just curious to what women think in this situation

i'm just curious are there any good ole country girls who have a ranching background? i am a livestock truck driver and was wondering what most women think about being in a relationship with a truck driver who runs regional but able to be home most every night with the exception of 1-2 nights per week being overnight runs? please let me know what you think in this situation do you think a longterm relation could work effectively?
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Well I am not a country girl, but I was married to a truck driver. He was gone all the time, but that was alright. He had a job to do. It made the time we were together better. grin

Our divorce had nothing to do with his truck driving.

So yes I think it can and will work with the right person beside you. Honestly it would not phase me now if I met someone now who is a truck driver. peace
I'm a rancher and come from a long line of farmers and ranchers. I was in a marriage where my husband traveled for days at a time. Yes, I think a long-term relationship could work very effectively. angel
After many relationships and me being a trucker for 24 years, it is hard to find someone other then a trucker. You need to find someone who understands the hardship of trucking...bad weather, getting held up at stops..etc.

She needs to be confident in herself, independent, secure and not afraid to be at home alone, trust me that just narrowed the selection down to almost zero.

Regional is not bad....but most women need someone to lead them around by their nose..

They are out there...just might get lucky Dude!

Be Safe and keep the shiny up!
I personally never grew up on a ranch...only a big farm. But i'll give my 2 cents worth anyway. laugh

As long as you are both faithful while you are out working supporting your means of living...why wouldn't it work? I see nothing wrong with a hard working man that can't be there every night to tuck his partner to bed. Growing up...my daddy was away for two weeks at a time...then home for 3-4 days. My mother and us kids handled the farm while he was gone on the dredge boat. We took care of the sheep, cows, horses, chickens and pigs. My mother is still a strong woman because of it. They were both happy and trusted each other.

As long as you love each other, trust and not mess around...there's nothing stopping you from having a long and happy relationship. My parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary soon.

So yes....it can and does work if you find the right partner. hug
If I was 25 years younger I would love that kind of relationship. I'd ride with you if you wanted company or stay home and welcome you back if you didn't. I few days apart every now and then just helps you appreciate your time together more. Don't dwell too much on your past hurts. Everyone that is capable of love gets hurt eventually. Go on with you life in hope...not fear. You'll find another love just keep looking. Good luck.comfort
Is the 1 or 2 nights a week away the problem? I don't think so. I like the idea of a man who goes away sometimes. Daily chores and routines are a killer I think. Spending time apart makes you appreciate each other more. Remember the saying "familiarity breeds contempt"? You'll be fine.
I just looked at your profile. The 25 to 30 year olds will be lining up. Good luck!
"True love puts with anything."
I mean "True love puts UP with anything." No matter what a lover does or wherever he is; true love is always patient and defends altruism.
of course it could work if there was complete trust while u wer away......yep why not,good luck ok............m
I grew up in TX, though I live in PA now. I don't see why your job as a truck driver should affect the relationship that much, especially if your partner knows of the possible away times going into the relationship. If the relationship is solid, it shouldn't make a difference to her. JMHO
" Does true love really exist"

true Love does exist. It's pure. Not selfish. It's kind not forceful... It's makes you feel complete. Deep down inside.. it's not boastful or proud. It's gentle, it's undescribible. Ya see. you can only fine true love in Christ he will never leave you. He and only he knows you more than your very self.
So yes, although we find ourselves on this endless journey of love in search of love and EXceptance...The truth is that love - True love can not be found if we search for it in a forceful way from another.. But by seeking Gods face and letting patience have her perfect work in you- through spirital surgery... God will release the one "HE" has created you to be with and not you...
So let's all get out of Gods way, try to lean on him for love and guidence and not between sweaty sheets that don't belong between your legs in the first place...i love you... do you? do you know who you truly are... and "WHO'S" you are???

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