are we living in the last days?

judging from what is going on in the world today, i think so.

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My last days will hopefully be when I'm around 80/85 years old...head banger
I think we are and I believe scripture is telling us!
Indeed, stringman!
After more than 2 years of messages you finally convinced me, string.

2015 is the end of the world
Yes I would say about 365 trillion days left, maybe a few more !
but yes the countdown has begun uh oh
What is important is what you're doing while you are here Non..
Or shall we still Love you when you are as old as ?.... "Artificial" Intelligence.

self-fulfilling Prophecy!

The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.
The Bible is not a lie , the things i see that is happeing . I strongly believe we are living in the last days
The bible is technically not a lie. That's because the people who wrote it apparently believed in what they were writing, so they couldn't be accused of lying.

The point is more whether we agree or believe in what the bible says is correct or not.
And that then expands into whether we believe that the written word of ALL religions....and there are hundreds of them, are correct or not.
Each to their own, but no...the world is not going to end any time soon..........not until the sun becomes a red giant and the earth is swallowed up and particularised by all types of heat and radiation from the sun.

Let's hope humans evolve into a less aggressive, greedy, warlike species......that will be a better world...

"In Reply To Your Question String Man?"

"Its The Same Idea ....As That Phrase"

"That Was Popular Way Back Then"

("Today..Is The First Day")

("Of The Rest Of Your Life"..............................detective
"If..It Is The So Called Last Days String Man"

"Its The So Called.... Last Days For Humanity Only"

"Earth ...And All Other Living Beings"

"Shall...Prosper On".................................detective
it's not called the last days for nothing. I don't know if anyone really watched the clip. but like most things we seem to think we know what's going on.or they have an idea but can't put their finger on it.
Babylon the great has fallen.
Oh dear Stringman,

Yes I watched your clip. Sorry, but quite laughable really.....typical christian view of the world. Everything centres around Israel does it.....oh I see....... doh

I suppose other nations like China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, African nations, and so on and so on don't have any say in the matter then? And the threat of nukes posed by rogue countries such as North Korea has no importance of course compared with 'centre of all things important' Isreal...haha

And all this stuff about modern technology now being able to spread the word of christianity being prophisesed?
Haha, bloomin missionaries have been sailing to all corners of the world for a thousand years and more doing that!

Sorry, I think we just have to look at the bigger picture....
stringman I doubt if anyone knows for sure when things may or may not come to an end.

It's just all a lot of spectulation.
I- do -not- want -an -Artificial-Superficial-Virtual -Life. Beeboop.uh-oh.

Ash- haha..yeah already saw that when you posted it on the blog earlier.

No, just call me RubberReal........kiss
We're all going to die...
If we do not change direction we will get where we are going.

very happy....or.....blues

Depending upon one's perception of 'where we are going'.

the scriptures where written for a guide for the human race. the words where written from our heavenly father. would not a good father try to guide his children in the right direction in how to live life. you see the bible is a book of prophecy over a third is prophecy. it is telling us the signs a head. but it is up to us to choose and heed. surly people must see things are falling apart in this world. man kind can not solve the world problems. we are living in dangerous times. no one knows when this earth will end but GOD. He does say that he will come like a thief in the night. have a good Sunday.
stringman i know you beleive all that but the people here have already made up their own minds what they beleive to be true. No amount of clips, books etc will change well me now.

The thing i get a bit uptight about is that i do not even now try to tell you that your thinking is wrong.

I have not seen many athiests blogs telling folk what they think is wrong about relgion, unless of ourse the blog like yours opens up a discusion---even that debate will not change an adults belief.

Wishing you well your thoughts teddybear

can we be deceived you bet.
hi red

yes we all have choices to make but when it comes to religion , religion is man made. what I do believe is in GOD. we have the free will to choose, my choice is GOD. not everyone will reach eternal life, myself included. but I will try and keep the faith. anyway have a nice day.handshake
It's not just the folks here, Red scold

"Ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature...
has been clearly perceived in the things that have been
made. So they are without excuse...Claiming to be wise,
they became fools..."
Roman 1:20-23

Thank you stringman, yes i do believe God religion is man made. I just think man needed guidlines to live life, others could see a way of making money and ruling with religion----hence the story of the man Jesus who turned the tables of the money lenders, hence at the time christians were crucified. A lot of that is actually in the history books not just the bible.

Anyways stringman in this world whatever helps to live your life at peace is for me at least okay teddybear
Ms rredex, Once again you try to subvert Mr stringmans thoughts. "stringman i know you beleive all that but the people here have already made up their own minds what they beleive to be true.' No amount of clips, books etc will change well me now. now, who are "the people here"? a cult of extreme liberal atheists? You do understand as pple go through life they change their thought processes quite frequently. Even an atheist will change their tune on their death bed..(probably to late) Where do you come off telling the believers that all the others have "made up their own minds"? Once again you show your intolerance to others who have a different thought process than your own.

"The thing i get a bit uptight about is that i do not even now try to tell you that your thinking is wrong." That's an incorrect statement, as you try to discredit everything Mr stringman is trying to communicate here on the blogs. Once again, who are you to tell us all that Mr stringmans beliefs are wrong? Do you have a background in Theology?

"I have not seen many athiests blogs telling folk what they think is wrong about relgion" too if they would even begin to know/, your just a plain comic.

Did you close your blog in silence for the Child's honor,after his passing.Thank you.

Redex comments,even after your dissection make me feel closer to her, and to God.
I appreciate her saying her truth, to us and Mr. Stringman/OP.

Mr. Stringman has done excellent work pertaining to his clarifying his beliefs,as his.

Prophesy is part of the Bible in regards to His own disciples' doubts, as well.
I grew up into my Faith,although you can be indoctrinated through family tradition,
a crisis, curiosity or claim faith even to become accepted or to appease another.
Those who seek the Truth for whatever reason can not be immediately articulate
in their Knowing,or may sometimes feel confusion/tested.
( the relationship with God can be intimate self-discovery, i.e. forgiveness
,joy and a testimony of dependency through your Faith).
If we could all give it to God,there would be some who still have to learn patience
as God's time is at hand.We are exemplifying that understanding
when we stay the course without collision.( or collusion).

Thank you again Mr.Stringman for sharing
God's Love and Wisdom in this manner.
It's reflected in your kind and caring nature.

We have many archived blogs from our CS Ministers:
Serendipity, Owlsway and Keys.( see blog categories).

Others who present their Religious Beliefs have been infrequent and I try to find the heart of
their messages and bless them that try.So,to those who's truth is I don't believe you or I don't
trust you or that you are content-I will be uplifting your needs in prayer if ever you do
request it.."whenever two or more are gathered in His Name" to you He has promised it also.
No one knows when " your time will come" for either experience.Just you and your Peace.

thanks ashlander for the kind words and sea also. if only people could see what is ahead. as GOD has said I have not come to destroy but enlighten.nice song and so true.
Mr Seaworthy Mr string can and does speak for himself.

Now i know you do not agree with me and my thoughts, nor me yours so just dancing walk on.
Ash thank you but i can speak for myself and talk to Mr string.handshake
Mr string we must then agree to disagree, i was enlightened a long time ago.

Neither of us are bad people and in our own ways try to do our bit and we both feel comfortable in our own beliefs

So wishing you well handshake
Ms redex, I say these words with a contrite heart. You are never too old to be re-enlightened. Life is about obtaining knowledge and using that knowledge by converting it into wisdom.
Ms ashlander, "Did you close your blog in silence for the Child's honor,after his passing." Absolutely. There was nothing more to say on the how or the why as it was pretty much covered in my blog of Gov't healthcare. This was a moment of silence for respect to Mr Charlie Gard and his super parents.
I learn all the time Mr seaworthy, yep i know your i mean your never to old to learn either.

If you are peaceful and happy in your life then that is great.

I am in my lifes beliefs too handshake

Sometimes i feel on cs it is like a knock on my dorr with Jehovas witness or some such body trying to enlighten me.

If i need to know more i find it i do not need people disturbing my peace.

Peace be with you bro handshake
I thought Obama had to be president for the Antichrist to come. Or had to not give up power.

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