Doing good, for my God and my fellow man

I was raised with the Ten Commandments. I honor and love it.

I was also raised to believe that doing good is socially and Godly beneficial for all.

On top of that the Golden Rule is very good for all whether you believe in God or not.

And life is beautiful.

Thanks all for your reads and comments if

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I've heard many a times that in the old and barbaric world, in fact as latest as the last 100 years, there were tribes in the Philippines that killed other human beings and brought the head of their kill to the head of the tribe to be rewarded.
They were called head hunters. Was it for survival? Was it because of ignorance? Or is it in our nature to just kill.

I'd like to over rule survival because there's no shortage of bounty everywhere for everyone.
Hi Lindsay, I do think Greed, Power, Ego, a disregard for 3rd world countries. The addiction to 'Stuff' buying so many cars, clothes that we donot need, bigger houses.
Materialism is the new God. We carenot where it was made, [even Designer handbags are made by slave labour] very low wages, and often underage.
Michael Jacksons song...Man in the Mirror.

I'm starting with the man in the mirror [sorry cannot upload] is what it is all about. I have to start with ME, what am I contributing to poverty ? what am I contributing in my spare time towards social justice, even helping out in a Thrift Store for the poor, a few hours per week, it all makes a difference.

Take care,


cool 28c in Dublin, just in , that for us is HOT. it is also humid. but it is nice to see the flowers all come out.
OK so here's my point, so many think (only on CS) that I am not a good person, because what I post and write are hurting a lot of people specially most of the muslim members.

Yet I never violate any of the rules I believe in, nor do I intend to single out any group of people accusing them of bad other than the terrorists and those that impose their ways on me. I write what's happening, I share my opinions relative to these events. I'm no different than what's being exposed, discussed and dissected out there, in televisions, radio or newspapers.

Why would we silence ourselves specially me when I believe that the more we talk about, argue and present our opinions depending on our individual views, the more we can find a solution if there's any.

If anything it's like plain knowing what's happening out there is to our advantage.
Thanks GG, I think our mentality nowadays in general is the more we have, the better off we are. Never mind that 76 percent of the world is starving and live in abject poverty.

Meanwhile just for lack of proper education, many are conned to believe that blowing up and killing others get rewarded in their freaking God.

Golden Rules should be bombarded to these people, if only to find peace and love.

Never mind love, but peace and Co existence.
Stringman ! You are a pet. Thanks so much. I still cannot upload, tried last night to post this and couldnot.
I think the words are fantastic,

an in the Mirror , yet another attempt to post a utube
Sorry Lindsay, I failed , just testing to try and post a utube...frustrated
lindsy I descend from family who believed in the Ten Commandments and were of the Catholic faith which has nothing to do with being a good person one just chooses to be a good person.It is how one is raised with good morals etc.
up load video from youtube

Add to Share More. you will see this at the bottom of the clip. press share button, it will turn blue, right click and you will see a window with copy and paste. press copy. then come to this sight in the comment page and then right click to bring up window you will see paste. press that and the video link will show and the clip should play when it is click on. this is the easy way .
Miss Jones

I was raised with the 10 commandments too but found myself being guilty of 1 or 2...
I wonder if I remember all 10 dunno
That means I need to seek the words of Moses once more. Don't worry too much about it though, no one is perfect and sometimes one job gets in between so many things including being misunderstood.wink wink
Pro, I just know one when I see and hear one. You're absolutely a person that does what's good for humanity, it shines in your words.
Thanks all for your participation wave
CC, indeed, to choose to do good is noble. hug
GG, our conviction to do good, precedes being good to ourselves.

You're a shining example of knowing and applying what's good.
SR....true. Even if one is not religious, doing good only benefits all. thumbs up

this is what they believe.
Johnny exactly. There's many atheists and agnostics that I know and yes do more good than anybody I know.
Ms lindsyjones, Unfortunately, according to your religion, the good deeds your atheist and agnostic friends support will still leave them short of obtaining the beatific vision. So, all for not I guess.
Idolatry for the Ten Commandments, LJ, was displayed in several prominent places in our church. A few such wall art displays were easily in sight while HS men were repeatedly abusing many of us. Corrupt Bishops tended never to call in detectives, but as in the film "Spotlight", just relocated these deranged perverts to distant parishes, often to repeat their HS compulsions. True stories, sadly. Many wounded for life. Many don't survive. Clericalism, one of the real problems, rarely discussed. Aa.
I'm leaning on being a believer without condemning others. I leave it to my God to do the judging.
If it suits others to believe or not, it certainly is their choice. As long as it doesn't harm or injure me and the rest of the world, I couldn't complain.

It is very well expressed in all my writings and comments as well that I abhor the used of force in order to believe. The Muslim invasions per history documents prove and confirm that the Islamic invasions since 300 AD, were all in the name of their God. Leaving a devastated vanquished land and turned it all to Muslim. Note : not a single Muslim in Middle East until after 300, AD.
So, let me see if I got this right. Everything that Christians believe is correct, and everything that Muslims believe is wrong. confused

Muslims wont get 72 virgins when they die but Christians will have supper with god after they die.

Makes perfect sense........NOT
Lindsay thanks for kind words. Stringman, Many thanks for the information on uploading. Much appreciated.

I think, it is necessary here to say a few things. Islam, shares the same old Testament, which includes the Ten Commandments. They revere Moses, Abraham, Jesus etc., as being great, and wise prophets of God.

So, in believing in these commandments , they would naturally, stick by them...?
Ditto for judaism, Roman Catholic faith.

Altar ~ I know and respect where you are coming from and I was one of those little girls... but, where you have power, and money, and Human nature, you have sinful people. Fact.

The covering up, moving of priests to another parish, the horrific way in which those abused were treated, it Satanic [in my view ] but doesnot undo the good of the 10 Commandments, in fact it is the opposite.

For me, A God does exist, and I prefer goodness from Evil. I try as far as humanely possible to be a good person. Not to do harm. I fail sometimes.. I am human.

I think Lindsay you are a brave woman to mention God on here, it illicits anger every time.

Take care,

Lindsay, My apologies, , I did as Stringman advised] to try and put up that song with a very good accompanying video, I did all he said and it didnot go as planned. i am sorry for using your post as a ' Testing ground for my uploading try out ] which didnot work properly.

Sorry again.

GGconfused frustrated

i could see your clip.
I would just like to say...

We could do with a lot more linsyjoneses in this world.

Ala, thanks and perhaps we have to truly appreciate life as is in spite of all the chaos and struggles.

Thanks Alan.

Have a nice Friday.
GG, it is not right to deprive others on expressing what they believe in.

By humility I submit my respect and adoration to my God. In reality what we do are all personal and yet for the same token, that choice is good for me as long as it doesn't hurt others.

I will not ever deny my commitment to raise all my children as well as grandchildren to believe. Should they choose to do otherwise, I wouldn't force them nor anyone. Somehow if it serves their purpose well, meaning it doesn't hurt them nor others, it's alright with me.

Thanks as always GG.hug
Lindsay , Agree, Jesus didnot go running after people to make them become one of his followers. He preached humility, peace, generosity, love one another.. he kept saying that. It is those who killed over the years etc., that used his name , to do these things.
Roman Church misused power, same with alot of other churchs and religions.

I want to live in a peaceful world where children are safe to play, without being bombed, or abused.

Where money is not the new religion, and where communities thrive on people, not on things, and stuff.

Take care,

If only our world is not divided because if religion and or values, I mean the application of the Golden Rule, observed, practiced and all live by it. It'd be a wonderful world GG.

How can we not see the tremendous benefit this do to all humans GG, beats the hell out of me.

I guess we just have to do our best to be good with everyone. But not to condone these evil acts.
My friend. Don't be concerned about those who do not "like" you because there are plenty of us that do like you.

Even if you were not God fearing you would still be my friend!!

The Old Testament clearly states that believers must kill unbelievers and that's what has been going on for centuries. The New Testament says to love your neighbor and forgive. That is God's new covenant for the Jews and the Gentiles.

Some people still follow the Old Testament for one and for some they have accepted satan as their leader!
Ed my friend thanks. There are many parts of the Old Testament that's not good and I don't adhere to those. Specially if it's to kill non believers.
The 10 commandments are different. Anyways I believe in God, and I will respect those that do not as long as they don't hurt me or anyone.

Thanks Ed.wave
You are true and right, the only way to live peacefully and long is depend upon, you are God fearing, I appreciate your wording. applause
Welcome to the blog, my first time to see you.

I appreciate your comments. wave
Remember the Old Testament and the 10 Commandments were written for the Israelites. That is no to say they are not to be followed by today's Christians. There are many reasons for Old Testament to call for the killing of the wicked but remember they were under the Law! (Of Moses as it were) (Hence the Mosaic Law) Although Christ did not do away with the law, his sacrifice fulfilled a vast amount of the law. I would rather live by faith than under the law of the old testament.
While there are so many laws from the old testament that don't serve well in our time there are many that still works good for the Christian religion.
Ie, Leviticus provisions are not acceptable and or practical to have it observed or applied today.
I go by what serves everyone well.
hi Lindsy,

nice to meet someone from fellow tribe...

I am in Christ too.

God bless you
My pleasure Jig.

Nice to meet you and may our Lord Bless you. bouquet
Yes very good Question here , whats fellow ,,,earthlings

and yes i do believe about yr golden rule here applies to not 1 but all if that is what you mean here ?

Most of the human race are just lovers of money ... And not GOD I ..

Money is the root of ALL EVIL ...If one is a lover of it.

Nothing wrong with having lots of money , but rather its really what you do with it MILLIONS and even BILLIONS
is no good for one greedy lot , just turns them into self Rightious pigs

Evil people that are lovers of money will not inherit the Kingdom of GOD wave
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