Life is full of expectations and disappointments, hopes and despair. It is said life takes a new turn for men and a women after their wedding. The newlyweds feel the sun shines for them; the stars in the sky are for them to reach out and touch. The only thing amongst them is love and admiration for each other. Life seems to be like a bed of roses, then kids come along and responsibilities are increased, which the new parents shoulder more than readily. Over the course of time, somewhere along the line, love evaporates between the parents and is sought by their kids, who reciprocate it fully.

The lives of parents revolve around the their children; teaching them the ways of life, inculcating morals and values, and then one fine day they grow up to be a fine human. By this time, parents are on the threshold of their old age. They expect the children to serve and make them an important part of their life, which creates problems.

Why do parents feel the need to dictate terms? Bringing up kids is the most joyful experience. Is it so that we wish to be compensated for the time spent in bringing them up?

Once the child is an adult it has its own mind. Who are parents to interfere? The basic values that were inculcated in them as a child, by parents, help them in a long way. Why judge them? Let them explore life on their own. Don't decide for them; be a part of their decision and not the part of their discussion.

As Geeta says:
"Until age 5, the child is the whole sole responsibility of mother.From 5 to 10, values are inculcated. From 10 to 15, watch over them with an eagle eye. 15 onwards, let go of them. They shall prove to be a better human than what we think them to be ."

by VKK - India
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I can say for myself that my sons have their own lives without interference from me. I taught them both to have good values. Once they are grown you can make the good or bad, they make their own decisions. I don't judge them although I may not agree with their decisions. It has been my job to pick up the pieces for them. One in particular is my beautiful granddaughter. grin
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