Does it really matter?

Hi everyone..

Not so busy day at work and just got a chance to work on my account hehe LOL...

Long distance relationship?

For me It would be the a big CHALLENGE in a relationship. But is it an excuse to say no If you really like someone but his too far away from you? or having a language barrier?

I always believe in this saying;

" If you like someone there is always a way ".

It's either yes or no question. we are matured enough to work on our decisions if you think this is the right thing to do, Stand for it. If you are having a second thought it is because you learned something in the past that you just cannot set aside. I also have that experience (I'm not perfect). However I have learn to listen to my heart. There is nothing wrong for keep on trying. Everyday there is a battle of win and lost. Learning to accept things makes me a stronger person.
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long distance..relationship..r u ready......wave
where there is a WILL theres a way....
Good Luck Eresh...cheers
Kind of freaky, you tryed the long distance relationship with me and it could of worked with me working back here earning more money for us...But you dumped me
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