Why is it considered not acceptable for women to be circumcised, yet male babies still go through a similar experience and they have no choice in the matter. Apparently the excuse is either for health reasons or a requirement of a particular religious order. Shouldn't this practice be stopped and boys given the option when they are old enough to make the decision themselves?professor

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That you're male and need to ask, says something.

One basically has no bearing on anything in the great scheme of things, and the other is a barbaric practice from medieval times that is designed to limit a females enjoyment of life. I see it as great confidence my parents showed, having the end of it chopped off before they knew exactly how big it would grow
Circumcisers went on strike for better pay. They are only paid 50 pence an hour... plus tips.

for female it is indeed to cut off a part of their enjoyment. so they grow into smaller human beings than male humans.

For male, it can be for several reasons.

quakers so he would not play so much with himself.
some past medical reasons.
some religious sources. because it is written.
some do it for visual reasons.
some for cultural or group pressures.

but none do it to make that male weaker comparing to peers.

Female mutilation is therefore far worse.

But i agree all forms of mutilation should get counter pressure. but in countries such as in wild africa, male circumcision could be easily for medical and hygienic reasons defended.
Is this a joke ? Male circumcision is entirely different, the foreskin is removed, still done today by Jews and muslims and practices by many Christians in the 40s and early 50s but largely it has died out in Christianity.

It is said in Males [besides Religion], to protect against STDs, and to make sex more enjoyable, but it is predominately a religious procedure, in Judaism done by the chief Rabbi.

Female Mutilation, is the severing of the Clitoris, which serves no purpose but to disable the womans enjoyment of Sex and stop her from enjoying o*gasm.

I do hope you are not having us on. It is a barbaric custom and medically dangerous.
goldengloss --- Don't you think males should be given a choice and not left to the decisions of backward parents?
goldengloss --- Don't you think males should be given a choice and not left to the decisions of backward parents?
The guy has no idea about the female body, thats a shame to never experience something so lovely. But to be male and not understand the basics of how either body works, is way beyond bad luck.
I do think crown is a bit of a d*ck roll eyes but saying that he does have a point about male circumcision. Why can,t it be a male choice unless of course it is for pure medical reasons which i do know of, forskin being too tight and others medical reasons.

In the main it is a cultural thing, so is a girls mutilation we call it.

One is illegal in our country, and yes i can see it is a barbaric practice, but whatever, it is against the law.

Christnening a baby is a religeous thing so why not wait until child makes up his her own mind? same as circumsision.???? dunno
to alter a baby is grotesque. unfortunately, it is the norm here, for males. i'm glad i only had females and didn't have to make the choice. how beautiful, not to have to make the choice...
Although they are totally incomparable, I agree that men should not be circumcised without their consent.

It is an unnecessary operation done usually for religious purposes.

It is very uncommon here, only done for medical reasons if necessary.
in the States, circumsising a male is the package deal. like, after the birth, it is the surgery. i only had females, so i don't know for sure, only that it doesn't matter the religion or faith, it is the shake with burger, i think
Free, yeah, in the States, it seems to be done as a matter of form, no matter what the religion.

Strange to operate on something that there is nothing wrong with.
wow did not know that roll eyes see never to old to learn thumbs up
i agree, Molly, yet, there comes the age of sexuality and the acceptance of the female. what is the female familiar with? god, i know how men see women, these poor men now have to deal with females and their understanding of anatomy
Crownaffair! This happen at women in African countries. This is no reason, because women have no skin in that place for cut, and they still getting very wounded. Many women die. Activists fighting against such cruel acts in world, and you want that more women get cut and wounded at nothing, at stupid tradition? dunno
Men must decide, you right there! But, women must not punished gotten now because this happen for men.
thumbs down
Women would just have to get over it.
It wouldn't bother me whether or which.
Society has to change.
i doubt many women would have hang-ups about it if they really liked the person
And after a while, it would become the norm to be uncircumcised
I am actually amazed it has been allowed to be the norm for so long without there being an uproar. Maybe because it is men affected and not women?
It (male circumcision) has been shown to reduce aids in Africa. I'm guessing everywhere else too in that case.

There is zero impact on the way things work. I've never met any male that can remember it being done (mothers maybe). It does make keeping clean much simpler.

Could you honestly say any of this about FGM? no.
Pat, that is true about the spread of AIDS
But I don't think that is necessarily a good enough reason to impose it on men
Education and condoms also reduces AIDS hugely, but without a knife being involved
ugg, knives...i get that it is cleaner, for men. For the women, it is simply to eliminate the stimulation. That is a far different means. There are many circumcised males who enjoy sex. to circumcise females, is a different set of goals. it's a bit laughable because, under the wrong circumstances, women don't enjoy sex. a mind f*ck, if you will.
Male circumcision has absolutely no effect on their enjoyment of sex

That is why the two are totally incomparable

Female circumcision is barbaric
Well the bottom line is I'll race anybody. Be it by the clock, or by the measuring beaker, or by the guitar solo face, there's no difference. So get over it, ladies.
Pat, you win. yay!
Yay Pat, us ladies just love fast finishers...
can we please address the cowboy hat? jesus, am i the only one? i feel so crazy to question this. don't let me be the only one...
Free, some things are best ignored laugh

Methinks he may be looking for a southern gal grin

cowboy <<<< Sorry Mic
Should have chosen the measuring beaker then, or the guitar solo face.
My mind was fixated on the measuring beaker even when I was writing about the speed
i can't ignore the hat. it is a fact i can't escape....
I nearly knocked the measuring beaker over, while I was fiddling with the stopwatch.
Let me hold it for you, Pat
Pat, it's the freaing hat that has me in an uproar. i've lost it, for sure. back to your stopwatch...
As far as I can see the fact that you deem it fit to ask this question at 60 year's of age portrays your complete lack of knowledge as regards anything got to do with female sexuality or their enjoyment thereof.....perhaps by leaving the frontal and rear views of yourself up here.... not to mention the cowboy hat.....perhaps they will get duly stimulated even if circumcised....... best of luck with that one though!!....
Well...women have been historically treated as chattle...remove the pleasurable bits means women won't boys circumcision has been regarded a procedure that helps aid in cleanliness or for religious purposes but their s*xual pleasure remains intact...very different if you actually care about gender inequality...
If the girls are not given the option at all, I don't know why you bring the female genital mutilation, which is a barbaric act in to this topic. I don't know what men have to complain about. actually some women are more attracted to cleanliness, so will prefer a circumcised guy. I don't know if male circumcision affect the s*xual pleasure or performance in any way.

So if guys want to riot about it, go ahead and do it. It's your right. Demand the authorities to stop the practice.

But FGM is inhumane. So it should never be a topic associated with male circumcision. Just my opinion.

Hi Crown wave
You would have been better served to have kept the blog title to "male mutilation".

The audience would have been far friendlier and a topic which we all could discuss freely and openly.

To compare male to female circumcision shows your complete ignorance surrounding female genitalia.

Go educate yourself
Female mutilation involves cutting off her pleasure part, male mutilation cuts off the skin over his pleasure part. Its two totally different things.

I do agree though that the time for male mutilation is past now (unless for medical reasons).

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