Just Had A Fun Night Out...

now I'm suffering...help!crying laugh

Went shopping with friends then had dinner with more friends...got a hair cut or some trimming....then went out for a coffee...supposed to have beer date with someone after my coffee date with friends...halfway with my coffee when my tummy started rambling and had to run home, luckily I made it .doh

Now, here I am sitting in front of my computer, blogging in between short trips to the loo! What a night!frustrated laugh

Must be the lousy Chinese foods and the sushi ...moping laugh

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Eugh moping

Drink some peppermint or ginger tea to settle your stomach

I had lots of coke....I didn't trust those sushidoh
had 2 trips so far...if I can't make it to the 3rd then I'm good...but my date got messed up, he will have to wait another timelaugh
You're having great fun dating. .well done you!

I should really get off my arse and follow your example
"Youre Profile Picture"

"Goes Right Along With"

"With What Youre Talking About"......................detective
Yes I am...if my tummy didn't bother me, I'm enjoying a drink or two at Dubliner's right now, what a mess!doh laugh

just had a nice hair trim so that profile photo will go down in a bit...just need a nice shower here....I'm waiting....moping
Now I know why I cook my own food.

It could be possible that something could have sat out too long.
Alcohol probably isn't the best thing for a dodgy stomach uh oh

Unless you sip on a brandy
"When People Start To Look Like This Miss Crazy".............Its Time To Stop"

I think you became nervous as yo why your
tummy rebeled.
Mix salt in a cokecola and drink it settles fast

I love to cook my food too, not a big fan of restaurants either but I prefer to meet friends there when I'm not up for cooking and cleaning afterwards...

Buffets are not so reliable....and it's hot these days, I don't think those sushi were fresh...but heck, I paid almost 50$ for that buffet dinner so I ate all I can! Silly me...

I used to work part time in 5 big hotels in wedding parties...I won't drink some of those foods and drinks they serve to the guests...they're not clean and the kitchen is such a mess...people working with foods are not so sanitarymoping

Naah, that date got cancelled...too scared I coudn't make it home, not going anywhere now...laugh

here I am, almost naked sitting on the cushion on the floor with laptop on the table...and watching Bangkok Dangerous TV in front of me....just chilling ...and waiting.....laugh

That photo is kinda messed up...no, I'm not there yet...laugh

Thanks but I'm not drinking anything...except cold water, I'm sweating heremoping
I thought you said you were having a drink or two in a pub called The Dubliner?

Don't confuse me!

I was supposed to meet someone there after I had coffee with my friends...I didn't finish my coffee, had to run home.

Yes, we agreed to have a beer there but beer is not really my kind of drink....I would like something stronger. The Dubliner is not far from my home...20 minutes walk, laugh

Freshly showered now....ready for bed now...so I think that was it, I expected worsedoh
Got you now thumbs up

I misread your post, sorry

You're probably better off in bed anyway

you really should pay me a visit....laugh
Certain things do that to me regularly, coffee is one of them moping

I was having some Turkish coffee earlier, not really my kind of coffee, too strong for me but everyone was having one so I tried...I doubt it's the coffee, my gut feeling tell me it's those sushi...laugh
laugh Crazy

I won't be going outside of Europe this year anyway moping

next year then...many nice places to see here...and lots of hotties toowink
South America is top of the list for long haul

Then Jordan laugh
Plenty of tourists here these days...Petra and Wadi Rum are main attractions...plus the Dead Seawink Might go with friends for a trip this Friday then overnight camping at Dead Seagrin
That sounds like a fun weekend. ..go first!

PS . I hate tourists laugh
Yeah, I don't like Tourists too but they're coollaugh

I think I will go this Friday and someone might tag along...but this is going to be a church thing...and he's Atheist!doh laugh
If you are going with friends, don't bring him along.

Especially if it's a church thing

Have a night out with him a different night instead
Yeah...he will bring a bottle of wine instead of a Bibledoh laugh

and he usually feel bad when I go to Bible study first so I thought it might be a good idea if he tag along and see the good thing in it laugh
Hmmm. .. It's his tough luck if he feels bad about you going there. He should get a life of his own and it wouldn't bother him so much.

I'd still leave him at home

you too tough...laugh He's nice, just need a little spiritual guidancedevil
On that note, I'll leave you laugh


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