A song I never get sick of ... the song could be written about me,

crazy after all these years

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What is it as won't play,................?
Scotty ~ laugh blushing I am a techniphobe and tried uploading [just as it said] one of my favourite Paul Simon songs 'Still Crazy after all these years ' and low and behold... it didnot come up.

Sorry about that !!uh oh
Oh ok, no need to apologise lol,..............................
Howdy do GG wave
did you remember to delete the s" from beside https? so its http://

Or the dash in the last bracket at the end of the link [/ y o u t u b e]

GG the original link ....

changed to upload ...

[ y o u t u b e ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46bkXgxb66E[/ y o u t u b e ]

but remember no space like I have between the word utube.
Itchy hug Thanks so much for going to all that trouble . I just said I would have a go . I never had proper Computer lessons so haven't a clue but would love to be able to upload music as I am madly into it... when appropriate, also photos too.

Thanks again Itchy. Hope I can manage it.. laugh I will book a Computer class , doh
Spot on what Itchy said and remember to use [ and ] instead of ( and )
Thanks Scotty, . I am far from stupid but not Tech savvy, I will try again, but wait till I get it right before I inflict another 'dud' on C.S. thanks for that Scotty , appreciate it. Thanks again Itchy too. help
Took me a few attempts to suss it out lol,.................laugh
No problem GG but when next you attempt it preview it before you post it...
even if the clip does show, press the play button for a sec just to be sure it will play, all going right just submit comment/song.

Love Paul Simon wine

Itchy just saw the song now..... I love that other one, 60 or is it 50? laugh to leave your lover. Great song...
i saw the 2 of them in RDS in Dublin years ago. They were really great.

Enjoy your evening, my friend has gone to Tesco to get me something 'Sweet' I am getting withdrawals for something with a bite in it..... no not an a**. Something sweet, bikkies, anything... going mad for it.frustrated Since I don't smoke anymore. Thanks again for the help.
Hi Golden I used to here some some songs that I swear could had written especially about me too.
Going mad for it roll eyes

hope you got it giggle

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