Does being Beautiful. or Incredibly handsome,make for greater Happiness ?

Media pushes the myth of perfection, eternal youth. Beauty has always meant a 'happy ever after' in old Hollywood Movies.
Beauty is something the rich man [regardless of age] can buy. Being handsome means, you don't even have to try that hard.

looking back at the famous beauties of our time, Marilyn Monroe, Elisabeth Taylor, Al Pacino [younger days] George Clooney , Leonardo de Caprio.....

Alot of the great beauties of our time werenot happy, infact anything but. What do you think ?
I believe that it can open doors for parts in films [providing you can act] and good jobs, but being actually content and happy inside ?

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My whole life people just saw what's outside. Men just sees sex. U r popular because of ur looks only. Men want u at their side as a showoff. I can carry on in this trend for a long time. I have experienced it my whole life. Now I just turn around and walk away. Such shallow people r not worth considering. Beauty is just skin deep !
I think it depends on personality if you are a happy person money looks make no difference My age dare I say as i ger older i become more happy and peaceful inside hug peace teddybear
Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly
goes all the way to the bone.

And you can't fix stupid.

Too many of these 'pretty' people
suffer from an acute case of it.
Wow, Fly...she's exquisite thumbs up
Yes Unl.she is..there is alot of beauty in our world not only in Hollwood movies..
Absolutely there is....and I bet she has no idea just how beautiful she is either
People can't help being beautiful any more than they can help being ugly.

Being ugly has certain drawbacks, so does being beautiful.

At the end of the day it is what you believe yourself to me, and what you sell yourself on is what matters.

If you sell yourself on your looks alone, that is how people will buy you.

If you sell yourself on your personality, then that is what they will buy you on too.
Thanks everyone ~ Redex , I find as I get older , I am becoming more happy in my skin and a sense of contentment. Not everyone seems to have that though and I have a few friends, one in particular who is desparately unhappy, that she is losing her looks. She was a great beauty in her day. Not just very good looking but a stunning beauty, however, she abused it, and wasnot that nice inside. [she is not a good friend more an aquaintance] not on C.S. so I am using her as an example of beauty being on the outside, and what happens when there is none inside, and the person becomes, bitter and tries all manner of plastic surgery.

Fly That is real beauty. I notice sometimes, Indian women, black women in Dublin here, they are happy and so so beautiful, their skin glows.... beauty for me is a vibration you get from a person that doesnot translate onto a photo [as in perfect features ] but you meet him/her and you are blown away by this lovely spirit and warm and open face with lots of personality.

All comments appreciated. hug
Yes Un. that is the inner beauty I think.....look at this link

Molly I absolutely agree. Media for young women tends to focus on looks more than self development it's as if the feminist age never happened

I know men are visual and beauty is lovely to behold. It is pretty pathetic when a man just wants arm candy, and high maintenance women. More so when a man overlooks somebody his own age and wants a younger woman... but each to their own.

The kind of man I am turned on by, is one that is intelligent, likes woman, is not in persuit of perfection, on any level and wants a friend as well as a lover /partner.

thumbs up
VikingSon Absolutely agree. Beauty no matter how magnificent fades, and the true spirit comes into play.
That is when the real person emerges, and true beauty, in my humble opinion.

Does being Beautiful. or Incredibly handsome,make for greater Happiness ?

I don't think anyone on CS is qualified to answer that, laugh
But Im sure we're all gonna have a go roll eyes

Remember folks opinions are like arse holes,
What comes out is directly representative of what's going on inside wave
GG. I dont know if I am right here.
I think all humans have an inner beauty
But do we know this inner beauty and
where to find it ?

I can only talk for myslef,A question of balance with in myslef
Where in I can see the beauty of myslef and the world around..

Thanks Fly. As an African, I'm well aware of the beauty of those people on the link....and quite envious that they can wear colours that I only dream of wearing sigh
Miss Molly one could say being ulgy is a from of Art.

There are some paintings that make one very upset when we look at them.
Yet because of their ulgyness we see them in a different light.

You are welcome Un..anytime..

cheers cheers
fLY ~ I agree , everyone, well nearly everyone, has an inner beauty, a glow, especially if they are kind, have empathy, are interested in others, not self absorbed to the exclusion of others, Those interested in the World, and what is going on around... it all shows on the face.

I love to see a very elderly woman or man, happily sitting there, wrinkles galore and oh so beautiful.

Unfortunately though, the world is becoming shallow, and youth is put on a pedestal where the elderly and their wisdom used to be. The quest for eternal youth is on the increase, and the body 'perfect' with resulting millions being made by plastic surgeons... which is sad, as it doesnot [in my humble opinion]make for inner happiness. Quite the opposite. wine
Snooks hug Thanks for replying. I don't know if all men are just after sex... and sex alone. I think men are more visual than women,, that is the nature of the male... for obvious reasons.
Men will always be aroused by beauty, and will always admire it.

As a woman, I admire beauty, in a wild animal, scenery, a sunset, or a beautiful face.

However, I am finding as I get older, that those who depend on their looks... who were once considered very good looking or indeed beautiful, seem less happy than those who werenot. Who got on with their lives, who have lovelly personalites , many interests and a love of life..... which is a turn on for many men, and women.

I would hate to think that men are just that shallow. Thanks for replying.
Nonsmoker wave Thanks for replying.
'What is going on inside ,.....'
Yes , you are right.

What made me write the blog ? well with extra time on my hands these past 4 weeks being housebound with pneumonia..... I have been thinking about a gaggle of friends I had, in my 30s, and younger, when we were , lets be honest.....a little obsessed with fashion and looks and boyfriends and ......sigh

Now, as I get older, I look back at photographs...... yes, I would tell a lie if I said that I didnot sigh for those times;but the feeling is fleeting.
Youth his fleeting. Or as Oscar Wilde said 'wasted on the young' Are beautiful people happier ?

They do seem to get more opportunities, in Media, T.V. etc., but my own opinion is that , as they age, there has to be something inside, as in a personality, passion, fun, an inquisitive mind which does [in my humble opinion] blushing have a dramatic effect on the whole persona and attractiveness [men are included here]

Oh, Finally Nonsmoker, the more I read, and the older I get, the less I realise I know. flirty and that's ok.
Don't think beauty alone can bring you lasting happiness. If you are a horrible person the ones who fall for your beauty will not stick around for long. Don't know as my sister in law is ugly and horrible and my brother is still with her....not that it makes her happy as she is not capable of being happy. So not sure how it works.
Hi Unlaoised wave Although not from S.Africa I do have a great interest in the terrain, the beautiful skies, the people and their customs. They are so beautiful... exquisite skin, and especially with blue and green eyes... all ages are beautiful there, as there doesnot seem to be a youth centred
don't know if it makes one happy but for some it opens doors that are closed to others so it has advantages
My former sis in law is a good looking lady but she is totally ugly on the inside.
Ekself laugh Sorry for laughing, your reply made me laugh.... needed that !!!rolling on the floor laughing Don't we all know somebody who is so hard to like, really nasty, horrible [as you say] and loved by somebody who puts up with them.... and yet,, they are malcontents, will never be happy.

I don't speak of clinical Depression here, just a boredom and a discontent, a quiet anger, irritable, ungrateful for their lot, it is hard to like them. You find it in very plain people, and in the physically beautiful ones too.

I love the way your always write so honestly. Thanks Ekself. hug
I don't speak of clinical Depression here, just a boredom and a discontent, a quiet anger, irritable, ungrateful for their lot, it is hard to like them. You find it in very plain people, and in the physically beautiful ones too.

That is a very good description of her.
Ccincy ~ I alluded to it earlier in my blog but, like your sister in law. I had friends in my 20s and up to say 40 but I outgrew them. They are still the same.... havenot changed. I don't want to appear 'superior' far from it. It is just both were extremely beautiful, physically, they used it [I always thought] by going for very wealthy men. I on the other hand, tended not to be taken in by flash men, in flash cars.... I was a romantic.

These women are now wealthy [having married very wealthy men] but desparately unhappy, constantly talking about the implants they got, the veneers, the botox, the 'Thread lifts' and just recently I bumped into one of them and she insisted I go for a coffee.... It was weird, surreal . I have nothing in common with these women at all now. I hope to God I've moved on Ccincy, I have interests outside myself, my looks. I found them so shallow and they are so unhappy and were using me as a free psycotherapist [I was a counsellor ]. I felt drained afterwards...
I give them a wide berth now, without being rude.

Unlike you, I am not related, but I do have some pretty ugly relatives [on the inside] and its a pain in the a** playing nicey nicey at Christmas.laugh
Ekself laugh thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up So we end up being 'nice' to them and it's like ....frustrated
Johnjim wave Nice to see you. I agree, it opens doors. It helps you get a job [whether we like it or not ].
Men and women , especially in Sales, are more likely to suceed and also to be hired, if they are good looking, and this continues into T.V. jobs, Advertising, you name it, Weather girls. News readers..... Actors,

But are they happier ? have they a sunnier disposition ?

I don't think that it can be easy having a disfigurement, and being called plain or ugly in the playground, and later shunned at social events because, for all the beauty inside, you are very unattractive, Reality check... it happens.

That is the other side of the coin.

sad flower
I see something beautiful in everyone, be it physical beauty or a personality trait/characteristic. I notice the strangest of things...someone's hands, their neck, the way they tilt their head to the side and blush, hair colour, twinkly eyes, teeth, freckles, the way someone laughs, their innocence, the way my nans face would light up when she hugged us, the way my son gets grumpy if he loses at monopoly...
Everyone is beautiful for different reasons to me....
Stereo types lead us to believe we should look and be a certain way and that then we will be truly happy....the only way to be truly happy is to love or at least like yourself and then you will be content with who you are! If people could view each other as young children do then the world would be a better place. When my son was small he said "mum I love you and your nose and arms" that's the best thing anyone has ever said to me, because basically he was saying he loved all of me lol love
Attraction for me does come first, but no good if persona doesn't match,...............sigh
Regularly, on a current affairs show when there is nothing to make a story about, they get an attractive woman and a less so one, and get them to create scenarios like waving a pair of jumper leads at motorists or waiting hopefully at the bottom of the stairs with a pram... The attractive one never has to wait for an offer of help.

And so the problem I can identify is that really attractive people maybe dont have to try as hard to be nice, and maybe even could expect others to do stuff for them.
Hope you had a h appy Birthday Patnips. I agree , somebody born very beautiful or extremely handsome, often is the golden child, the one everyone raves about .... and they learn early in life , that it is their God given right to be the centre of attention.
Also, they don't need a personality not in early teens anyway, and so the spirit of entitlement is born.

This great Beauty can be to the detriment of the woman if not used wisely and if other inside attributes arenot there. Nothing as sad as an empty, bitter, ageing woman, whining over the ageing process.

Does Beauty make people happier ?

I don't think it does. Does it make life easier ? it can regarding jobs, dating but it doesnot always lead to happiness and attracts Narissists.

Scotty Men are visual creatures , more so than women . It is only natural to be turned on by the looks of beautiful woman, but I think any man with a brain won't stay around very long [and visa versa with women and very handsomemen] if there is nothing there behind the looks.

so, happiness comes from inside, not from looks, is that safe to say at the end of this blogdunno
Rough wave Thanks for all your input. I agree with you, I see beauty in eyes that sparkle, in the curve of a mouth, somebody who has an open, warm face that shows hard times and also a laughing spirit. Somebody with a great sense of humor and a belly laugh.

A person whom you just know you can trust, it is in the eyes, Shyness can be very very attractive, as can intelligence. i cannot think of anything worse than a man who looks like George Clooney with nothing to talk about onlly the amount of Steroids and protein powder he takes....... sleep

Ditto A beautiful looking woman who relies on looks alone, and doesnot develop, or have a sense of humour, kindness, decency, a good heart, selfishless.... will grow old and be a bitter old lady.

I Think beauty for me, is very much on the inside too. Thanks for your reply Rough.bouquet
Miss Goldy

On The Part Of "Beauty?"

There Are Some People Who...... Maybe Are "Beautiful"
Who Dont Think That They Are

There Are Those... Who Are Beautiful..And They Have To Be Sure That... The Entire World Knows About It

In The Case Of Women?

I Would Say That A Man Would Like To Have A Beautiful Woman

But Not A Woman Who....... "Knows That She Is"................................detective
Hello there GG. I have been so busy with my friend passing away and I just need to stay away from that part of life for a while, just so I am not overwhelmed with sorrow so here I am, logged on hoping to busy my mind.

May I just go directly to your blog without reading all the comments, which I am sure are all valuable to learn from.

What I know is that beauty, physical, does really attracts more than anything in terms of appreciation and admiration. It can be a face, body, flower, scenery, etc. etc. Whether or not it gives the holder of that beauty a more lasting happiness is to me, irrelevant. Who are we to measure one's happiness out of physical attributes? I can say that we are all capable of lasting happiness regardless of our physical appearance. But surely the attention given to those with beauty as oppose to the lesser endowed is not as much.

Now from the inside out of a person, it is true we all want to look beautiful. We all want to feel that which makes us good. That is the effect of profit induced industry in beauty, the like of Este Lauder made from. Products that make us look good ie clothes, make up, and today, the constant rebooting our ego out of enhancement in our bodies.

Talking about happiness, I think it is not just limited to pure aesthetic, rather, what our spirit and soul is made of. Kindness, compassion and generosity, to me creates more lasting happiness from within the person. At least to me. I am happy, not because of what others do to me, but what I do to others and yes, it is a bonus when those that I love make me happy.

Great blog GG,.

bouquet hug
If I may add: what makes happiness last?

Considering our variables as individuals in terms of values, cultures and beliefs, definitely defines our roots as well as reasons that makes our happiness lasts.

When I was in the Philippines, my goals and ambitions in life were very much structured over and above my dreams, that is to secure and great financial future not only for me but for my family. Living in poverty is not at all joyful, rather it creeps on people with misery. I worked hard for it. I was driven to finish my goal as a University professor at the expense of personal gain. I rejected all suitors and proposals for marriage. As a result, I got and realized that dream. Eventually, I settled for life and got me a very good husband that gave me four lovely children. That to me was enough to have given long and very lasting happiness that until today, I feel so joyful even while my marriage ended after 28 years.

So this question of what gives us lasting happiness is as varied and as different as our individual choices and dreams in life.

Thanks for this great blog GG You made me revisit my youth that reflects my goals and dreams in life.

Today, what gives me lasting happiness is knowing that the future of humanity is in the hands of people that can maintain safety and peace. Sort of what Mother Teresa had.

Gold blog.
beauty goes beyond the skin.
when it radiates from the inside then your outer glows.teddybear
Proficiency ~ Thanks for reply. I agree , for me, a beautiful face can be just that. Structurally perfect according to todays fashion in beauty, and the 'norm' of what you see in todays T.V. stars. If that beauty is just physical and there is a coldness underneath, or a great deal of pretence, of vanity, it is a turn off. Self absorbed people seldom make good friends or are happy in relationships. This goes for men too.daisy
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