Sick of Irish Weather I want to move to Spain

cool Well, I have been honest about my age, just nearly 66. So officially an old age pensioner...rolling on the floor laughing
I don't look like one, or act like one. I would like to think there is life in the old woman yet !!

Seriously, it is an area I am not sure of. I have been thinking about the weather here, I did mention moving before.
I think the constant dampness in the air in Ireland definitely adds to the pain of Arthritis.

I havenot got alot of money and the cost of places seems to have gone up.

So, a small one bed, nothing stunning, but I would make it nice with flowers, a cat, and maybe a dog.

Seriously, it would be living a dream, blue skies, warmth, good food, a cheaper and healthier way of living.
Friends to be made.
The incessant rain and wind here and summers where you are lucky to get 3 weeks of sun gets to the

I was born in London, UK I will be an Old age pensioner, so, does anyone know what the situation is,
I hold an Irish passport. Could I get my pension there , in Spain?

I know I seem very 'dumb' about the whole thing, but I have heard property deals and things like that can be very dodgy.

GGsmitten No harm dreaming... but it is a dream I would love to live.

I amnot a seasoned traveller as I looked after an ageing relative for many years and didnot travel far afield.

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Hi there GG, good choice Spain is . cheering

Just be very cautious not to run into these guyslaugh

Enjoy your
You might also consider...

YouTube The Bahamas

Only 180ish miles from the U.S. grin

Did you know...
There are no venomous snakes in the Bahamas?
I know, right! Neither did I!

Hi GG,

USA has lots of warm places to live! If you planned on moving, you would need a visa as well as your passport!

I wish you the best and God bless you!thumbs up
Make the move! I'm about done with this place as well
Hi Goldie. .We have already discussed about this and..of can get your pension paid here in a Spanish bank account.
In fact the banks will be welcoming you with open arms and giving you gifts for becoming one of their customers. applause

Anyway. know where to find me for more details. hug
i find this blog interesting I thought that when you move in another country no matter where,,,,,,,,,you need to work for a while to adhere to a social security number ..............OR IS IT that after a certain age you can move and transfer your benefits abroad,,,,,,,,,,,what about signing once a month ,,,,,,,,NOT SURE if after a certain age you need to sign once a month or not,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU SEE I don't know WHEN are you considered being an OAP
old age pensioner IS IT 60 OR 65
if like gg I want to move and get my benefits transferred ,,,,,,,,,,,,,do have I to wait until being 60 or 65?!

ANOTHER point is,,,,,,I don't own an house ,,,,,,,,,,,,,so can I still transfer my benefits and rent a place abroad

I don't think so doh
was over there a few weeks back is to many people grand for a holisay but live there for me would be a nighmare hope your dreams come throught
Look at Portugal too, Gg
As someone who has lived over 20 years outside of England (16 in Spain and 4/5 elsewhere), I can say that it's not for everyone. I have seen people come with their dreams and leave carrying them in their sombrero.

Spain is very bureaucratic.
Things can take forever (Just had a kitchen wall knocked down, a new window and make good - 3 months work!!!).
On the whole, the Spanish are less concerned about animal welfare.
It's not THAT much cheaper.

However, where I am (was) based, there is 300 days of sun.
I'm a stone's throw away from Gibraltar with a M&S and Morrison's.
Lidl and Aldi are in Spain too.
I was lucky enough to buy an 80m apartment and pay off the mortgage in 15 years. I don't believe I would have achieved that in UK.

You CAN transfer pensions etc, but obviously, not things like rent allowance and most other benefits.

But one has to look further than the sun, sea and sangria. Going for a holiday and settling there for life are two very different things.

Personally, I'd say Portugal is worse. The place is less democratic, still a little more corrupt and a noticeable number of years behind Spain...
Grumpy, I agree with you about the bureaucracy and mañana culture in Spain.

Being able to speak Spanish does help though. They take you a bit more seriously.
More of a Banana culture. You can slip up every time!!!
Right you are, Jim.

The Bahamas are part of the Commonwealth.
It'd probably be easier for her to go there.

Also...did you catch that part about NO venomous snakes.
'Most all the warm places in the U.S. are...well...crawlin' with the damned things.

Another Brit place close to a U.S. place...grin
British Virgin Islands.
I'm unsure of their venomous serpent status. dunno


Ya know Jim, we have a better chance of being envenomated by a serpent (rattler - aka buzz tail) here in Wisconsin than we would on a paradise island in the Bahamas.
Somehow, that just ain't right. mumbling

Ireland & Bahamas...

Both are on islands.
Neither have venomous snakes.
It's like the Bahamas ARE Ireland...

Lukeon ~ Thanks for the wanted photos.~ Some of those faces look familiar ??confused laugh CS ?
Thanks everyone for your advise.
NoZeal I think you are right. I did own my own house, but lost it during a slump in the 80s. I rent now, it is social housing so it is a tiny cottage, but for life. So that is hard to throw away.
I do know that since immigration probs. in the past number of years, it has got more difficult to move and live in another EU Country. I have to remember to, that I was born in UK.

MiClee I would love the Bahamas and I'd love somewhere the snakes arenot venomous, but I think the Bahamas is very much out of my financial league.

GentleJim I do know there are some wonderful places in U.S. but you need to have alot of money saved and at my age, your Medical system doesnot really allow for people who need to see specialists, it is better in Ireland despite our awful weather.

Grumpy you make some very very pertinent points. I am aware that being on holiday , is never quite like living in a place. As we get older. I don't have family so perhaps abit more vulnerable. in other words, nobody to 'bail me out' if things got bad. I would be renting too. Because I gave up a social housing home, I maynot be applicable for rent allowance.

A huge factor for me would be the awful, appalling cruelty to animals in Spain, but it doesnot have to be spain.

JohnJim you know the weather here, it has been awful, certainly here in May, it has been cold and breezy on the East coast and miserable.... I think it was Daniela s Blog about passion that got me thinking.

Daniela yes, we discussed it, but now, in about 7 weeks, I am 66 so all changes, being OAP does change certain laws. Thanks for offer of advise. It is something I am considering about.

Again, I do know people who went over, missed Ireland terrribly after the initial sun sun sun wore off, and people from UK too. thanks everyone, and anyone I left out, who replied.
About done with THIS PLACE, that coming from a foreigner makes my blood boil very mad

Hope you take your pong with you Unloaised when you do leave IRELAND tongue

You for real GG?

Unlaoised ~ I just saw you are kind of tired of here too.... it takes a certain amount of years here, then the rain and dark skies begin to get to you, you crave D3 vitamin and some real heat.

If you are madly in love, or wealthy enough to have a bolt hole in Spain or Greece where you can go in winter months, that's fine coz there are alot of lovely things about Ireland. the weather isnot one of them.

Take care. wine
Hi Itchy ~ detective flirty typing I was co cold today, the East coast hasnot been getting any warmth at all and this is a heatwave ! FFS. So yep I am mulling it over in my head. I was online but the whole social welfare for an 'older' citizen makes things harder getting in. I have alot of things to consider, but I do get sick of the dark skies and the cold.
However, Grumpy, and others gave some good down to earth advise about going abroad....

No harm thinking about it, and am looking up information online. wine cats meow daisy
GG, you only live once. Can you spend a trial period there, like a year lease? You could be a traveler, spending time in various places!
Free I could go there for a short time,our laws are quite different,especially if one is on a pension.
But I will see if it is possible. It is just a dream. thanks for your input. wine
I don't think there is any problem getting your contributory pension in another country, especially an EU country.
Understandable GG why your thinking/dreaming as you are, and if you can see/find more reasons for going than staying and its possible... then why not and I do wish you well wine

I'd love to move too but I know I'd miss Sally O'Brien and the way she might look at ya wink
Errrrrr....may I know who's Sally O'Brien. IW? dunno confused grin

GG, have you given Malaysia a thought? Check out Penang, please? Only drawback is Malaysia would be a tad too far for you to be going back often, unlike Spain.
Mimi, I was watching a programme last night on Malaysia.

It was two Irish comedians doing a travel show

It looked beautiful

The only bad thing was one poor forest-living tribe who were forced to move into a village by the government. All for the sake of deforestation very mad

Other than that, it was amazing
Molly reunion

If I'm not wrong, that's the Penan tribe in the East Malaysia, Borneo.

I read about their plight and yes, they have been 'plundered' and 'raped' by the federal government. There were even intervention from international bodies but to no avail....blues Our country is just too
Yes Mimi, they were the Penan. Only 1,500 of them left.

Government collusion with big corporations, to the detriment of the native population, is endemic and disgusting.

And on that note, I'll bid you adieu :hug
Goodnight, sleep tight hug
Howdy do Mimi wave
especially for you and do pay attention otherwise you might miss good old sally giving you that look wink

IW applause

She sure is very pretty, that Sally O'Brien!
I've been told that Belize is an extremely(!) pensioner friendly place.
They set things up specifically to make it attractive for such folks.

Not really close to the U.S. though. sad

Yep, Gg, the cold does get to you after a while, for sure. A lot of people do spend the summer months here and the winter ones maybe that's a solution.

Itchy...get over it roll eyes
GG the weather will change, it is an expensive business moving grin i should know and that was just throughout my own country grin

Now the idea of a few months in Spain (when it is cooler months appeals to me) I could do that no bother. I would look into mobile or caravan for rent for 3 months near a town and those places have a ready made community enjoy the warm weather get away from my winter months. come back home refreshed.cheering cheering
We must be having totally different weather down here confused:

I have had to water the garden practically every week for the last couple of months, as we've had no rain.

And last Monday I got the base for my tan, just working out in the garden.

And today, I'm taking the dogs to the beach as it's such a lovely day dancing
Good morning Molly applause

You think your tan can last till Sept? wink grin
Mimi, I intend to spend many days on the beach there in September cool
I, on the other hand, will try to be under the shade at all time but after that, we can go for ice-cream together yay
Shade??? I can get that at home!!

I'll buy you an icecream, I promise cool
And my darling Art too?? grin coz I won't share mine with him! scold

Sorry GG, for hijacking your blog please
But of course roll eyes laugh

OK, off to the beach now dancing hug
Itchy ~ Sally O'Brien is probably grey haired now and living in Greece . laugh She was beautiful, great Advert.
It's a thought I am mullling over Itchy, it takes guts when you don't have reached a certain age and are once againn single.... x
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