Karma.....and a litttle snapping turtle.

Of course it has profound meanings in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. But in everyday parlance, we hear things like "what goes around---comes around". Looking back on my past, I'm struck with how true this seems. Spooky, really. Years ago, with family in the car, I stopped to move a huge snapper off the busy road and into the safety of a stream nearby. She was a big girl, the size of a car steering wheel. You have to have your wits about you when picking these beautiful animals up. Tiny sweet spot amidships on either side of the shell. Too far back, and those sharp rear leg claws bloody up the hands. Too far forward, and there's the business end of a surprisingly long reaching neck. Family applauded the effort roundly. So imagine my delight when the girls, now adults, stormed into the Aa palace on this 4th, to show me pics of a baby snapper they also moved off a busy street, while driving with mom. Karma. Your experiences here? Aa.

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"I Have Three Snapping Turtles AA"

"All Were The Size Of A Quarter...Just Hatched Late August..Early September"

"Theyre All In Their Fifth Year Now"

"Each...Are Now... In Their 100 Gallon Tanks"

"As Big As Your Average Frying Pan" Too"

("As Long As The Water Stays Warm In Their Tank")

("They Wont Hibernate")

"And Your Right When You Said..... "She"

"Only The Female Comes Out Of The Water")..."To Lay Her Eggs"

(Goods Subject There AA).....................................detective
Yep. Thanks. The song says it all. Man those snappers grow mighty big. Sure was hard swimming across that thing, with both hands holding my dingalinga ling. Aa.
"Back In The 80s"
"I Saw The Very Snapping Turtle"
"Thats As Big As a Bath Tub.... At The Very End Of The Ten Mile River"
"Here In East Providence,Rhode Island"

"There Was An Article in The Paper Back Then"
"That Dubbed Him.."Omega Sam"
"It Was Witnessed When He Attacked A Swimming Dog...And Drag Him Under"
"The Dog Was Never Seen Again"

(Nobody Swims In "Omega Pond" Anymore).........................detective
i once worked overnights. on my way home, i passed a lake and would park. on that particular day, i got out of the car and had a seat on the curb by the sand. while quietly sitting, i caught something in the corner of my eye. it was a big turtle, right next to me. i watched as she slowly paddled with her hind legs, in the sand. then, to my amazement, she began laying eggs! it was so exciting to watch. i sat very still and watched her lay no less than 12 eggs. it was a great morning.
Thanks, N and F. Millions of years of evolution. Ice ages and a few mass extinctions thrown in for good measure, And we get to watch these beautiful creatures. How can you not be grateful? Aa.
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