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How Was Your Date? Internet dating is now the most popular way for people to meet. Makes sense in a busy world where people don’t have the time to join an endless amount of activities in the hopes of meeting someone. But the one thing these daters need to do is take just a few moments to check out who they are about to have an intimate meeting with! Most online dating services, including the most popular ones, do absolutely no background checks on members of any kind other than making sure of their credit card authorization! Anyone can join, including, convicted murderers, married people, deadbeat parents, burglars, sex offenders, embezzlers, thieves, repetitive drunk drivers, liars, and scam artists, to name a few. The Internet is a playground for many of these perpetrators. When people are lonely, they make mistakes. Janelle Armstrong was surprised when her dinner date was interrupted by a woman crying, ‘How could you,’ with two children calling him ‘daddy!’ After spending six weeks chatting and emailing with a new beau, Lucille Hudson, a young lawyer, was certain she had met the man of her dreams. He was intelligent, cordial, challenging, romantic, and everything she had hoped for. There were no ‘signs.’ He finally agreed to meet her at a local restaurant. When Lucille arrived she was greeted by a group of howling adolescent males. Seems the love of her life was a fifteen year-old boy out for kicks. Her humiliation and embarrassment have lingered and she has not dated for a year since the incident. While these cases are not life threatening, many are not so benign. Kacie Rene Woody, of Conway, Arkansas, met the San Diego, California, man who killed her, on the Internet. Her body, along with the body of David Fuller, was found in a van at a storage garage in Arkansas, both suffering from gunshot wounds. Police suspect that the girl had been sexually assaulted. Take just a few moments and check out your potential Mr. Right or Ms. Right before you meet. Otherwise, you could end up with Mr. or Ms. Very Wrong!
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Michael, this is sound advice. It just burns me up to know that [email protected]!holes are humiliating people who are just trying to find happiness.Where is the compassion? However, don't let them take away you joy! There are free websites where you can run background checks on anybody. Zabasearch dot com and criminalsearches dot com offer checks free of charge and can also check the maritial status as well. Don't let these fools win. But do be careful.wave
Thank you both for the sound information. It only pays to be safe. peace
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