Kevinism...the not so rare teenage disease..

Kevinism is a disease that came about during the 90's, before its appearance teenagers use to help around he house, dry up, even clean their dads car.

These days the condition has gotten worse. Since my son turned double figures I could see the change, hair seems greasy, longer, smelly. Then there is the clothes that seem to grow from the bedroom floor.

What's most worrying about this affliction is the tomato ketchup smothered plates that adorn the kitchen worktops, its like Alzheimer's for the young, you can say the same thing every day but they forget. What's amazing is that whilst having this condition, they seem to know the value of money, how to obtain it, by asking via whatsapp, instead of asking face to face.

Do you have Kevinism in your family ? for girls its Karenism, maybe you can share your stories and we can get much needed therapy by sharing..


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So what's the message ?
No comments...what's app with that? tongue rolling on the floor laughing
doh your therapist is here.excuse me.motorcycle
The message is simple blue..don't have you haven't.
lan158 with you that is.
Some male adults living alone suffer from Kevinism too hole
Not my kid, he's well trained...

he vacuums, he wash dishes but I told him not to do it coz don't want him breaking the glasseslaugh

he tidy his room, sometimes even my room..

he tidy the small sitting room and pick up my shoes

he also loves helping whem im cooking and doing laundry

he makes a good cup of coffee

gives me nice foot massage from time to time, specially when he want to ask for something...

he ask for money face to face....very nicely, with hugs and kisses....sometimes with tearslaugh
molly..when it reaches adults..its morphed into c**tism
CH..he sounds gay..grin
Crazy, that is because he has not reached the smelly teenage boy stage yet laugh
f*ck off Ian!

He knows how to m**turbat nowprofessor rolling on the floor laughing

he admitted it to me and was very curious after hearing all those naughty talks from his older cousinslaugh

thankfully he's very conscious of his hygiene...he loves all these fancy stuffs that men are using nowadays....deodorant, colognes, creams etc...doh can even iron his own clothes laugh

he'll be 12 on March...sigh
My children are more dwarfism- they take it turns being the characters, one day grumpy, the next day dopey, often happy and when they are tired- sleepy lol! Generally good children with nice manners and caring personalities. They sometimes don't put washing in the basket or leave 3 cups on their bedroom side, but hey none of us are perfect! I think your son is prob quite normal for this generation. I've had a few men with kevinism's but I just knocked them about a bit (sorry wrong blog) I imagined knocking them into shape laugh
Well thanks for sharing your side of the story Ch..the admission of your son jerking off (maybe Iain taught him) whilst to much information for most to swallow herebarf..with the exception of some of the ladies..I think I'm getting the picture of what your son has...dodgy wrist syndrome.

I dread to think what he sees after you've had a night of passion with Mr Grumpy, do you have to clean the tissue from his bedroom floor like my maid has to here ?
How did you get from lazy teenagers to wankey spanky so fast ?
Easy there...scold

Iain is a very good model to him, he's very sensitive to my kid's well being...

No I don't pick up tissues in his room, he admitted he did it once out of curiosity, he's very close to me and I'm glad he's very open to me.

No, he never saw anything dirty from us, we're very very careful about that...but he said he likes the way that Iain cares about me...and the affectionate hugs and kisses that he saw.cheers

Kids mostly behave according to what they observed in their home...and how their parents raise them
I map, suffer from kevinism, I leave plates in my desk draw, top of the printers, in the office fridge, I only wash up when I have no plates left.

Seriously, your son is just being normal, the more you speak the less he will listen, if money is wanted via whatsapp then say no, he will have a tantrum but will soon get over it.
ONCE out of curiosity?
Whatchu talkin bout Molls?
Shit molly by 12 I had reconstructive surgery on my shoulder from twanging the wire that's why I'm now ambidickserous. ..
But still favour the left side
There is a cartoon syndicated in the US, called Zits, my favorite. Jeremy, a typical 16 year old is a prime example of your case, in one episode the mother was collecting his dirty plates stocked way up to Mrs. Duncan's head said: "this is ridiculous Jeremy" his son snapped : "Mom would it be better if you collect them also on Wednesday instead of Saturday only?" Just made me laugh.

And yes ask for allowance by texting instead of face to face.

It's the trend in the first and second world Ian. I'm lucky my children are raised with Filipino values and yes, cleanliness and value of labor and responsibilitiesare instilled in theirupbringing and now my children are raising theirs in a very similar fashion.

Just like CH, most Filipino children raised by their Filipino parents are the same that I'm aware of..

he said ONCE but I doubt it...every time he I ask and tease him, he starts wrapping his arms around me and hide his face saying " mom, stop's private"laugh

I did open his door a few times and saw him picking up tissues, told him to conserve tissueslaugh

I like teasing him, he's a good boy really growing up in a very nice responsible way, his dad always thank me for that...
Crazy, saying he tried it once sounds like those politicians who say that they did smoke dope in college, but they didn't inhale laugh

But your son is right, it is his private business wine
Bad map here, sorry but thats not appropriate on a public blog.angel

I'm just glad we still have such nice Filipino values...but many have forgotten them now sigh

I have 3 brothers, as far as I can remember they were washing their own dirty clothes, each one of us had responsibilities and had to help in the house and bakery, we all had to wake up very early , 5 am the latest...sometimes at 2am if they need a hand in the bakery.

Mom taught me at an early age not to let anyone see my underwears, wash my own laundry...and we had 2 helpers then who were very dear to us....miss the old timessigh

I want my kid to grow up with same values....
I agree Map, not child related anyway sigh
Blue ambidickserous rolling on the floor laughing
Just be glad your Kevin hasn't introduced you to his new girl,Karen $x$ comfort


I'm respecting his privacy but he knows that I'm open to talk when he wants to...actually he asked me few days ago as to what age did his dad and the jerk started jerking off...told him both started at age 18, he was very surprised the laughed...said he's a lot more "advanced and manly" than both of them because he started at an earlier agelaugh
there okay till about 11 or that then thenn the fun starte your problems are just beginning .....they decend on my abode every while in droves and destroy my lovely shiny house takes a wek to put back together ..their not mine I disowen them sometimes and if they don't clean up well I deal with it a bit pf nice loud music early in morning does the trick
JJ, would you like somebody blasting music in your ears if you had a hangover?

Meanie tongue
I would never discuss wanking with my son..thumbs down dunno

well I prefer to guide my son, I talk to his dad about it...his dad also make him feel free to ask any questions. He interacts with many kids out there, many are older than him and teenagers can talk vulgar subjects..many of these confuse my kid, I prefer to be the one to guide him in the right way than for him to learn some unpleasant things from other boys and internet...

There will come a time when he will no longer talk to me about this but by then he would already know the difference between right and wrong, between proper and improper...
I'm sure if you and your partners talked to your son about negatiity of "Kevinism" at an early age, I'm sure wouldn't have this much headache nowlaugh

but you were too busy I guess...

many fathers would love to be the one to teach their boys of s*xual education...I guess you missed that part toosigh
I ve noticed alot of young kids tend to go into a trance, and are ,all of a sudden deaf when infront of a tv, or within reach of a phone. Is this a symptom of Kevinism,confused
Hi crazy, not spoke before but really felt that I had to say this or I wouldn't sleep well: There's a time and a place for everything,own home in private to discuss with your child is perfect. Talking on a blog telling everyone his private thing doesn't seem at all appropriate. Maybe you will think I'm a prude and in today's society this is seen as OK. But in my eyes Anything to do with adults is fine,as we are all adults (or should be) but anyone could be reading these blogs and who knows what weirdos there are out there, reading the above information. Children need to be protected, the net can be a nasty place. You obviously adore your son, just need to keep him safe! Hope you don't take offence by what I say.
Hi Ian.....well, to me the scenario you present regarding your son is absolutely typical of what happens in most homes where there are teenage was definitely like that in mine anyway!......probably worse because there were more than one!'s more important that they know they have a safe and loving home to live matter about a little untidiness.....I'm always a bit suspicious of parents who boast about how 'perfect' their offspring are.....there's no such thing and it bores everybody to tears listening to them going on about them.....also, regarding the aspect of sexuality mentioned by another poster....maybe I'm totally out of touch or maybe just old fashioned but the thought of ever discussing it with my boys, not to mention when they were eleven, absolutely never entered my head.....just my opinion and I don't mean to offend....
Rough, Og,

No offense taken...laugh

I adore my son, he went through hard times...when it comes to prudence, the OP here knows me well, he knows exactly what I'm talking about.

My son has always been open to me, he has a different culture from mine, I'm trying to make him respect and embrace my and his father's culture. I believe western and European world are very open when it comes to sexuality where teenagers are free to engage in sex that often lead to teen pregnancies...and sadly there's nothing much their parents can do about it...well, not herelaugh

School here don't talk much about sex...even in high school or colleges..

Many blogs have been posted about such topic here and pretty normal for people to talk about their children as long you don't put up their photos and real name here for perverts to seelaugh

This is an open blog, a topic wherein parents could actually talk about reality and what they're going through as parents...and maybe just maybe learn from the discussion.

Nowadays, sex and any scandalous maters are accessible to kids through internet and technology, we can protect them when they're right beside us but not when they're out there interacting with other kids...adults who might not be a good influence to them.

I feel as a parent, the best way to protect my kid is by guiding him, be there for him...he's 11, not a teenager yet, he already passed that stage of "where do babies come from?" , was a bit awkward for me and had to lie to day he came back to me and told me I lied and made him feel like stupid in front of his friends because he told him the lie that I told him....I thought I was protecting him.

As my kid grow older...the things we talk about are getting more mature...I know soon he will be too shy to ask me any awkward questions and will guard his privacy but I will be ready and OK with thatcheers
Perception. How different we look at things really. Reading from the poster above makes me feel as though sharing our true story is a matter of bragging and or boasting. Clearly what an ignorance that is to be out of touch with our realities from Asia. I might suggest that you should widen up your knowledge about how the third world country generally teach the children to be responsible as part of making our lives better. Part of that is to do their basic job instead of expecting others to clean up for them and or doing the job for them which, again I say is a very typical in the First and second world.

I did not read any boasting and or bragging on either me or CH on sharing how we raise our children.

And by the way we do generally provide a very loving and most responsible home. Having lived in both a very poor country and a wealthy country made me realize how different are the values are specially in raising children. Here in America for instance, children can talk and or yell to their parents, while we in the Philippines, right or wrong doesn't matter, we can't ever talk back to our elders. Simply respect is what counts, not that children here are not respectful but it is part of the traditions we are brought up with. I am lucky with my Irish husband of 28 years he loved the way we Filipinos raised our children as he met thousands of Filipino families and yes he boast to his English and Irish parents how better the way we raise our children. Of course there are exceptions. But Ian, if your son's act bother you then I suggest maybe you should start telling him how you feel. Therapy is good but first hand discipline is better. My opinion,.

With due respect kneowing other people's way of life creates understanding instead of crude judgments just because we share our reality. We're not boasting. That's all.
Crazy, I hear you and I don't disagree with what your saying about your openness with him. My anxiety arose over the details put on the blog, not what discussions you have had with him in private. It's good that you can share with each other. Every parent has their own way of doing things and wouldn't be my place to tell you to do anything other. Just like I believe Ian has done the best by his son and not for me to question that either. But freedom of speech, opinions and advice is what blogging is all about. I was concerned about the comments and thought I'd say but if you are comfortable with it being on here then no need for me to worry thumbs up

If you know me well enough on would know that my reply to Ian was actually within our normal banter here, nothing to be taken seriously...I suggest you read my previous blogs, most of them are humorous, only bloggers who know me well can get along with it...

Regulars here know me well and I rarely take offenselaugh

I always make it a point to observe other bloggers, know their style and way of thinking as much as possible before I engage in any confrontational blogs with them to avoid misunderstanding...

for instance, I'm a Filipino, my kid is Half Arab but I have a lot of western friends living here and see how they raise their kids, have heard their complaints too...we are living here in a culture very different from yours...knowing that would enable us avoid misunderstanding which could easily happen here in the blogland...and that happens a lot anywaylaugh
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