Whats so bad about Russia ?

Since WW11 there has been propaganda about communism, why ?...so what if a country wants to be communists. We have no right to push democracy on to anyone, look at Libya and Iraq !

So why is it the US government are the only ones that shout about Russia ?...and the supposed threat they are to us.

Russia is not an aggressor, Russia has never been and colonized countries like that of the Uk, Spain or France, pillaging those countries over the past 5 centuries.

Can some one tell me what threat the Russians are ?...I am beginning to like Trump and his policies towards Russia.

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YouTube Putin on U.S. - Russian Relations after Trump Win WSJ

He seems much more sensible than the talking heads would have us believe.

I wouldn't be a Put in fan

He is ruthless and will do anything he can to get his way.

He has made life a misery for gays in Russia. He has shot down airlines, he has treated Chechnyans dispicably.
He has supported Assad in torturing and killing his own civilians.
Plus, he has an ego which could even beat Trump's.
Molly..what proof of the torture do you have ?
As for Chechnya..Russia invaded because..

The War of Dagestan began when the Chechnya-based Islamic International Brigade (IIB), an Islamist group, led by warlords Shamil Basayev and Ibn al-Khattab, invaded the neighboring Russian republic of Dagestan, on 7 August 1999, in support of the Shura of Dagestan separatist rebels. The war ended with a major Russian victory and the retreat of the IIB. The Invasion of Dagestan was the casus belli for the Second Chechen War.
In late 1997, Bagauddin Magomedov, the ethnic Avar leader of the radical wing of the Dagestani Wahhabis (Salafism), fled with his followers to Chechnya. There he established close ties with Al-Khattab and other leaders of Chechnya's Wahhabi community. In January 1999, Khattab began the formation of an "Islamic Legion" with foreign Muslim volunteers. At the same time, he commanded the "peacemaking unit of the Majlis (Parliament) of Ichkeria and Dagestan". A series of invasions of Dagestan from Chechnya took place during the inter-war period, culminating in the 1997 attack on a federal military garrison of the 136th Motorized Rifle Regiment near the Dagestani town of Buinaksk. Other attacks targeted civilians and Dagestani police on a regular basis.

They cannot allow Wahhabism to flourish in Chechnya..its the worst from of Islam...look at KSA..it would breed terrosits..he knows that.
It's all gone messy and ugly, a reset button for Mother Earth and human kind would be a great solution.
Have to agree, Russia saved the whole world from Germany in WW2 and sacrificed many more lives than anyone else. Communism will never work because of human nature but you'd have to admire the fact that they wanted it and gave it a go. And as sting says "the Russians love there children too " . As for Putin,perhaps you haven't seen him out hunting,half naked on horseback Molly!
Some claim there is, in fact, a 'reset button' and it is soon to be pushed...

YouTube New Jerusalem 1000 years reign

For Molly. Shirtless Putin...

YouTube Putin on the Ritz

In a past life i was a muderess tongue but I am not now, so tar and feather me for today being okay personlaugh laugh Bring enemies (so called ) close. jar jar not war war
Ian, they provide money and arms to a government which tortures its own people. That aids and abets torture.

Greg, thanks, but no thanks. I've seen him strutting around alright. He looks a bit gay to me giggle

Mic. .tongue
That's his way of Putin himself out there;-)
It is the cold that is so bad about Russia.
The communism is ok. After all, the first communist ever was Jesus Christ. grin
Communism in concept isnt communism in practice. It nearly destroyed Russia. History will never forget the cultural revolution in China.
Molly..care to list the countries we and the U.S. have supplied chemical weapon and conventional weapons to?
Molly, what are your sources for the torture?

Have you seen this:

And there is more, look for Vanessa Reilly.

The MSM does not have anyone there, they are reporting whatever the western politicians ans those so called "rebels" say.

This might interest you, of course, unless you only check and believe CNN, BBC etc.
yes..she is a good reporter and there are a few like that !
I now realize OP possesses an amazing lack of 20th century history knowledge. I mean regarding the false claim "Russia has never been and colonized countries" let us talk of Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, East Germany and all of the other captive countries of the Warsaw Pact. Let us speak of the Iron Curtain and how for almost 30 years anyone trying to leave the Russian dominated territory was either jailed or simply shot. Least it be claimed that was long ago, we can throw Afghanistan into the list.

There are those who would claim that was the USSR, but of course all of the members of the Politburu were Russian (except Stalin the Georgian of course). In the USSR you didn't get to be born in a place whose name ended in ..stan and make it to the top.

Want us to name countries invaded by Russia recently where seizure of land (i.e., colonization) has occured? Um, Checnya, Georgia, Ukraine..

Yugoslavia? Haha, are you sure? wink
So, Molly has decided not to post her sources. dunno

Not worse than siding up with the Islamists. Same shite, different package.
Butcher559: "Yellow vest bank run."(meet us in the forums)

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