo

Good and so you should lol, leave that beer alone and get on the rum, Merry Xmas to you too my future BP,..........cheers
I wonder why the Arab lover hasn't joined in? Any thoughts Scotty? Busy with his camel?cool
No comment lol, probably being bummed by a Jew right now over a parcel of land,..................rolling on the floor laughing
As usual Scotty nothing constructive to say..Anyone can cut and paste Google like you did in your religious rant.
Awwww that the best you can come back with, so dissapointed tut, tut,.............laugh
It was the best news I've heard all year.

There will never be peace in the Middle East until there is peace in Palestine.

Most ordinary Israelis are not in favour of the illegal settlers. They too fear them. They are bullies who take what is not theirs. I have seen Palestinians who have been left with moth in except the front door key to their own houses which they will never be able to use again.
Successive Israeli governments have also acted dispicably towards Palestinians too. Building that wall cutting farmers from their own land, soldiers deciding at checkpoints who can go to the hospital and who must die, etc.

The US, although they didn't vote in favour of the end of illegal settling , at least didn't block it as they usually do. First positive move in decades.

Here's to the start of a rocky road towards peace. wine
to ScottyVan ;

being a native speaker of English your grammar is shite wait a second it shite or shit ? and like a 5 year old OR " like a 5 years old " ?
I wonder how is your grammar in another language rather than your own . You sound like a little boy with your comments .
to ScottyVan (again);

and the best you can do is to build up a sentence with "camel" when it comes to criticize an Arab origin . You can't even be more creative than that ? Second option would be about his supposed to be numerous wifes . Anything else ?
You have more than one horse in this race ,don't you ? As one of you would always sound , you sound like it is the life/death race of your horses .
Well said in any language

as usual string......precise and concise...any one who believes there could ever be peace in the ME without the Muslim population negotiating is delirious.....whether anyone likes it or not and that includes the Christians, the Jews are God chosen people.....

The Muslim people are being deceived by Satan....

lasagrada, I tried to email you, but I'm not 18 yrs old so I'm blocked......could you help me understand how the comparison of Jesus and Muhammad can be so radically different? thank you
Ian I agree 100 % thumbs up

I Hope to be wrong but I some how doubt it,
Like you said business men are always on the make cool
Scotty..You ain't worth the camel piss I drink..You delete my replies on your blog..yet have the cheek to comment on're just a council house little upstart not even worth the effort.
Ian,just stopping to wish you and your son a great year ahead.
Happy Holidays wine lips Patti
Cheers ashkiss
I will have to agree with this. It is high time that someone puts a stop to the oppression exerted by the Zionists in full view of the world. Indeed, Trump is a puppet of the bankers so there really is no way that he'll ever turn on the Zionists.

Note: The Zionists are not the Jews as most Jews are good people.

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