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For centuries, long hair was the standard of beauty for women and also a symbol of femininity.

This is not just because many of us believe that appearances are important, but also because our hair represents our personality, thoughts and beliefs.

But it also represents more. Hair length and quality can act as a cue to a person´s youth and state of health.

Studies have shown that hair is an extension of the nervous system. It can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved 'feelers' or 'antennae' that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex

IN WESTERN CULTURES it is believed that hair style is a matter of personal preference, conforming with fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic issue.


For Native Americans Hair is the physical manifestation of our thoughts and extension of ourselves.
For example, during the Vietnam war the American Military enlisted native Americans for their tracking and survival skills for use in jungles but found that their tracking abilities were greatly impaired but cutting their hair to military standards.

For Muslim women the main reason for the hijab is modesty, which is not wishing to receive unnecessary attention from people, such as admiration and flattery, envy, or, most importantly, s*xual attraction from those other than her husband.

In India ,the natural intelligence of the body is to maintain its hairs. The length to which it grows is as various as the individual and affected by their age, health etc.
Hindu Women keep their hair long for spiritual reasons as a woman symbolises Shakti (Divine Energy).

Jewish tradition
Jewish women cover their hair with a wig to create privacy and modesty and in some cases the head is shaven as a symbol of fidelity and a way to denote their unavailability.

Throughout the ages and cultures, cutting hair or shaving it altogether has been either a symbol of punishment or, a response to stress in the form of self-mutilation.

For men, in this age, growing their hair as long as possible is a sign of rebelliousness, free thinking and non-conformity.

Now for women, cutting their hair is also a sign of rebellion but, in a strange perverse way, because so many women do it, it becomes conformity.

As for myself, I´ve always worn my hair long - regardless of trend or fashion, family criticism or for any other reason. This is my personality and it makes me feel good. And for those who do not like it, I respect their right to have an opinion, but have no obligation to agree with it.
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One more thing long or short hair, why oh why, do we see soooo many women with creasy, oily hair?

It may have something to do with their diet? dunno

That's the only thing i can think of at the moment ?
Toronto hairstylist Beni Sicilia remembers blow drying and straightening his client’s frizzy, curly hair so it was smooth and sleek. Twenty one days later, Sicilia’s client returned, seeking his services.

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As he began to shampoo the woman’s hair, she exclaimed that she hadn’t washed her hair since their last appointment together, 21 days ago. She admitted, Sicilia said, that she returned because her husband was complaining about the smell of her unwashed hair.

Apple cider vinegar fans tout its beauty, health, and home uses
No 'poo? Why many are giving up on shampoo
As unusual as this story may seem, Sicilia’s client isn’t alone.

Many women regularly wait days and even weeks to wash their hair thanks to the popularity of blow outs, the resurgence of dry shampoos and the proliferation of anti-shampoo rhetoric.

From shampooing frequency to managing oiliness, attempts to uncover the dirt on this latest trend in women’s haircare.

The ‘blowout’:


Sicilia, owner and hairstylist at Blowdry Lounge, a chain of salons that specialize in blow drying and styling women’s hair in a “blowout” style, said he’s noticed more of his female customers are waiting longer between washes. He said his clients will wait four or five days or even a week before coming in to have their hair washed and styled again.

“It lasts longer. It looks better. The hairstylist can get the hair to do things that people can’t do themselves,” Sicilia explained. “They try to preserve it as much as possible.”

Tanya Dadswell, a manager and hairstylist at Blo Blow Dry Bar in Toronto’s west end, said she’s also noticed a surge in clients not washing their hair as frequently. In fact, she’s one of them herself. Dadswell said she usually washes her hair once a week.

Dry shampoo:

The popularity and renewed availability of dry shampoos have helped women extend the life of their blowouts or go longer without washing their hair. Sicilia described dry shampoos as a fine talcum powder that you can spray into your roots to absorb excess oil. Dry shampoos have been sold commercially since the 1940s but have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, according to Sicilia.

Dadswell said many of her clients use dry shampoo to refresh their locks and keep their hair looking clean when they go longer between washes. She also said if some clients are concerned about their hair smelling after a while, dry shampoo can be useful for masking odours because they are typically laden with fragrances.

Dadswell also cited hair perfumes, texture sprays, leave-in treatments and standard hair sprays as other options for hiding an unwashed hair smell.

“I’ve never found a smell with my hair and nobody has ever complained about it,” she said with a laugh.

No matter how bad the smell, Jie Matar, the owner and a hairstylist at Salon Jie in downtown Toronto, warned against going overboard with dry shampoo. He said using too much of it can be harmful for the scalp because it clogs the pores.

“You have to use it very gently, like a hairspray from far away on the roots to make it bouncy,” he advised.

‘Training’ the scalp:
Daniela I consume a lot of Omega3 I consume a lot of Protein not sure if that has anything to do with my hair.

When I was little my nan would take me to the hairdresser every six weeks for a trim and treatment of certain oils not sure if that has anything to do with the length of my hair.

I don't use a brush I use a wide tooth comb I don't comb from the scalp down I comb from the ends to the top of my scalp I don't use any blow dry appliance on my hair I gently scrunch with a towel then allow my hair to dry naturally nor have I ever coloured my hair with any hair dye.

I use OGX shampoo/conditioner Brazilian keratin therapy coconut oil/Keratin proteins/avocado oil & cocoa butter.. I wash my hair once a week but I wash my fringe every night I will gently scrub my scalp with my hair products on other days but not the length of my hair if that makes any sense.

My sister can't grow her hair it's very fine.
Jenny...lots of info to absorb here...ummm..
Thanks anyway.

I do use Apple cider vinaigre at times.
Wow seems a lot of work! doh

How can you comb your hair from the ends to the top??? confused
Mine would be all frizy as it's naturally wavy.

Regarding the products...I like coconut for conditioner.
Also I don't use shampoos with parabens or silicon.

What about the stuff the Indian women use? Can't remember what it's's a powder you mix with water?
Langes Haar. Kurzer Verstand. Aa - V.
Daniela I use to use a henna wax years ago I'm thinking that's what the woman in India use I'm not sure.

My hair is dead straight the products I use my comb glides through.

When I mentioned combing from the ends up I should of explained I do that if I feel a some little knots combing from the ends up when you have a knot or more is a way of saving your hair from split ends.

I find looking after my hair easy I can style my hair many different ways.
As..Langes Haar ist schön..smitten
Daniela I may have missed it, but what is your definition of long hair? Is it shoulder length or is it closer to waist length?confused
Ok thanks Mercedes. You've been very helpful.
Now I know all your beauty secrets wink
Any tips on how I can pump my chest up?

Which body wash do you use?wink
Body wash? Do you mean shower stuff?
I use a natural paraben and perfume free.

Once a week I have my luxurious bath with coconut milk and some essential oils smitten

How to pump your chest up? I think that's one of nature's gifts.
Either you're born well endowed or you're not.dunno

For me I would rather loose a bit.

But...aren't you going to the gym? This will give you muscles.
Oh..and I forgot...I make my own natural soaps and creams too.
Yes I slog it out at the gym I have plenty of muscles in all the right places but the gym nor any other exercise will pump up those two important lumps and yep your either born with them as my sister was or your not like I.

Your body wash sounds yummy I use a coconut/lime body wash all natural ingredients.smitten
There you are Mercedes - your sister has what you haven´t got and you have your long hair.... you can´t have it all, can you?
Maybe you were meant to complement each other? dunno

In your case, you hair is your greatest asset and.... maybe the butt as well?
You should be grateful for what you have dear? applause
Hey Dan,

Nothing too outrageous.

....cut to just below shoulder length, so as not too much of a shock to the system.

Next time, I'll get more off.

Yep, will update pic shortly.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

troll >>>> batting

Good afternoon sweet Berry..hug

Hair here today... gone tomorrow..... story of my life! sigh

And why are you cutting it off? Is there a special reason? Are you rebellious? dunno
I'm a natural non-conformist Dan.

Nah.....just got tired of the washing/drying process.
I am also a non-conformist Berry and that´s why I keep it long, because it makes me feel good! - in spite of the criticisms from my family!

Every time I speak to my mother I get lectures "hey, still have your long hair?... a woman of your age.. etc. etc." (in French, of course!) Oh la la...

I must admit it´s a bit of work, but I let it dry naturally and it´s worth every effort. dancing
You suit your long hair Dan.

You obviously look after it well and it shows.

...and to hell with what everybody else says.

Do what is comfortable for you, I say. thumbs up
Sorry Migwagi...I seem to have missed your comment/question..umm

Let me definition me...having long hair is passed the shoulders....down my I have it now.

If it's shoulder length I would call it semi.long.

Down to the waist would be extra long.

I don't know if it's your definition?dunno
That works for me. Over here really long hair is mostly worn by women in certain religions like Pentecostal. I think some never cut their hair their whole life. Well we do know what happened to Samson.
Well... things seem to have changed though, as women - and some men as well - seem to want it long for different reasons than religion.
More for spiritual connection, as explained above in my text.
I actually let my hair get almost as long as yours looks when I was in college back in 70s. There is something empowering about it, but my hair is thick and always took so long to dry. Sometimes I still think about letting it grow and skip haircuts for awhile, but I always decide to cut it when it starts to be too much of a hassle. I guess I'm still a little bit of a hippie at heart.
in ancient time it also signifies strength
Miwagi..Woww.."hippie at heart" yeah...that's me too! cheering yay

If your hair is thick then it should look nice?

Quite a few of my men friends have long hair and tie it in a pony tail.
Hello Gorgie..wave

Yes..strength also..but still now it's a sign of good health.

And Miwagi pointed is also empowering.
yes Daniela but what about colored people ? a lot of us dont carry very long hair.. or even long hair so to speak.. dont be fooled by those on tv its mostly fake ..
Mines gone crying

caught fire crying crying crying

My life is over crying crying crying crying crying crying crying
My goodness Itchy girl...what happened to you?

You still have long hair on your photo. dunno

comfort teddybear
Georgie...I'm not talking about tv commercials but people in real life.
I know quite a few Indian women here...and also Spanish ones.

I don't know about coloured people?
My hair is longish, but not as long as it was when I was younger. There comes a time when long hair makes an old face look older. And don't get me wrong, I love getting older. laugh Today my hair is just over shoulder length. thumbs up
Hi Keepers..wave Your hair looks alright to me on your profile pic.

So, you think that long hair makes an older woman looks older? dunno

I´ve never been told that I looked older than my age - on the contrary! ummm..
Maybe if it were grey it wouldn´t look so good?
Hello Daniela, thumbs up that's just my opinion. While young my hair grew half way down my back, it just seems inappropriate now as I get older. It's like fashion, we need to grow old gracefully imo, not smart to look like mutton dressed up as lamb, but hey I am not the hair police, each to their own, laugh
I thought I would post this link to another blog I wrote about long hair..

I think mid length is fine. Long hair is tough to manage. I keep my hair short in summer and long in winter. I think very short hair on women looks too boyish and I think long hair should be till the hips or bum. I've never seen thick long hair on women who had a longer length. The ends are very thin.
What is henna wax? Never heard of it and the Indian women I know haven't either. I don't put anything on my hair, damn thing grows fast :( Just shampoo and conditioner. I don't blow dry my hair so I don't have split ends.
I've never heard of henna wax either.
I know the powder.
And sometimes a liquid version added into shampoo as well, to add colour and condition the hair.
Hello Funny Chic..wave

The secret of having long hair and keeping the ends healthy without splitting is to cut about one centimetre about once a month..depending on how fast your hair grows.

Also to use some oil...or serum.. ie.jojoba. on the ends.

I use coconut oil as a conditioner and leave it a few minutes then rinse it and also Apple cider vinaigre in the last rinse.
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