My cooking....

Women have been known to fall on their knees, and propose marriage, after tasting some of my dishes. From the simple, to the annoyingly French, what a scene. But I usually am careful in just which ladies I decide to share my precious bodily pure essence with. Aa.

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Food for thought, F., so to speak. But glad you stumbled upon mussels, one of nature's primo foods. As I mentioned, we get ours about an hour from here, at the near mouth of a fast moving river, with nice/challenging rapids for kayakers. Current, and tides, seem to have a way of helping these animals in their twice daily feeding/cleansing routine. So almost no pearls, and zero sand, in the flesh. Much fresher and tasty than the cultivated ones, although in a pinch, they'll do. Just don't hold the garllic, as you now know. Usually get a 5 gallon, former paint bucket full, once or twice a month. Have even done so on the vintage Wing, by lashing the sealed plastic bucket aft. A sight to behold. Old coot carrying seafood home so. Happy Fourth to you and all the CS blogging community. Aa.

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