Sugar mommas and sugar daddies

I recently had read an interesting article talking about about a boy in the US finding a sugar daddy. Completely changed my concept of the subject. Apparently the man was just looking for someone to talk to and mentor, while the boy was looking for something more like older guidance. Not a s*xual relationship at all. But, there are not so many places on the internet or in life that one can find like minded people for just socializing. I thought I would post on here and see if I could hear others opinions on the subject whether you are a sugar momma or a sugar daddy or just interested in the subject.

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laugh laugh am not either but do not mind chatting but chats so far have taught me its not a chat they are afterlaugh laugh

The blogs is a good way of socializing IF you wear a bullet proof vest laugh OR have rhino skin laugh

But welcome newbieroll eyes to cs blogs laugh laugh
Why not just find a friend, without the financial /s*xual connotations that comes with sugar daddy/mamma? dunno
That's what I thought too Molly. Maybe I wasn't so clear with my original post, as it's really a foreign subject for me. Here's the link so anyone can read:

Seems to me, like 100 years ago, these kind of mentor relationships were common place and had less emphasis on money. I don't really know which has become more corrupted in society this day, the greed or love.
I also just wanna talk with a 25 year old ,tall blonde from Sweden flirty
Hahaha. So Dedovex is down.
There's no such thing as a free lunch conversing
Best wishes with your Médici research , don´t forgert to "show them your money" ...."quid pro quo" my friend innocent

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