war and more war

after the second war and after the devastation europe succumbing to its trauma beame very beautiful then we have peace being to peaceful causes more pieces than peace, so the only thing to end this peaceful pieces have more war. if europe has war every 40 years and thereafter 20 years of peace then this unrestless peaceful pieces will be well balances. this is another way of beautifying europe and also controling the excess outside population occurences.

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Unfortunately war is cyclical and more pieces fall into its patterns each day. Many around the world 'sense it'; one is building and one will come on a large scale as certain actors upon the world stage want one; need one and manoeuvre for it...War(s) are also a method of population control, either by design or by consequence; it is also, a method of abortion, though most of those whose lives are aborted is really 'retro-active abortion'.
Since the end of WW2, humankind has learned nothing in preventing wars but only how to produce more deaths and devastation. The lessons of horrors as the legacy of WW2 have been totally ignored in favour of the current policies of 'perpetual war' envisioned by the US in the invasion of the ancient Near East. We can only look forward to literally being bombed back to the proverbial "Stone Age" , the wish of a famous US Air Force General to do to North Vietnam...and yet, they still lost...The beat goes on...
thanx for your comment kattte!!!!! i thought i went of topic when people stopped commenting!!!

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