Feeling Like Stupid

Having a little stressful day err night here at work.

One of our warehouse manager notified me that the carrier of our shipment lost two of our pallets. I called the carriers offices and terminals, their customer service was bad..they put me on hold for a long time then told me indifferently " oh we will call you when we find out something about it" .So I gave them a heads up : "Each of those pallets contains 50 boxes, a total of 100" and the customer service rep replied " I'm well aware of the total pieces" again in an indifferent tone. I asked her if she knows how much each box costs, she said no, I told her "$750/box, and I will surely file a claim for a total of $75,000 if you don't find those pallets" she exclaimed " Holy Molly" and started to sound very interested and asked for the tracking# againlaugh

I sent an email keeping about 20 people in the loop, demanding they find the pallet right away as our customer had to shut down their production...what a big mess! This time I got better replies from the carrier's representatives...they are conducting a search in every terminal. So I thought all good. An hour later, I got a call from them asking for the tracking# again then I found out that I gave them the wrong one...they were searching for the wrong palletsdoh laugh I should feel bad about it but because of their lousy customer service, it made me giggle like stupid doh laugh

Busy stressful night here, I hope yours there are bettergrin

Comments (14)

Awwww that would be trying. I think what you need is someone to pay some attention to your kitty and make you purr bouquet
Feeling Like Stupid laugh

your mood matches your face tongue
just kidding wink bouquet

It's good to be able to laugh at one's self...hope things take a better turn for you next time.
Thanks, track!

not in the mood to purrrr at the momentlaugh

carefulscold laugh I'm not in a good mood right now...doh all I can think of are those stupid palletslaugh still waiting hear from themmoping

Thanks, I hate it when people messed up and give me a lot of headachedoh endless phone calls, emails then the shitty filing of paperworksdoh laugh
Oooops, I'm sure they are no happier with you at the moment, than you are with them laugh

yes, the feeling is mutuallaugh

but they will have to pay us if they don't find those materials, not good for businessmoping

and I hate it when I will have to be the one to sort it out for everyone, that means I will have to send replacement to the grumpy customer but we don't have available right now, will take 2 weeks to complete those 100 boxes, have to kick a** in the production so they can keep up with the lead time. Then I have to make sure the carrier will pay us for loss and damages and that means lots of paperworks!doh

I better start looking for a stress-free job...any recommendation? moping
I doubt there is any totally stress-free job, Crazy

All we can hope for is not to have regular stress, and learn how to forget about it the moment we walk out the door.

forget the stressful jobs...let's go to Colby's bloglaugh
I don't know how much stoopid I can take tonight roll eyes laugh
i like to be naughty in my room if i had a beautiful women to make love to
hi CH baby babe hi mollybaby u look great beautiful attractive

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