'Dirty Aggies' The Shop that kept us all from getting Super bugs

Scientists now say, that the superbugs and antibiotic resistant infections so many of us are getting, picking up in hospitals is due to the immune system being so compromised by the incessant use of 'Antibacterial soaps, wipes, cleaners' and even toes being cleaned before toddlers play with them, that we have become less resistant.

Growing up, there was a shop called 'Aggies' named 'Dirty Aggies'. It was like something out of a horror movie but I am sure everyone will remember a similar one ? maybe younger blogger won't.

It was run by a very unkempt , dirty woman who had no regard for cleanliness, hygiene of any type and who had sawdust on the floor and treated us all with contempt when we went in to buy her delicious sweets in filthy jars.

The front window was a pandoras box. She sold Sweets , she kept dogs and cats so the stray hair in the middle of the home made Bon Bons was something you just took in your stride.... Chocolate bars out of date, but only a penny. For schoolkids like myself [banned from going in ], it was heaven.... we knew nothing of disease, bacteria, and never got colds, flu s, it was more or less unheard of then. The classes were never shut because of flu and no Flu Jabs either.

Anyway, a look in 'Dirty Aggies' window was like a trip to a mini zoo. There were 'Bluebottles' those horrible flies that lay eggs on everything but it was the huge Mice that took the biscuit . Huge big overfed mice.

The only reason I am writing this Blog is, I bought Chocolate bars with nibbles at the side [looking back now it's disgusting] but we were kids.... the sweets were cheap because they were out of date .doh

However, nobody got sick. We rode our bikes after school to the shop, in all weathers, Rode home, sat on walls in the Irish Weather, ate the sweets [I never had pocket money so not too many]. Many of these sweets had been shared with the Rodent families who lived rent free in the shop and yet, we didnot get any infections ? lucky ?
NO, I firmly believe, a lack of sugar in our diet, [at home], properly grown veggies, Grass fed, Meat,, and lots of Fish and 'organic' porridge, fruits and veg in season , and plenty of air, exercise and no central heating, kept us healthy.

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You have a point but could it be when kids are a certain age they are less susceptible to illnesses?
Could it be because they are closer to the date of the immunization shots that automatically their system would have been more resistant?
Prof Hi ! I didnot get any shots at that age. I suppose ,although my home was kept clean, hands were washed with ordinary soap, no antibacterial, no GMO grown veg. No antibiotic Cattle, life was cleaner, air was cleaner,
but there wasnot this deep instilled fear about absolute cleanliness, having to scrub floors each day....

I think kids today are ferried to school in Cars and home again, spend alot of time on their phones and computer games... a few nettle stings, falls in the river, didnot do us any harm. I never remember anyone having a 'bug' in a hospital, but in the late 70s, 80s especially, the trend for wiping down surfaces with 'Antibacterial wipes and cleaners that killed 99% of 'all known germs' was introduced and pushed.

Soap and water, a good quality soap, does the trick. I personally don't have antibacterial anything, I use Salt, lemon juice, Vinegar, as so many horrible and toxic things in cleaning products. Maybe I am just reacting to the way we have become so fragile because of the way we live now, compared to then.

Remember Prof. that was back in the late 50s and 60s. Take care wine
I agree GG I've always been a firm believer of letting my kids get dirty, play in the mud if they wanted, mix with other children with illnesses etc to build up their immunities. A lot of my friends would want their children to stay clean, not play in the dirt, to only eat washed fruit and veg etc, would keep them at home if someone so much as had a cold. I say get them out there, get them mixing, playing, eating etc. Basic hygiene ie washing hands after toilet etc is an absolute must but as for the rest let kids be kids and get rid of the cotton wool. We have had so many fun times digging for worms, eating freshly picked strawberries, shared bags of handled sweets and popcorn and we are still here to tell the tale smile
Rough Totally agree. Some people give their children a teaspoon of clay daily, to increase immunity.
Not my cup of Tea. Kids are better getting Mumps, measles and colds early and I know the 'Dirty Aggie' story
is abit over the top [but true] . Alot of restaurants now, expensive, well known, have been closed down because of a basic lack of hygiene, rodents, cross contamination and the people with weaker immune systems can get
Very ill.

I know it's abit off the point, but I had a boyfriend years ago, he worked in one of the Top Restaurants in Dublin, attached to a hotel. Ever so expensive ! ~ He said if people saw what goes on in alot of restaurants, they would never eat out.

Obviously EU Standards, Health and safety is stricter now. I think Marco Pierre James Martin and those chefs who run their own top restaurants would run a tight ship.

You have the right idea re kids. [In my opinion ] Stay well. wine
This what doesn't kill us makes us stronger hypothesis has been round forever. It was really first rigorously studied for asthma in kids, which in many "developed" lands has been increasing in incidence for decades. Makes some biological sense, but still could use more evidence as to specifics on just how to expose kids most appropriately. Letting them wallow in cow shiite every other week on grand dad's farm probably ain't it. It's why the superior man insists upon strict female hygiene before he cavorts with any wench, and gives them his precious bodily essence and fluids. But antibiotics are over used and if you can avoid horsepitals, a good idea. One of tthe thoughts behind outpatien proceedures and surgery. Aa.
How do GG hope you're good these days wave
your blog brought me back the same type of shop I once knew.. lordy me but the little woman that ran it was as dirty and messy looking as her shop... would never buy a sweet from it however I did visit it daily, we could buy single fags for twopence and a match for a half a penny .. they were the days wine
I just finished a KFC meal. barf

Anyway, I read yesterday that superbugs can come from the drains in hospitals where they are almost impossible to eradicate.
If superbugs spread, a super immune system is going to be our only hope.

The dirty store reminded me of a nudie bar I used to frequent daily a decade ago. The roaches and their size were legendary. I used to sit at the bar in a cheap black leather jacket and when a gentleman got up to leave I would get up like I was leaving too. Generally, they would run back to their bar stool and plop back down. One day ,when I sat back down, one of the lil bastard roaches had made his way into my drink. I never noticed until I took a drink. I swore off nudie bars after that.sigh
Itchy She sold us fags too, ones and twos. those were the days.
Raphael. that place sounds dreadful.

The amazing thing is, hospitals here, still have those outmoded hand drying machines.... after you use your 'antibacterial handwash' you are then expected to turn on this machine....

A Polish woman who cleans the handdryers and works for a large company who service them, they are full of maggots inside and infection !!! Need I say more. Paper towels are not always even available in hospitals.

Altarboy, here in Ireland with up to 5 days waiting on trolleys, people with infectious diseases, pneumonia, T.B. any manner of illness, and with the lack of hygiene, understaffing and bad management, a Hospital is now officially the most Dangerous place to be. .. that came from my G.P.

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