Self defence.

Is it time that we armed ourselves for protection due to the increasing number of terrorist attacks? Even if we carried a knife, it would enable some form of defence to help ward off characters who were a dangerous threat to ourselves and others in close proximity. By the time police or security forces arrive, much of the damage has been done. Without a weapon of some sort, we are always vulnerable to attack.

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I think without the proper training, people arming themselves might create a lot more problems than it solves. The way I see it, we need to stop the problem before it gets to our doorstep. There is no nice way of stopping the problem, without negatively impacting some poor people who just need a safe place to live.

You hear it every time there's a horrible attack, some amazing heroes step up and put themselves in great danger- often suffering terrible injuries- to prevent further harm to innocent people, when they could just have easily hidden under a table and looked after themselves.

Cowardly attackers will always have the element of surprise, because the low lifes have zero integrity and the rest of us just dont see the point of an indiscriminate attack.
Carry a sharpened pencil and stick it in their eye

You can't get done for carrying a weapon

But it is effective grin
I get your point molly. laugh
Pat8 - If someone is about to attack you, you don't think, well I can't do anything because I haven't had the training. Training is for wimps.
Well...hell YEAH, crown! cheers

I'm kinda partial to the next general of mini 9s.
Very good for concealed carry. can pack one of those li'l pea shooters in a swimsuit!

'Course, for one's main gun, one should never scold go with anything that doesn't start with '4'...
.40 S&W
.45 Colt Automatic
.44 mag

You shoot a want that sumbltch to STAY shot! very mad

I also favor Jihawg Ammo.
It's coated with a pig fat compound so you not only kill the terrorist [email protected] defile 'em & send 'em straight to hell. devil
"Put the Ham in MoHAMmed!" as their advertising slogan goes.
Search -

Jihawg Ammo

mic lee -- Completely agree with you. At last some sense.
Training might be for wimps, I see some smaller police women and I'll bet they've had some training. Without it, they'd just be introducing a weapon into the fight.

Remind us how many innocent people are shot in America each year? Get up in the night for a pee and be shot, mistaken for an intruder?

I'm all for taking the bad guys out the back and shooting them, but I'd prefer to keep the bad guys out of my country in the first place.
Society carrying weapons, a lot of thought should go into that one. Drug addicts, and alcoholic being prevalent everywhere don t need weapons, they re volatile enough. Would petty disputes be settled with weapons......
You mentioned weapons, knives would lead to guns, then bigger guns..... where would it end.
I do think something should be done, maybe more police and military personal being present, and that would put us in a military state, dunno
How about a better effort in not letting terrorists into the country,dunno These terrorists have their , religious beliefs, maybe ban certain religions from entering the country, yes I know theres religions of peace , tell that to the victims of the last terrorist attack.
But the idea of carrying weapons, I don t agree with, but I do agree with the idea of something being done.
More Americans are shot by toddlers with their parents' guns, than by terrorists.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it wine
Stupid man I shake my head in disbelieve--- this is a dating site so when i am asked for a date do i say " oh by the way have you a pea shooter"

How many went to help unharmed!!! in recant events not one as asked for a pea shooter.laugh

America is different they already have weapons of mass destruction so need more next they will each carry a nuclare weapon it all follows from said pea shooter.

1 to 1 thanks mr you give me hope that the world is not going pea shooter crazy hug
In self defense of my immune system, human behaviour is to smoke some Swedish cannabis in a pretentious way, whilst concocting theories about DuPont fluoridating the water supply.
Pat, you left out meeting the nephew with the octopus tentacles
Pat laugh laugh laugh yep you do lighten the load, is it the weed or you grin
tentacals molly I wanted one of those laugh laugh
yup The Aliens are coming,and my probing tool is ready devil
dedo pea shooter confused grin do you take vodka with it.
Part two...

While all this was happening, Molly and Redex were fighting over an octopus tentacle like 2 staffys with a piece of rope, which was only possible after they went to Amsterdam to get false teeth, whilst Pats eyes were hanging out of his head in a thick cloud of acrid dope smoke.
I'd offer Red the first choice of tentacle

But Only I know which the real tentacle is grin
I will munch grin on the left one if he squeals i will know i am in for a feast laugh laugh
Munch away, girl grin

I'll be out with Pat in a haze of smoke

I'll come back in for my prize afterwards wink
Part 3...

And following Dedo's experimentations with vodka, honey, and viagra- he got the role of Woody Woodpecker in the school play. It worked out easier to modify the costume.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing i have been without a tentacle sooooo long grin by the time you have wiffed the weed i will have sucked this tentacle to death rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
doh oops part 3 and on about peckers now grin so mmmmm where does pea shooters come into it peace
You raise a most excellent point, red! cheers

Right you are. This is a singles' site and y'all women should absolutely ask if your potential main squeeze packs heat!

I mean...
Y'all wanna get yerself an (armed) sheepdog. dancing dog love
And not an (unarmed) sheep. crazy snooty

That WAS the point you were making...right?


We have to be prepared laugh
i got the point for sure miclee now what about going back to pea shooter laugh laugh

Bloody long condom for long tentacle laugh laugh vodkar at the ready i will have a shot wow wow
Following the mass shooting at the Orlando gay nightclub 'bout a year ago those folks got on board with self defense, you betcha! devil

Membership in the Pink Pistols gun advocacy group for gay folks more than DOUBLED within 36 HOURS! wow

Pink Pistols - Their motto...'Pick on someone your own caliber!'

Yep miclee but our armed police force were there in minutes and shot a bloke dead whilst people help him back until they got there 3 mins police trained to shoot to kill.

Non of the civillians have gone to press (except this dud above) to ask for weapons.

One day it might happen but gladly i will be in space by then hoping aliens just need a tentacle to zap you laugh
When it was announced that Harriet Tubman was going to replace Andrew Jackson on the U.S. $20 bill, there was some concern about how Conserv'tiv Republicans would react to the change.

Observed one such Conserv'tiv...
"They replaced the slave-holding founder of the Democrat Party with...
a gun totin',
Democrat shootin',
2nd Amendment suppotin',
Black Woman.
LIFE IS GOOD!" thumbs up

Yep you do have a very interesting country miclee, but reckon in the end all the same egos wanting to grow and we the people look after ourselves in the aftermath of their convictions same as same as.

I am away for my meal now happy hunting miclee wave wave
Sounds like rauons from the

Perhaps electing a President who doesn't use fear mongering as a tool to fool its sheeple would be the
I meant
wave Lou!

Speaking of heads of state...
I'm firmly convinced y'all Canadians are sitting on the secret to world peace!


I only recently heard something being said by yall's Gary Trudeau.
No pressing need to do so earlier. I mean...we're talking Canada here.

Lou! NO one could possibly be that kicked back other than being on SOME kinda happy stuff...
drinking dunno....smoking place

We're talkin' some serious heap good kinnickinick, I'm thinkin'!

C'mon y'all Canadians!
Share your good shit with the rest of the planet! smoking...beverage delivery
Universal World Peace will break out! group hug
You'd want Universal World Peace, wouldn't you Lou?
Yes. I just know you would. Because that's just who you are. :verhappy:

We'll all be dancing with Barney The Purple Dinosaur!
(Or whatever one's personal preference may be...elephant )
And singin' Kumbaya! buddiesbuddiesbuddiesbuddies

Sorry for the hijack crown.
I figured a blog hijack was a small price to pay for Universal Peace.

there is so much mental illness that i wouldn't put a butter knife in the hands of many people. the thing about being a victim is to be aware of your surroundings. if you get a creepy feeling, get out. you have to be in tune with the people and things around you. it is part of the natural order of things. to be aware and on edge to survive. when one becomes lazy or at the whim of another is when we are abused. we have the right to say no and the right to remove ourselves from a bad situation. if that is not possible, we must make a plan that takes time and patience. i am working on such a plan.
be smart. don't do anything stupid. don't look for anything that isn't on the up and up. don't put yourself in a position of vulnerability. again, don't be freaking stupid. the price for love is not a death certificate
Back Again, Freehand you mentioned that butterknife, well here in Western Canada ,one of the most dangerous weapons there is, is the kitchen table knife, (domestics). Just think if all kitchen table knives disappeared what would the weapon of choice be, confused

Who is Gary?

Nothing wrong with peace or gun control...better yet treating people fairly and not incarcerating people long term...and not treating them as sub human...we are a product of our environment...fear and loathing is or was the "theme" of the US election...

The Canadian election was the opposite...sunny

Bernie has a good point...regarding gun control...

Hmmm, thinking back over terrorist attacks I can remember they've used as weapons an airliner, car bomb, AK 47's, 40 ton truck, large van, suicide vest, axe & machete, good luck going up against someone who wants to die using your knife doh

That is a good

But not funny when thinking about it...uh oh
"PLAY NOW: Tetris"(meet us in the games)

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