Doing good, for my God and my fellow man

I was raised with the Ten Commandments. I honor and love it.

I was also raised to believe that doing good is socially and Godly beneficial for all.

On top of that the Golden Rule is very good for all whether you believe in God or not.

And life is beautiful.

Thanks all for your reads and comments if

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Lol,. It was 74 yesterday and today at the same time it was 48, but no snow. laugh
It's raging fire in Southern California Wen. My aunt's house is gone...sad flower
LJ,. Oh no I hate to hear this. Will be praying for her and all in California.
I am real sorry to hear this. hug
It's quite a difficult time for most of the people who are affected.

Last month was here in the North bay.

Thanks for your prayer Wen.
In an ideal world, killing should only be for survival, isn't it?
You worship power and practice obedience to that. The rest is vanity.
Obs I don't worship power but there is a certain charisma to it.

I strive to be able to uphold the power of being good but in this world, it seems power is used primarily to oppress others.
Hi my friend Phyllis,

I like this blog! Lots of interesting thoughts here!

I try very hard to keep the 10 Commandments!
Thank you my friend. Somehow there are times when what we do is not that good no matter how hard we try.

The question of "does it pay to be good?" slaps us in the face. But I always try.wave
In my house. We were raised with only 2 rules. Be Good. Be Nice. Doesn't matter what others do around or to me. I always adhere to those rules. I'm the one who has to feel good about myself and how I treat others. That matters to me.
Very well done. You are a salt of this earth. Anything you do is good for you and everyone. If only all of us people can say and do just that. All the time. This world would be a very good place.wave
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