The camera, social media, the news and Edward Bernays

In the slaughter, otherwise known as WW1, cameras were so unusual, the propaganda machine would happily show you film of the marching troops waving and saying "hello mum"..but as their sons were dying in the field,there was no filming of their sons crying for their mums.

16 million died, 21 million were wounded.The then Prime minister David lloyd George had a private chat with the editor of the guardian,if people really knew the truth, the war would be stopped tomorrow, and of course they don't know and can't know.

The pioneer of modern propaganda, was an American called Edward Bernays, he invented the term public relations, he wrote, "the intelligent manipulation of the masses an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country" . He was part of a secretive group called the US public information, set up in 1917 to persuade reluctant Americans to join the war.

The first modern propaganda was set up by this group by scaring the hell out of people by showing posters of the statue of liberty burning with germans planes overhead, planes couldn't even reach America then !

The selling of war has come a long way, but the illusions still work, instead of posters of burning statue of liberty , the burning of the world trade centers were even better, to show we must go to war.

Even though now we all have phones, youtube so many ways to see the other side of wars and lies, we still sit back and allow it to happen, because we can do sod all about it.

The deception of the Iraq war has now been exposed, now they have to concentrate on other people to invade, Iran ?...The persian gulf is the route for the oil to leave Irag and Iran to supply the east, China. To control china, like we have Russia, is to cut off the oil,or lower the price, embargo's.

We cannot risk war with other powers that have nuclear weapons, but we can control shipping routes. If any of you have been to Gibraltar you will understand why we, the Brits, still rule Gibraltar..a vital shipping route.

I wonder what more propganda we will see as to why we should invade Iran, a means to an end.

Watch this space.

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I don't think it will matter.
People don't seem to care anymore.
Whether 'facts' are exposed as downright lies or not, people allow it to continue.
I think we are entering a very dangerous time.
There was a time when there were (at least perceived) good guys and bad guys.
That has now become muddied.
The US presidency is becoming more like X Factor than a serious vote to see whose finger is on the nuclear button.
From The Apprentice to Kanye West.
The future isn't looking good.
lan158 are right..people have become insensitised to who is suffering, by the continuous media reports of all whats going on, and it isn't going on in our back yards, so who cares..dunno

Its no wonder why we have so many young men, becoming terroists from frustration.
“The great shameless, audacious bawler. He will be elected governor of the army: The boldness of his contention. The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.”
Michel de Nostredame
@ Ian - wave The statue of liberty incident reminds me of Orson Welles' broadcast radio show of HG Wells' science fiction novel The War of the Worlds in New York in October 1938 and how many believed it was a real invasion by aliens...... laugh rolling on the floor laughing

..... grin cheers
Hi hans, yes funny how with little knowledge, people will believe anything via media.
..thats how they persuade the masses about godrolling on the floor laughing
I dont think it really matters to the rich where the war is fought So long as there is fighting.
They create new dramas to distract from old ones when events start to change away from their intended direction.

for example things have gone very quiet about Syria in the Media just as the people woke up to what a pile of spin they were being feed, While absolute bull shite about Russia spying on America has become big news roll eyes

Like America never let anybody influence their politics before laugh
Is that not what lobbing is scold

John pilger and Adam Curtis are names to remember,
for anybody who wishes to peep behind the curtain of media menticide

Hello Ian,wave I agree with what you re saying. I figure there is so much propaganda in the news I don t know what to believe,confused
I relate the news media to a football play ,where something is being done on the playing field to distract the players from whats actually happening. All the so called false news is meant to confuse, and distract the public from whats actually happening.doh
You have a Good one Bud,cheers
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