It's the Teeth problem again..... and I am looking for genuine, someone in the know, advise

Some weeks ago, I shared something, which for me, is extremely embarrassing.
Through no neglect, but bad luck, health etc., I have to have teeth removed and have the dreaded DENTURES
Now you can laugh grin grin grin but, there is little to laugh about with Dentures.

Firstly, I have researched, at length. Dentures age the face, more noticeable on a woman. I am 66 soon , so time is not on my side . I look pretty ok for my age, but Dentures after a while, change the shape of the face, and pull it down, I don't want to go into too much detail here. I am, frankly , terrified !!!!

They are also difficult to eat with, take ages to get used to....

QUESTIONgrin I have now been told by my rheumatologist, that I 'Could take the chance with implants'

Because I have no family, I have to save for my future, for a rainy day, things like that.....
I havenot got money, I used to have good jobs, but lost a great job that closed, and I am not financially well off.

I can get a loan, and I can blow my savings on Implants.
They will be painful, take months, but will look great at the end of it. I will have what seems like Great teeth

But there is quite a risk because of an auto immune illness I have, that the implants will be rejected by the gums.

How much will my implants cost instead of Dentures ? 26,000euro.

I would really really appreciate your imput, if you know anything about Dentures, have Dentures, [you don't have to say]. I am seeing the periodontistic next week , and Dentists are businessmen, he thinks I should take the risk,
I will be penniless or, owe alot of money for many years, and there is a risk. doh doh doh

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PS I should have said 'THERE IS A FAIRLY HIGH CHANCE OF THE IMPLANTS NOT WORKING' I don't expect many replies, if any. It is a subject of no interest to those with their teeth. I had beautiful white teeth, it can happen to anyone, and reading about bone loss and how the skeleton of the face ages and bone loss after teeth extracted... is frankly , scary, and the thoughts of a different looking older face.... depressing .

Dentists regardless of expertise are in it for the money, not a charity so they can afford to say ' You should take the chance' it has taken me years to save . I would have no money and have to live a fairly frugal, life on just basics. Not a thought to be
26'000 a crazy amount of money...
I presume you have dentures in now...i guess its a case of getting used to it!!

Another option is looking abroad ....Turkey, Czech republic...etc....
Not sure about your concerns about changes to your face, my father had to have all his teeth out when he was 22, can't his face suffered as a result, think it has more do with the shape of your face in the first place dunno

You may well find if you decide to go ahead with implants that the cost in Spain is about half, here most of my neighbours use a German dentist who is highly recommended & I know personally, even adding the cost of trips down it would still be way cheaper & the treatment at least as good if not better than you'd get where you are.
Well, it's a real dilemma. Part of life, esp. in our generation, so no need for embarassment.In the hands of a good denturist, I'm told, and with regular checks for fit, and possibly with preventive daily facial exercises, sag issue may be overblown. And "having an immune problem" can mean almost anything. I have "allergic to penicillin" on most of my records, and never had a reaction. Medical "professionals" and all sorts of opinionated lay folks (both should know better) get others frightfully worried over all sorts of things, many of which are of questionable validity. Costs a bit for those of us not in National Health type care, but a visit with a qualified professional (Physician, Dentist or dental/o*al Surgeon) ---preferably after much discussion with others who may have had similar issues or visited some such workers with good reports, is prudent. For initial suggestions, often helps to spend a brief visit with a well recommended, trusted, and good listening primary health care provider, such as a well trained nurse practitioner or family practice type. Finally, some dental schools have programs for much reduced cost for many proceedures. Trainees do work, but usually they are at higher levels of learning and have close supervision by school professors. Implants are getting ever more popular, so many trainees want to learn. Above all, if current teeth are at all infection prone, don't delay, as teeth have affects on our whole bodies in many ways. Good luck. Let me know if this is helpful as I'm thinking of starting a blog on some such issues to help folks. Not for personal medical advice, and almost always end with suggestions to contact a trusted professional, as here. In fact, I find most folks already know this, but just appreciate support in doing what's probably best. Aa..
I would never even consider that kind of dental work be done in Ireland. The cost here is outrageous!

A friend of mine had implants done in Thailand....and another one went to Budapest (I think it was). Both beautiful jobs but the one done in Budapest is particularly awesome.
Goldengloss! Dentures better are as implants! many of friends mine have made implats and not look nice and have big risk. Dentures are look good and nobody know, and very higenic. You look good. Do for the dentures! shimmy
The shape of the face in beginning the dentures perhaps to look different, but get used and looking normal shape of the face again.
GG, I'm not sure whether it's the effect on the face or both with the difficulty if either smiling or eating.

My daughter had a denture for 7 years and now she's free and looking great. Of course my son in law being in the union had paid it all with zero deductible.

In your case, spending that much money that will drain you seems like a very challenging decision indeed,. But the advice of Z, and Un, make sense. Should you decide to go with the implants do it in Spain or Budapest.

Anyways, good luck GG.
Almost half a century ago, while an impoverished student, I had thousands of dollars worth of quality, mostly back teeth, restorative work done in Boston for free. By supervised technicians/hygienists, Forsythe Dental Clinic trial program funded for several years to to expand dental care beyond the shortage of dentists.Under watch of dentists. Only one of over a dozen fillings evwr failed. Every Dentist and Hygienist since then who examined me commented on the quality of the work. Knowledge is strength. Aa.
Thanks to Everyone for your comments, Caly, Z, Altar, everyone ~

There is a 5 year wait at Dental hospital .
Unlaoised, thanks and you are right, but , if anything goes wrong, you have to go across to Budapest to have things tweaked. I agree though, they are great Dentists, Z the same, you are right but having to travel back and forwards if there are problems, and many people do have problems afterwards, It is expensive flying back and forwards. The Cost is very high because, there are so many teeth involved. I had a fall 7 years ago approx, and lost my large molars at back, then infection.... part of ageing as I was just unlucky, I have always had good hygiene, washed twice daily, and never had bad breath in my life...

I believe teeth are important Altar, like you say, Health is in the Gut, [bacteria has to be good ] probiotics, and in the Mouth. Hence most illnesses including arthritis and other serious auto immune, starts in the mouth.
I had a great Aunt, who is dead some years now, who used to say that. She was a very good Dentist, she said that Govts, didnot understand Teeth and infections in gums went into the system and made people very ill in later life.

So, I suppose I will visit the periodontist, and see what he thinks next week.... He specialises in cases like mine where somebody is not a good candidate for Implants. So I will trust in him I guess.

I agree regarding the facial exercises, there is always botox too if things got bad.

thanks to everyone who took the time to reply. My grandmother had Dentures as thats what they did in those days, whipped them out... She was 96 when she died, had not one line on her forehead, a round face, her lines were not too bad between nose and mouth and for her age, she had a soft face till the day she died.

Thanks everyone again. bouquet

By the way, I am a hopeless Traveller, am scared of Flying and the last time I was on a plane was 11years ago when I went to Warsaw. I would get up again, maybe with somebody with me, for a holiday as I badly need one, but, I am not a plane hopper and going to Budapest, staying a few days coming back and having to go back again would be hell. x

I wish you the best on the dental work!


Jimthumbs up
Thanks Jim
I know I have to face reality, I am not a candidate for them anyway. Alot of people arenot. They are very sophisticated nowadays, not like 10yrs ago. This guy is going to great lengths regarding comfort, and looks, and promises that they will be like my own teeth [quite white but not too white] just natural.... I am lucky.

I could be worse I know that, I just am nervous and scared of the whole things. Thanks thumbs up
26grand are you long mad in the head woman or what wow

nevertheless that's what I call putting your money where your mouth is giggle lol

Don't know too much about either but which ever you opt for keep in mind, with age gums shrink resulting in teeth looking longer, so will inplants too, sometimes resulting in having an old persons mouth.. nothing to be done about it because what else to say but that's age.

When gums shrink when wearing dentures, the teeth lower with them as well, sometimes resulting in looking like you've no teeth in the head, but problem solved by upgrading and getting new dentures on a higher new fake gum/denture.. resulting in NEVER having that old persons mouth no matter your age.

My dad had to wear dentures in his early 40's and in his late 50's he felt he had the old persons mouth (which he did because his teeth shrank as his gums did) but his new dentures solved the problem for him... hasn't had the need to change them ever since. wave

Ps if your looking to throw away money so easy roll eyes
I fell in love with a water fountain in Woodies today, perfect size for an empty corner in my back
Hi GG,wave ..I hear your concern and problem, I too, will be getting the same dental work done in a month or two and have the same arthritis immune system problem... anyway, my dentist and rheumatologist, have recommended OVERDENTURES vs denture implants... I would like regular dentures but because I sing and speak often, I am reconsidering the overdentures. In fact, this implant overdenture maybe what your RA doctor is talking about instead of the dental implants of individual teeth which can run up to $100,000... whereas overdentures will run you around at the most in US $5,000 or $7,000 of course, this is for full upper and lower, so it depends on what all you will need, and they do make partials and depending on how many teeth runs around US $1,000 to $2,500 for upper and lower, if you have some teeth that the overdenture fits over them.

So maybe you should ask your dentist and RA doctors their thoughts on these they are preferred over regular dentures and are much cheaper than dental implants. Plus they look real and save muscle structure from breaking down in the face...and you can keep your beautiful looks and smile...laugh 85 yr.old sister got overdentures two years ago and you can't tell they are not her real teeth. You can remove overdentures just as regular dentures, dental implants you can't remove.
Also with God's help in providing, ask about monthly payments during each dentist visit, this will surely pay off the debt. thumbs up

Check out this information
An overdenture
is defined as a removable partial denture or a complete denture that covers and rests on one or more remaining natural teeth, the roots of natural teeth, and/or dental implants. It is also known as overlay denture, hybrid prosthesis, telescoping denture or tooth supported denture.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason.

Sites for you to read upon overdentures..they have pictures of what the dentures look like, overdentures look like regular denture as you will see when you visit these sites, etc....print out a few pages and take to your dentist and RA...

God's blessings bouquet teddybear
Here you go GG... this is out of Ireland..they call overdentures in Ireland IMPLANT RETAINED DENTURES

call them they have a phone number/contact info at the bottom of the page
Dental Implant – Retained Dentures
Dear GG someone asked me if I would ever have surgery to enhance my face or body. I said a definite no, I would certainly not pay for that. Many people have to have surgery so when it is not needed a no no for me.
Anyway it is natural to get older and change that is me not a false me.

Not a hard descion for you in the fact cost, you hate flying, your immune system may reject, infection in gums, and you have a daily struggle with your illness which you do bravely. hug

Dentures are far more advanced these days and may even enhance your face if that is what you are worried about. Dentures will keep the shape of your face and can be altered if your gums alter.

Write a list of fors and against when you have all info and then make a chice. I wish you well in whatever you decide teddybear
Redex ~ Sound advise. Thanks alot . I find reading all the Dental literature online is very pro - implant and anti - Dentures, with awful stories of bone loss and shrinkage off bone [hence need for me to get bone grafts if I was to have the implants. Yes you can go abroad but I have never had work done with a dentist that didnot need me to go back for a 'tweak' here and there, going back to spain, or Germany, or other foreign Dentists is not an option for me.

Thanks for the advise. I have had too much surgery, for medical reasons to have any thing done to make me younger looking. I think we have to embrace age, or else spend the rest of our lives fighting an uphill battle and people who get alot of cosmetic surgery seem to get addicted, and end up looking awful, don't know where to stop. thanks Redex, Advise much appreciated. hug
Itchy laugh laugh Thanks for the laugh ! I need it. Hope you ok. hug Yes, implants are making millionaires out of Dentists. Like Valium was the answer to everything in the 60s and is now a highly addictive drug and harder to come off than Heroin, maybe in ten years time, they will discover that alot of people are rejecting the titanium
posts they screw into the bone before putting the teeth in.

It is a painful and long treatment. It does look lovely, but I do know a young woman of 40 whose body, rejected the implants after 10years, They were put in by a very good Dentist, expert... and she had to have them all taken out and Dentures put in. She wasnot a happy bunny and still owed the bank the loan !!!!mumbling
SistaCallie Many thanks for going to all the trouble in giving me that information . I have researched, and I know we would have overdentures but probably have a different name for them.

Sorry to hear you have the same Arthritis problem. I too love singing, especially Gospel Songs... and I know Dentures don't help with singing.... still, I will check the information and sites out you kindly sent me.

I appreciate your thought and again, thanks for your down to earth advise.

I want to wish you the very best of luck with your work in a month or two.
Let me know how it goes if you think of it.

God bless, bouquet
Just take care GG dentists are not infallible and if money is involved they will tell you anything.

I am going your route about teeth that is, mine seem to be crumbling away, at this moment I have an infection but it has eneded up in cheek bone so dentist tomorrow., i know (as before) i have been offered implants and to think of someone boreing into my jaw bone does not appeal. It and others must come out and dentures for me and facial excercises cost nothing. My smile may get wider and brighter laugh laugh

Anyway that is just me oh natural well false teeth I know are not natural but better than gummy smile laugh hug hug
Redex ~ nearly missed your message, as thought nobody else would reply.
I have had infections and abscesses in 3 Teeth that were done only 3 years ago, Crowns, by a so call 'Great Dentist' and I won't tell you how much I gave him for the work !

Xrays showed that the post on one of the teeth, was crooked, but I never kept receipts , its a long way away, and the work wasnot good.
Once the infections start Redex, you start getting given these horrible Antibiotics, which just lower your immune system, and make you feel pretty awful.

I have gone through every Dental site I can, reading and studying. You have a nice full , soft face and a good German jawline, so I wouldnot worry. If you still have your back molars you are laughing, if they are in good nick as you maynot need full dentures.

The molars at the back help keep the face up. both on lower arch and upper [mine are extracted].

I think when you come to a certain age grin grin grin regardless of hygiend, brushing the teeth, things start to go wrong and it is a domino effect.... my teeth are chipping. I am afraid to eat Cashew nuts which I love.
I am getting pain in another back tooth and it's all happening together.... so it is time to call it a day.

your teeth as you know, when bad, have an awful effect on your overall health. I have a great page of facial exercises for neck, jawline, nose lines, very simple and I have it on the back of the Wardrobe door, I do them as much as I can.

I really wish you the best. We will have to get new profiles with our new teeth....rollers rose rose in teeth
Happy Days Redex. x
Aw sorry to hear that golden
I hope by now you have decided on how u will manage your denture to dentures issue confused

Well my say is ...the issue here is u don't like to have sagging face at your age (you're beautiful I know )
But now you're having financial problemsigh
The other issue here is u have "auto immune "
which means either way the implant won't be a success frustrated
Therefore. ..1+1=0...u haven't be reasonable enough handshake
--'take it or leave it-'
Ysajben thanks alot for reply, you make sense, when you put it like that, it makes sense.

I wish to thank you. I guess it is age, or maybe just bad luck.

thanks anyway. hug
Just a quickie GG I am off to dentisthelp My face is swollen now. I am chewing on ibrufon grin they do not tast nice laugh laughing hurts roll eyes

It is back teeth one is root filled next one last back one crumbled around a filling. doubt they will have to come out this time, mmmm can you get dentures for 3 back teeth??? or crowns I will ask but no no implants, chew on gums if have too.doh

Take care and I will let you know what happens.hug teddybear
SistaCallie! I sent a link which have story of overdentures. Better as implants in complete whole mouth.You are in the right picture! thumbs up
Redex Sorry you are in pain. I went through two doses of very nasty antibiotics,.. to get rid of infection and abscesses. The implants were pushed by my Dentist who I have to admit, is very good.
You CAN get Partial Dentures, that is, a plate, with say, 3 teeth on it, and it fits like a glove, if it is the upper jaw you will have no problems with it, and it will be comfty after a few days. Nobody will know.

If it is on the lower arch, it is harder to get used to.

I don't think somehow you are ready for full Dentures yet, Best of luck !!! let me know, even a private message, how you get on. Very best of luck.grin
My dear Golden u are most welcome hug
Take it from meteddybear

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