have you noticed

that on the bottom of your page you see Cs members and the blogs they started..anyone seen these bloggers have not been on CS for years !!!!

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Oh Ian you only just noticed?
And people say you are slow
only in love making OB..only in love...devil
Yes, and it doesn't show the date the blog was created until you click on the title and see it was 2012. doh
CS just displaying random blogs from the database, Its strange seeing new comments on 6 year old blogs though.
Why ?
I've seen that guy who was on here a lot at the bottom of the page..he died last year..so i feel its bad taste.
Seri, why? because the software has the option to do so, Its not a bad thing really, there are some interesting old blogs around.
Ian I do agree its not in good taste to show blogs from those who have died, I assume some still have profiles here that should be deleted but someone has to inform CS of those who have, could be abused though.
I've seen alot that I don't know...Not been here long enough.
had the same impression just didn't pay much attention to it though wink
I noticed that and that you was there...clicked on it and it was a post from 2012!
About what ?
I can't remember it wasn't as bold as your ones now though. I think it was an image of a poster or quote that you was commenting on doh
Odd..I never started blogging till 2014
It was definitely Ian158, maybe I got the date wrong but I swear it said 2012 lol
Impossible..it was crazy who got me blogging in Feb 2014
If you pop up again on my list I'll check lol
No, Ian...it was Jerky!laugh
I don't mind reading the old blogs specially of those who passed away...it's nice to remember them too, actually fun to read the old fun blogs ...sigh
Ian when I'm bored with the recent blogs I read the ones at the bottom.

Sometimes they are more entertaining then the recent ones.
CC..you're not wrong there
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