Dear Mods.. (following a blog trend).. :)

I know that this is a free dating site and I also know that you owe any of your members nothing, but since I cannot put up a photo on my profile, so I just have to post my very recent photos (taken June 9th) here on my blog.. grin

I know some got tired of my silly blogs.. sick of my silly photos.. but that's all the fun I mostly like doing in here as I have already many issues at the office to think about. roll eyes

So can you just forgive me for being the only one silly member of yours?
Hey.. at least I am not evil.. I don't hate anybody.. and never promote hate.. teddy
And oh.. one more thing.. you know I always deleted my silly blogs. grin
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Think I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and write a 'Dear Mods' blog too! giggle giggle giggle
Mimi, if you did, you'd make it a No Comment blog mumbling laugh

That's because I'm only interested in my own opinion! snooty snooty snooty

Obviously snooty snooty snooty

rolling on the floor laughing
Lovely photos. I had a similar problem with my profile details. I also had a problem trying to update my profile pic, and to change my age, as I had been in a relationship for some years, and my profile was still there so I put it back up but wanted to change my age.... and couldnot.

Eventually an American lady, wrote and told me how to do it , as I amnot tech. savvy , but I like to be honest.
Good luck with your photos. thumbs up bouquet

happy photos, hope you'll get to put up your pics soon.cheers
your pics are grand and im sure your a lovely person but people saying they cant put up pics is to me a lame duck excuse is simple im bad at these things and can do professor
Lovely pics Kal. thumbs up

I´m also thinking of writing to the mods?
I don´t know what about yet? I´ll have to think of something to complain about? hmmm
A special respond to johnjjm's comment

That was taken few minutes ago. wink

And I never know which photos of mine that broke the rule. dunno

Maybe if you so desire you could write a letter to them asking what your violations are, I'm sure they would respond.
Come on.. jump on the bandwagon now or it will be too late and you won't have the chance to do so. giggle

I am too sometimes only interested in my own opinion. laugh

Thank you.. flower

Ppssstt! Don't think about what to write to the Mods for too long, ok! grin
Not straight to the point, I know, but I am writing one. wink
Well i am sorry Kal as i like your photos, keep em coming, i can not give you any suggestions unless your not you and they think you are fake for whatever reason moping wave wave
Thanks Redex hug
Hmm.. yeah, maybe I am not me.. maybe I am fake.
So who am I? I don't know grin
all i know about you your a lovely person cheering cheering teddybear
People with very high I.Qs are very often not computer literate, and visa versa. I have found certain things impossible to do. I couldnot genuinely change my photo and It frustrated me, I like to keep mine up to date, and also as I said, other things... some people have been 30 for years, and have the same photo. I guess that's their business. laugh
Kal. That's the exact same message that I got. I havenot got young children who are so computer savvy that they can fix any problem. Best of luck anyway !comfort
laugh laugh Kalp well since you are one trendy girl, only right you go a long with the latest thing wave
Thanks for the compliment. You are a lovely person yourself.
Just come back to Blogland again when you have taken enough break, will you? teddybear

Some technical difficulties can just be fixed by the "authority".
Thank you, hope someday I can be back to a non-faceless woman. grin

Being trendy keeps us young, so I heard. giggle

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