DANGER ~ Freedom of speech at risk.

It has become very apparent to me in recent days, that unless you share the same politics, s*xual, and otherwise as the Blogger, and agree with everything the blogger says, if you express yourself [as I did] in a reasonable and mannerly way.... and you even get an apology from the Blogger themselves [Which wasnot necessary but a very nice touch], you will inevitably get vitriol from the 'Wolf pack'.
Wolf pack? Yes, they share the same feelings about everything it seems, and if you disagree with one of them, they inevitably will tear you apart, insinuating you are not living in 2017 !! and even dig up things you have said on the blogs. [in my case, due to alot of blatant ageism] I had the audacity to say I was still s*xual ] .

This is nothing short of bullying, and it is not even covert. It is bitchiness, Wolf pack mentality, and not very intelligent. The men arenot safe either, and the last 48 hours was pretty vile, reading the sewer like, Profane language of a certain 'lady' who spewed verbal abuse and went to an all time low in trying to emasculate a particularly intelligent blogger, whose blogs I always enjoy and mocking his height, can u get lower ? [It is about the BLOG not the BLOGGER] but the wolf pack don't seem to 'get' this.

Profanity reigns, and being feminine or having a sense of decency, a glint of modesty[you can be s*xual AND be feminine, and have a shred of decorum about certain bodily functions]. Decency, integrity and having a sense of being a woman [not a ladette] is seen as a huge character flaw, and in they come, together , like a pack of wolves, albeit not very articulate or thought out, and spew their venom at those who they dislike and who dont cow down to them. 'Stay off if you don't like the blog' but same people will tear a blogger apart who mentions the hated word here GOD, or religion.

Crassness, being masculine, and have a 'go girl' attitude is not strength in a woman, it is a lower form of masculinity and does nothing for the ladettes who seem to think this is the way to be, and gang together,

OK, so I can leave the blogs if I dislike them? Agreed. Personally I prefer Toastmasters, and other Blogs I am involved in. I love CS but it needs a clean up. I have met some nice men here [on Dating end] Also I love poetry, and other sites on this great C.S. . However, let me tell you, if you continue to bully , and wolf pack, you will end up with a pretty awful Blogland. Self awareness is not in sight here.

HOW BORING ~ all your blogs will be loved, there will be no real diversity of thought, very much like KKK it will be political correctness to stay in favour with the pack. I have noticed that there is never any genuine soriety, real feelings towards a fellow blogger in pain from alot of these oldtime wolves, sorry, bloggers.
note they rarely show any real feeling for those in trouble on the blogs. So, little by little those of us with self respect, and a semblance of intelligence will leave, and your leader will have you following, this in time will bore the pants off you, and you will turn in on each other.... end of blogland. Take care. There is nothing inherently wrong with disagreement, or being upset, and adults can take mature criticism. Staying off a Blog means there is just those who agree. How boring.


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Freedom of speech, what's the point in having a blog page otherwise, defeats the object of blogging,............confused
GG your last sentence....should remove the blindfold off Lady Justice.Her scale will tip back once a new female blogger( younger) points out the WolfPack is -older than her,not aging gracefully and they are lonely.
It's life without a man.Some adjust,compete or become cold-hearted towards aging and live vicariously.

You are a very intelligent blogger, there is so much to gain from your writes. We may not all live as one I here but life still goes on.
I appreciate the fact that you made it possible to be here regardless of the odds. You might feel a bit sad on here at times but make the good moments count and those previous ones to be your motivation.

I am not sure sometimes as to what is going on on here and sometimes I really don't care to know. What I care about is respecting each other regardless of likes and dislikes. Sometimes respect means staying away from blogs that seeks to put down and not uplift.
Sorry, "precious."
Prof. Thanks for replying, I respect your blogging alot. I just need you to know, I didnot write this as vitriol, I needed to say it. I will probably leave, but there is so much lack of soriety amongst so many.
It is not a nice place, except for some,many are deliberately nasty, and get off on it.

There are things one cannot mention, God, and if you disagree, or find something offensive, you are told to stay off, isn't that what blogging is all about ?

I hope you enjoy C.S. blogs and that you are happy here, people like you are badly needed. hug

You're most welcome.
I've had my bad moments here and good ones too. My dad once told me that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent, at times I don't believe it's true but one thing I know is true, that only you can determine if when you're knock down you'll stay down or you'll get up.
I never take side, I speak as things occur and based on what you've said, I don't think leaving when the tough gets going is the best way. It's good to leave when your able to make a very comprehensible and thought through decision.
Your analysis is bulls eye dear GG.

Wolf mentality. Lol.. they're like cayotes, let me laugh at that.

You definitely observe as I do.

In fact they can only have the strength if by numbers they draw.

Best you do, is to tell them in front of their face. I do.

Don't let them win. It's not them against you or me or anyone who's not with them. It's them against their own stupidity. That's what I think.

Take care my dear.

Just like what Pro says, I second that. The world can learn so much from you.

You right

I'm 71 yo and this is nto the country I grew up in!!

Very sad

Proficiency, you are a woman of wisdom. .. and have always been a lovely person. thanks hug I read you recent blog and know you are cooking for your family, and I hope the meal works out well.
thumbs up hug
NamVet thanks for reply, sadly you are right, not everything that has changed has been for the better. Anyone who thinks that we have evolved into a nicer society, is wearing blinkers. Take care and thanks again.hug
don't reall agree I think you have to have a thick skin to be on here me I just cooment where I wants what anyone thinks matters little I sleep well but wolfpack and talk like is easy when your riled up just go easy and don't take to heart :
Hello JJ I am ok, fine thanks. I didnot write this in anger.... last night I was bullied, I wont, don't take bullying. That is not a negative things. There are things on this blog that are wrong, and need to be outed.

If everyone was afraid, wanted to keep peace at all cost.. people would get away with murder.
There has to be somebody to tackle it. I personally don't take bullying.

Hope you had a good walk today despite the rain. cool
yeah I did indeeddeey do keep an eye out for mad ones and go the othere way ha ha do feel threathened have a nice nipeacefull night
JJ am doing, in between answering a few blogs. It lashed heavy here all day, I got out though with a friend and we walked a good bit. I cooked Fillet steak, lots of veggies, and some potato cakes... it was nice for a change.

Am thinking of getting wooden floors, maybe you'd have a think of who would do it , I am wary to trust after the kitchen fella who went off with the money.....laugh Wasn't funny then... but a learning experience. doh
A woman's time of the month is a natural body function...I really don't understand the offense. That's why someone posted we don't need to be embarrassed ...it's 2017 and not the dark past when a woman was taught to be ashamed and it was called the curse. Perhaps it got a little graphic...don't care for that either but all in all I think it was meant to be lighthearted.

There are blogs here that can be somewhat s*x*ally graphic and have crude comments and jokes which I just don't participate in. I don't try to have the blog deleted though.

You are right that it would be boring if we all agreed! But I don't think we should take it upon ourselves to tell others what they can and cannot blog about. We'd all be tiptoeing on ice.

No one should have insulted u, unfortunately it's common on social forums or online communities when an argument erupts. That's when we should say "exit stage right!"

Regarding leaving. Stay if that's what you really want to do, don't let anyone stop you from that. I haven't been in here as much..it's not as engaging as it was (a lot of people have moved on.) It'd be great to have it grow again!

wave conversing cheers teddybear
Ms goldengloss, Freedom of speech is being annihilated by the leftist. I recently read that the University of Berkley in California. refused to have guest speakers who were from the right (conservative) stance. Ironically, this institution was the force back in the 60's concerning freedom of speech. Not being here a long time, I've seen the same type of behaviorisms where an opposing view is chastised and the ad hominem speech/emoticons begins to flow. It's an interesting phenomenon that the leftist can't argue their case because they believe that there is no other possible viewpont, but their own. Very few know how to debate a situation here without it affecting their alter ego. I enjoy your level of knowledge, so don't let them win.
Seaworthy, Thanks for your imput. I agree with you regarding the thinking ways of the left.
I was here blogging some years ago, Infact I felt safe to blog alot... alot of those people have left now and are on my facebook blog, or email me regularly, and some come to visit.

What has changed, I believe [without sounding like a broken record] that , cliques have formed, or as I said Wolf pack mentality, which, has been laughed at and demeaned....

I have seen Blogs about God , or religion where these same people who say Stay off if you don't like the blog' are the very ones who come on to the religious or political blog they disagree with and its usually the one about God existing, that reallly sets them off, so dont do what I do, do what I say.

I have said it all on the Blogs. I do think there is a time to get out though... Thanks so much for your kind words and you make alot of sense.
Calmheartseeks Thanks for replyiing. I can remember distinctly what I wrote, I didnot do as you said , I didnot tell anyone they couldnot or shouldnot put up graphic blood and periods stuff, but it is my right as blogger responding to a blog, to have said I found it upsetting, I still do.
The blogger apologized and it was over... until the insults started.

My point has been made above. I t hank you for replying and coming on. I hate all this, I get no joy from it. No feeling of being right or wrong. I just dont take bullying or being insulted by certan cliques, call them what you like.
This has all happened before, one person in particular has been sent off the blogs for her rudeness and crudeness, I think when it omed to this. it is time to go. I have alot of the old crowd who married and left on my facebook and I write to some. They were a nice crowd.. thing s have changed here and perhaps new blood would be better. Take care and thanks again.
what bothers me is what are they telling the kids in university. I saw some place where most professors take the leftist view on teaching.
As it happens I put a post on Facebook tonight about politics working like moonlight to turn normal people into fang-growing throat-tearing werevoters laugh

Partly we can say online what we maybe can't say face to face. Blogging and commenting is a way of letting off steam and sometimes others get scalded by what we say. It often isn't intended, we were saying what we thought, someone else takes it personally and the next thing you know, offence has been taken, hot words are exchanged, and battle lines are being drawn.

CS has become a little toxic, yes. It has before. It will again. In between toxic times it's good. Even now there's nearly always someone fun to talk to or banter with or exchange opinions (carefully!) with.


I may need to retire Biff, though, and create a new profile. There are now so many people who won't talk to me or acknowledge my existence that it's becoming tiresome. sigh

Mr stringman, Your very observant. The professors seem to be the major agitators, but the conservatives are good they video tape the disruption. I've seen several professors quit/fired for their outlandish behavior.
Whats the point in blogs if you disagree with another persons blog, that's the whole point of blogging, get your own point of view across,........................head banger
Mr.Stringman Thanks for reply. I love your posts. I was watching the one about the Nuclear threat just now and how no T.V or media is taking the story up, more interested in celebs and other superficial things... in case they are accused of scaremongering. Thanks so much for your replying, it meant alot to me as I respect your blogs. information.
Elegs thanks for your lovely reply ~ I have a blogsite political and some paintings, come animal welfare work and stuff I do,he politics is another thing. I do think political correctness has gone crazy, particularly the left side.

I agree, However I was very mannerly, I felt ,and I know others dont agree but this is not about that, I said I found it lacking in decorum, didnot use that word, but I felt talking about heavy period, blood etc., [it wass 2nd such blog] was not appropriate for mixed blog... I said it nicely to the person, as they are sensitive, if sometimes attention seeking,, but I like the person. she duly apologized, no problem.... and then the Coyotes arrived to insult...

I honestly think the blogs would be very dull if we stayed off everyone we didnot like or agree with, it would be a yes sir no sir three bags full sir type of blog....

I think you should stay just who you are, you come across well, and seem happy enough. I try to be honest, and am tolerant. I am amazed at how these tolerant lefties jump the blog and take over Mutiny reigns if God is mentioned... there' no ignoring then, do as Is say not as I do, and the slagging and ranting and bullying begins. Just saying Elegs, its gotta stop coz the blogs are going downhill. I am not Theresa of Calcutta, Just an ordinary woman on the blogs, single, who has a mind of her own, tries to respect others but am not taking bullying.

Take care, totally agree with you about the demise of books for kids. I am a keen reader and have been since a child. I had books as a young child that i kept reading over and over, probablly read 3 books per week.

Thanks again Biff.wine drinking
thank you goldengloss I enjoy your blogs too. it is funny they are all hush hush about it.handshake
Scotty Yep,, thanks for reply . I agree, if we cannot disagree about some things, or if we find something not tasteful , and we say it in a nice way, and the person who is writing the blogs says sorry and thats the end of it why do the Wolf pack women have to come in and attack, insult ? this is what the post is about Scotty.

You were on the Sweet Almond Blog and you knew it was an attack on me, so I guess its time I went to bed. Dissalusioned with the blogs, ~ sigh Thanks for replying.
I stay out of op's blogs when its hammers and tongs with two other people, and be a bit cheeky,............. Down to you guys to argue it out, get attacked on mine and I attack back, or if someones blog is clearly talking shit, then I have my say, f*ck em, night GG, all be better in the morning,...................hug sleep
GG, you're one of the most mature, experienced and a brilliant orator. We learn a lot from you.

These bullies who operate in group, are to be exact the evil doers and a black mark in a society that knows no manners.

They were not taught the art of right conduct.

They mostly write and talk about non essentials in life and do nothing but critiquing others just because they are misfits. Of course, like you, I don't ignore any of them. I challenge them faced up.

This world need people like you. To create balance in this bully infested world.

Stay and write a lot about your broad and very rich experience GG. I'm your number one student.
Sorry GG you feel you cannot speak---I do and can when i feel justified. If the pack grin bloggers think I am out of order they gather around, but next day in the main it is over.

If life----and the blogs were all nicey nicey oh well i could sit in my knitting group.

Sorry GG blogs forum poetry, has ever been different opinions which at times gets heated thick skin is needed and fight your corner girl---if the kitchen gets too hot take a break and come back when you see the scuffles is over. hug
Well, GG, it is a worry. Traditionally, examples of such seemed to come from the right, as almost a century ago, in Italy, Germany and Spain. Not to mention our own Senator McCarthy. But these times sadly seem to show it sneaking up on us from a different quarter. I see it everywhere, but for me it's most striking in schools and higher education. When I visit the twin girls at University, the PC climate is thick and heavy----almost intrusive in fact. Yes, the more things change..... Aa.
Thanks Redex, Lindsay , thanks for your kind response, and Altar, yes being politically correct is the new world order and it sucks. It is a form of fascism in disguise. Even in the best of universities, colleges, people are afraid to speak their mind, or air their religious beliefs for fear of anger.

Lindsay bad manners seems endemic, with little or no self awareness, sometimes I get so embarrassed by the actions and manners and conversations of so called women, I will stand by that. Regardless.
Scotty ~ thanks for replying again. You misunderstood me. I never expect somebody to come in and fight my so called 'battles' when people are rude or attack me. That would be Wolf packing, which I detest.

You are right not to get involved, why should you ? Another stint in jail ? non merci.
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