Does the expression "DUMB BLONDE" have any truth?

Apart from the likely characters on this site, has anyone experienced events to substantiate the saying?

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It's just a hair colour
Just to quote Molly it's just a color.
Nope, there is no evidence [just myth] that Blondes are in any way inferior intellectually than their darker counterparts. Blonde hair in an adult is pretty rare, except in Scandinavia and parts of Holland.

I did read an article about bald men being more virile, but that's another Blog for another day.flirty

Any data on people who wear cowboy hats?

Just kidding. laugh hug

Don't see where hair color or anything else would have an impact on brain capacity.
Nope but do no the label DUMB rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Actually, crown, there's evidence that quite the opposite is true.
And the blondes are working a brilliant scam.

Lisa Kudorow was in college...studying pre-med. Or something brainy.
Then she got a job playing the dumb blonde on the 'Friends' sitcom.

She summed it up...
'Life's easier when you're dumb.'

And all those dumb blonde jokes?
They're made up by brunettes.
Sitting home alone on Saturday nights.

A variation on the blonde joke...
Q) WHY do blondes have more fun?



A) Because there aren't enough Gingers to go around!


The last line of gg's comment...

What gg said. WHAT GG SAID Y'ALL! head banger

Thank you for sharing that well documented and irrefutable (though not widely known...and under appreciated) scientific FACT, GG! flower

First, lets quantify by agreeing that most blondes are not "natural" blondes.

And there are many highly intelligent gingers and beautiful dark haired beauty's sporiting high I.

To say someone is smarter than someone else by this type of stereotype is just plain silly...kind of "vain" exercise.

laugh bouquet
Plus people who are guilty of typos type and think too fast, lol, so sorry. laugh teddybear cheers
I have known many a dumb blonde and dumb blond in my life.
Are they Greater in number than the Dumb Gingers, Brunettes or raven-haired folk. I don't Know for sure,
But I do know that Blond women wear Dumb like it was Erotic Bedroom Lingerie. wow
...And why not, non? It makes life easier for 'em.
If it works...don't fix it.

Calmheartseeks ~ All blondes do not dye their hair. As they age, they put in a colour to cover grey/white, just like all other colours do.

Scientific Evidence to back up the Bald head, Virility theory. Seriously. Be happy Miclee. wine cowboy
Calmheartseeks ~ Sorry,meant to say that some of us who are guilty of Typhos have Arthritis in our hands.
It means we skip letters as our fingers are not steady or strong enough to hit keys at certain times. Does not mean we are bimbos . wink
Why not indeed Mic beer



A blonde, a brunette & a ginger are asea - adrift in a lifeboat.

The subject is raised...
'What would you do if we were going to be rescued, but there were only lusty seamen aboard the ship...and it hadn't been in a port for six weeks?' wow

Brunette - 'I'd stay in the lifeboat & take my chances with the sea!'

Blonde - 'I'd be rescued, but demand to be put in the protective custody of the Captain.'

Ginger - 'I understand the question; I don't see a problem.'


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