Emotional Baggage or Life Experiences?

Emotional Baggage are negative emotions that we should try not to carry over onto the next relationship, whereas experiences are memories, things that we have lived, that we have learned and what makes us strong.

We all have emotional baggage to some extent - Some of us have 3 suitcases of heavy things, while others have just a tiny bag… Everyone has them!

Sometimes we feel as if we were carrying a lifetime’s heaviness of sorrows, pain and anger towards what happened in the past.

Those memories and emotions influence what we seek and draw to our life and the way we interact with people.

We can’t change our past. There is no future in the past anyway.

What we can do is to define our sorrows about the past now, release the pain, cut the emotional cords and clear the space for the brighter things that life has in store for us. dancing

"Today is only Yesterday´s Memory,
and Tomorrow´s just Today´s dream............. The Moment is NOW!"
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release the pain, and unleash the dragon...
Excellent blog bouquet
Hi Daniela,

Here's an intelligent woman of the blogs... I'd never thought of things as 'baggage' because all that happened in the past is well, past! You can cry about things all you like but basically, once the grief phase is over (with whatever it is) a person should just let themselves move on to the next (unburdened) phase of their life!!! Talk it out and let it go is my motto!

Sorry for sounding daft but holding on to hurts and resentments is only harming the one that lets it get to them...

I think the older you get, the better you become at dealing with things like that and realise that 'living' for today is more important than stewing in the past... Each day is a brand new page... hug
Thanks Dedo. I was still downloading the pics and forgot to save the changes! doh

So, have you that much baggage?
Currently ,a lot of anger is burdening my soul ,that`s my baggage
F~ck the baggage and travel light!!!! Whoops, swearies!!!laugh
I agree with you entirely Sg. thumbs up wine

As you say, the older you get the more baggage you carry but... how do you deal with it is the question....uh oh

We become weaker and frailer and we certainly haven't got the physical strength to carry that much on our shoulders so we have a choice. To let go of it and continue on our journey...dancing
Have you got lots of baggage daniella? Because if you have, you can´t date me ok? Just forget it, not interested
Sg. Thanks for the compliment btw..blushing

And never mind the swearing - I am immune to it! hole
Eggy. No, I haven´t! I have dealt with all of mine as I couldn´t carry such a heavy load. I like to travel light! dancing
Dedo. Anger is no good. You need to release it! Can you go and kick something... a ball or whatever? dunno
I like seagrits sweary tongue!
Hi again,

I think the emotional stuff is just something to free yourself from instantly - keep a clear conscience and be done with things that weren't your fault... If you carry guilt, well just deal with it and move on!

As for physical baggage, either get a wheely thing for one's 'baggage' or employ Mr Dedo/Weetabix as your chauffeur, he looks sturdy enough! laugh
Sorry, wasn't being deliberately facetious there (to someone I don't know!)
Thanks for the advice Sg. .Dedo would be perfect as my chauffeur and luggage carrier ! thumbs up

Look..Eggy likes you smitten
Omelette or Frittata?

He is eggstraordinarily handsome...

His baggage is mere eggshells...laugh
I carry a Fire Umbrella; in case it's raining down others issues around me.

Mine are only life experiences my actual baggage I store inside the garage.
Yes he is Sg. .love go for it..he's baggage free.
Cc. .thumbs up

I don't even have a garage so I had to get rid of mine before I came to Spain...long long ago..
Hello Danielahug Good blog yay I know people who do nothing but live in the past,doh I ve always figured a person can t go forward in life constantly looking in the rear view mirror,scold , but a person does have to take an occasional peak in that mirror ,to remind themselves as to what they ve left behind. Life is a lesson.
Ash. Fire umbrella ? wow

Maybe it would be good to carry an anti dote as well no?dunno
Hi 1to1 hug

I agree with you but a rear mirror is also necessary?

It's always good to have a peek at our past..at our memories and lessons and to see how much we've grown.
But it shouldn't affect us in a negative way.
Hi Ccincy,

I was just thinking that, what is the difference between 'life experience' (the things we have no control over) versus that 'emotional baggage' stuff? Life is surely a combination of both from which there's no escape!

Surely one processes the 'baggage' as one goes along as a mature adult?

Nobody's perfect but they just get better at dealing with things in their own way...

Happy Easter to you anyway! cheers
Sorry Daniela, was just trying to be sociable with the Ccincy!

Where's the Egg Man gone?laugh
Sg. To answer your question...
Baggage is all the pain and resentment you carry with you from the past which is still affecting you.
Could be anger issues..un forgiveness...blame..guilt..regrets etc ..

As for life experiences are the ones you have dealt with and don't carry any emotional attachment with and they don't affect you anymore.
The egg man comes and goes..like the wind on a summers day.
Maybe he's gone to make his salad now?dunno
In that case I'm glad to be a mishmash because however you see things, I think you are still subconsciously affected by things that happened at an age where you had no choice or control in the matter...

I can be angry at things which are from the past but not care about stuff in the present, it's just the human condition methinks...

'Just Deal With It' laugh
I have NO baggage.

I DO have a fairly extensive collection
of what makes me ME however.

Certainly my past colours my future
and shapes my destiny, but do not
experience and education have value
any longer?
And may I add Miss Daniela Matchmaker,

One does not wish to be ever associated with any foul smelling 'EGG' type monstrosities, whatever it pertains to be in this CS amphitheatre...

(Tell him I only like Ostrich)

Of course the past shapes you and is there to remind and warn you...

Have one eye in the past and one eye in the future is what I think...

(And one on your drink in case of theft!!!)
Life experiences are to be cherished.

Baggage has to be opened, sorted, and the majority sent to a charity shop.
Molly, Seems they sell everything there in Ireland, whats the average price per kg for other peoples emotional baggage?

I see the past as an education, what not to do, or say, or be with, I keep my small amount in a cigar tin, study the contents now and again, as time goes by it withers away and becomes less significant.
never alone
only in our

For Scotty..
Map, it depends on the quality of the emotional baggage.
Viking. I do like your description of the "extensive collection" which is of course coloured by our education and what we've learned along the way towards our personal and spiritual growth..
I would also call this a collection of jewels. smitten
Haha Molly...I'm always giving things to charity shops.

Mine was already sorted before I came here but I still find things now and then which I give away.thumbs up
Sg. .regarding Eggy and my matchmaking...I don't know his whereabouts..In fact I don't know him at all!
Ash. thumbs up
Hi Map. Of course the past is an education...It allows us to grow. head banger

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