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No, lm not talking about my weed habits, I made peace with that a long time ago.

My other addiction is meme's. Addicted to meme's uh oh

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  • sparkherupHidden Profile
    sparkherupHidden Profile Jan 9 loughton, Inner London, England UK
    Track "little Britain"
    notice anyone similar ?
  • Proficiency1online now!
    Proficiency1 Jan 9 Montego Bay, Montego Bay Jamaica
    dunno confused

    Who is Meme's
  • pedalguy59Hidden Profile
    pedalguy59Hidden Profile Jan 9 Burlington, Ontario Canada
    Don't have a clue either.dunno
  • pat8lanipsonline now!
    pat8lanips Jan 9 babinda, Queensland Australia
    I'm addicted to girls wingles, goes pretty good with bulk weed.
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