When the Hairdresser does your hair, and you end up Grey !

Not a mindblowing blog ~ I had an early appointment today at Hairdressers, one of our better ones locally.
I usually cover the greys myself with a Nice n Easy box colour that does the job for about 7euro, I do a good
job, and it is a warm blonde.

Yesterday, I made an appointment for Colour and Cut, to treat myself. I was there at cockcrow this morning, and the woman was wielding her scissors with abandon. [My gut said 'run like the wind'] but once ensconced in the damn chair, I felt like a prisoner.

'Just an inch off the end, and a bit off the fringe' , a creature of habit, So she looks like a Cat who got the cream and asks me that question that all hairdressers seem to have to ask 'When are ya going on your holidays?'
I reply I cannot afford to. Next comes 'Have ya a fella, a husband?' and so on.....

Well, the hair is cut, and I know by the way she is holding scissors that she isnot the senior stylist I asked for,
and she cuts about 5 inches off. It will take about 6 weeks to grow back.

Over to the 'Colouring section ~ Colour looks too dark, 'It will wash out a lovely Ash blonde' the nubile young thing assures me.

When all is finished, my hair is STEEL GREY. Merde ! Who can wear that colour? I looked better before going in, the cut is awful.

I hand over my 75euro, plus de rigeur Tip to the Stylist and the little trainee who washed the hair.

I have never felt so ugly, Steel Grey suits nobody. I come home and what do I see in the Bathroom? yep, my Nice n Easy Golden Blonde. Has anyone here had a similar experience ? This is the 2nd time I have come out with a pretty shitty colour in my hair, I never get it wrong at home. And, I was to meet a nice guy from Galway at the weekend from C.S. very mad grin I can hear a few bloggers gloating, rolling on the floor laughing

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wow thankyou madam I do my hair steel grey as you know, I comb it in so it is blended in and certainly looks better than whitewow

Haidressers are famouse for thier scissors running away with them, but I always colour myself. Steel Grey rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Redex, Sorry ! I didnot know you coloured your hair yourself, I thought, you used a sort of Roux rinse ? because it is gorgeous, I have always commented on the cut, the colour really suits you.
This is a darker really Thunder Grey I should have called it, it is a flat, horrible not brown, not blonde, not brunetter, a very dark thunderstorm sky colour with a tinge of blue.

Anyway, I will have to live with it, I can get a Shampoo, I think it is called 'Wash out' it takes colour out if you make a mistake , and alot of people would swap my problem, it'snot the end of the world but I always seem to end up with an awful Cut when I go to Hairdressers.

I always colour my own hair, at 7euro it's fine, I only do roots and use 2 mirrors and a brush to do the roots .

My hair is fine, but grows quickly. It's not the end of the world. Raining here again.... but going out later with a friend to Enniskerry which is a really nice part of South Dublin, old, and lots of hill type streets for walking, and forest. Wearing Caterpillar boots !!laugh Don't laugh ! Thanks for replying.
Your complexion is beautifully enhanced by it Red.Suits you,the pastels.

I agree that is a lot of money..I'd get a re-do,free,asap.The color has to
match makeup,clothes and preferences.

GG-it is possible to bring a picture of before but get the owner to fix it.thumbs up
Ashlander, Thanks, they make a huge deal of it. I would honestly rather not mess with my scalp and hair, it is so fine anyway. It just is abit maddening that you pay alot of money, and business here is starting to pick up now so you have queues of people who have booked for hair.
I usually cut my own using mirrors, with a proper scissors, ditto the colour. These unfortunate 'cheap labour' trainees are not taught properly and haven't a clue.

I would just go elsewhere , or else, do it myself. wave
I agree Redex, the colour is lovely on you with your skin colouring.
My mama said "God gave you the colors that match." Meaning your hair matches your eyes and skin tone.

A lot of young ladies are getting their hair colored white now, bright snowy white. I've thought about it. But that thunderstorm bluish gray? That stylist obviously pulled the wrong tube of color. You should go get your money back from the owner of the salon. Take pictures of your hair in case you fix the color in the meantime.

I lost all my hair to chemo and it's growing back very slowly. I decided not to color it anymore rather to embrace my gray hair. Even though I'm still going to chemo my hair doesn't seem to be falling out now?

But I sure can relate to having a novice take scissors to my hair. In January 2013 I asked to have my thigh length hair cut to my bra strap. So that is close to the center of my back. I ended up with should length hair! Then the color she put in she didn't rinse out completely and it was all over my back, my cami, my neck....
is a good bit for a haircut ...me just a few times a year 7 euro I gives a tenner ..thought I was been generous ..I suppose women have to be minding it fairy liquid is best lemon keeps the colour in it
Tragic, GG. Devastating. But how about when the urologist gets carried away doing your yearly exam, and your girlfriend of many years abruptly jumps ship for the young Italian gardener? Grateful, nevertheless. ;--)) Aa.
Altar ~ Not exactly tragic, laugh Yes, gynaecologists have been known to have their head elsewhere [pardon the pun] and urologists , they all make mistakes ! I love your story.rolling on the floor laughing
Don't take myself too seriously, it will wash out as the base colour my own is pretty light. frustrated
It's my pocket that feels the pain.... for a job badly done. rollers troll
JJ Life is so much easier for a man, [besides the shaving each day ] , As I said, I cut my own and am not bad at it. Colouring it too, so I don't spend money on it when I can do a better job myself... will know next time.

Going back to complain and listen to all the excuses 'Are you on medication ?' and usual jargon, is too stressful, not worth it. Put it down to experience, The girl hadnot a clue, mixed the wrong colours. uh oh
Saddestrangel thanks for replying. So sorry to hear you are on chemo. The weather over there is very hot too at the moment, so hope you are resting and staying in the shade.

I am glad to hear your hair is growing back, It can grow back curly or a different colour as you know, and if your oncologist allows you to take Biotin, Zinc or a supplement for hair growth and improvement, there are some v good ones on the market.

I would let your hair grow out naturally, and avoid toxins and chemicals getting in through the skin. As you say our eyes and skin gets lighter as we age. The grey/White will look nice with a light golden Californian Tan.

I hope you are eating well and looking after yourself, that is your priority now. I havenot seen you on the blogs before, but it is lovely to see a new face, and I really wish you well in your treatment, recovery, and I hope you get in touch again.

Take care of yourself.... Grey is sexy, look at Helen Mirren and all those Movie stars that have embraced their Grey, it is low maintenance too. My skin just doesnot suit it.

Well, GG, concerning urologists and yearly attack- from- behind prostate exams, a fellow really knows he's at the wrong doctor's office, when during the examination, he has a broad smile and both hands on your shoulders. Aa.
Hey, GG, are you now not going to meet him? I do feel for you, my hairdresser cuts well but tries to do a real old-lady finish with Nice Curls. The first two times I crawled home wondering if I should buy a zimmer frame, then I said if I wanted a granny look I would ask for one and if she couldn't give me a contemporary blow-dry I would leave with wet hair, thanks anyway. Sorted since then.

I coloured my hair twice, eSalon stuff (I think the blend to match was red-blonde-pearl laugh) but then decided I would rather the colour carried on fading naturally than live with the damage it was doing - super-fine red-blonde-pearl straw was very nearly completely unmanageable. roll eyes Back to normal now, my current pic is less than a month old.

I do think you should go back and complain. Thunder grey sounds quite a hard colour so whether they misunderstood you or not, they should know soft colours are better for mature skin. You do risk damage trying to fix it yourself, they have to sort it, and sort it properly.
Or go back to what you did yourself. I used your brand until I went bright red for four years. Certainly had to wait until that grew out. White whiter then white was my new Natural colourfrustrated could not stand it so used a different make, and of steel grey, but comb it through rather than whole head and for me that is works. It last three times as my hair is short so worth the money.

I hate going for hair cut as I have to wait at least a couple of weeks before it is okay, that is only time I RISK laugh hairdresser, dry cut too. I have other things to spend my money on then hairdressers.cheering cheering cheering
Hiya Goldie. I hate when this happens and I can imagine your disappointment and frustration. frustrated

Once it happened to me when I went to an Italian hairdresser - nice good looking guy btw! - but he also used the wrong colour - what he thought suited me! -but not what I liked. It also cost me a lot and I never went back to him!
I had to go somewhere else to take the colour out completely!

I´ve been going since to a hairdresser academy - where there are trainees. It´s cheaper and I´m very happy with their work.
I like to keep my original colour - which is Scandinavian blond - and I only have the roots done about every 4 months.
I also have a few highlights of darker blond which makes it look more natural. All this for 35 euros. - including blow dry and a few curls and sometimes maybe a braid.

They never cut more than the ends - when I ask for it and they keep complimenting to the length and the strength of my hair.

You should definitely ask for your money back!
So far GG, I've never spent money on my hair other than shampoo but now some whites are showing up and I manage to pull some out.

My daughter who's a beautician, she went to school and licensed, advises me to have her die it, but never done it before.

I just might get ready to have it done.

My natural color is black but not very dark, summer us more like dark brown.
Elegs Your hair is very thick looking in the photo,and reddish pigment as you well know , is very slow to grey, so keep your own colour, I used to say 'don't give me that 'safe,married woman look' I know exactly what you mean, its an untouchable look, you look like you have just stepped out from the hairdressers.... you are right to stop the colour. rollers Straight looks well on you !
Lindsy ~ A few white hairs !!!????roll eyes If only... you are from that race that have beautiful flawless skin that ages well, and lovely black hair that is very slow to go grey/white, so enjoy . It's DNA and you look much younger than your age. When you have a head of white/grey hair and it has thinned by 50% since menopause, then you have hair problems. Celebrate your heritage ! My mother is 87 and has thick dark [very little grey] hair, but I take after the other side, who all had fine hair and greyed in my 40s.sigh hence the Box of colour.
Daniela your hair is your crowning glory. You have a great head of hair, I think the sun helps, as well as your constitution. That s a great price for a hair cut. When you have a tan, [speaking personally] I find that having white/blondish hair, looks ok, but with our weather, you can look washed out and very old with grey hair.

The lowlights are great in thick hair and give it a very natural look. thumbs up
Redex, My hair is nearly totally white, rather than grey, but like you say, I've been using the Nice n Easy box of golden blonde and it worked fine... it was just a treat.

Lesson learnt. If it starts to look a weird Red, i will let it go white.troll rollers
Elegs Sorry ! I am only meeting the man for an hour, that's all I ever do, To have a drink or coffee, a Date on the first one, can be disastrous if there's no chemistry, or worse still, if he just doesnot get you and you are left tiring yourself out trying to keep a conversation going.... past that phase.

Having said all that, there is that part of me that is meeting next week, Thurs or Friday instead, as I will have a chance to give the hair a few shampoos and the hair will have lost alot of it's colour.

Men don't have these worries, they go bald and they look fine, they go grey and it enhances their looks....
they get pot bellies and they don't worry, it's accepted. They arenot worried, so much for Marlyn French, Germaine Greer, Amelia Paglia etc., and 'Fat is a feminist issue ' grin wine
JJ I keep telling you , despite strides made, it's still a mans world. A haircut for 7euro ! you could get one of those cutters my x used, and do it yourself, you'd be fine. thumbs up
Sorry GGlaugh

That's why I don't like anyone playing on my messy hair. I prefer it naturally messy, suits me just finedancing
Crazyheart You have that type of hair that doesnot need a hairdresser, as you get older your hair can get thinner, like mine, from illness and Now and again I have to go and get a good few inches off. they really made a messrolling on the floor laughing
Restoring nearly original hair color, with a little patrician grey remaining, and not using those toxic chemicls, as at the beauty shoppes, is possible. I find that some salts of lead (acetate works for me), in diluted form, applied directly and rubbed or brushed in, once or twice weekly, till desired effect is seen, ...and the ladies can't stay away. There are such commercial products, I'm told. My high school chemistry teaching days come in handy now and again. Aa.

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