One of my favorite band...Morten almost 60 but still looking hotheart beating

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Nice bod too wink

yes...looks a lot like the pricksmitten laugh
crazy wow yep hot lad, thumbs up

yes...I dated one who looks like him...and body like that too...blushing
wow Brilliant i've never been so lucky-----but i will get there one daygrin hug
Hello ading, if I were closed I'd been there and joining the chilling in with you.
It's hot in most part of the country today.

you will find one hotter than Mortenhug

Yes, I guess I'm luckylaugh

hot here in the office, a bit quiet so I'm chilling...with oldiesdancing

great music really...and look at those guys, still looking great smitten
Yep ading. Anyways enjoy. I might seek the company of Ben Jerry.hug
Crazy, you thinking a man of nearly 60 looks hot?

You feeling okay, pet? laugh

take me with youlaugh hug

YESblushing I will dump all my dates , the jerk included, just to have one night with Mortenblushing
Ading, let's go. hug
looks 40 to me...

Manang, they have good looking men over there?laugh
so would he have to wait six months for a sniff just wondering why are you not looking for a bloke your own age ....theres a big gap oul lads would be okay but not able to keep up with young ones ...

Naah, I don't like to date men around my age, I like them a bit older...10 years gap is good for me but with Morten, 20 years will be fine...and No, I won't let him wait for a secondblushing laugh
"Dont Care Who Youre Talking About"

"Youll Never Know What They Really Are"

"Til Youre With Them Miss Crazy"

"Super Star Or Not".............................detective
You girls deserve what your wishing for. If us guys can so can you!!
Crazy ~ I agree, they look particularly hot. Well 60 is the new 40. Things have changed. Men and women are taking care of themselves and women don't automatically get a perm and short curly hair died a gunmetal grey when they reach 60. Ditto men can be very sexy when they are 60 and even older.

I am going out with a guy who is 10years younger than me. Nothing serious, I just want friendship. He is hot, has a nice body. I am trying madly to tone up my stomach laugh but I hope I am ageing gracefully, disgracefully?laugh

Window shopping is OK and some of these Musicians women and men, have weathered the years very well. Some without Botox and Surgery. Enjoy !love shimmy flirty
... Mortens daughter is cinda hot...grin
These are three songs I consider to be the best A-ha have done, but that is just how I feel.

Take on me
Wild boys
A view to a kill - James Bond Movie sound track

all from the 1980s


Great band...underrated but they are way way better than others. I grew up listening to them too.. and I love them.

here's for you...

I think Wild Boys is for Duran Duran...?

Tomine? Yes, she isgrin

I have a crush on her father though...laugh

Yes, those men get more and more gorgeous the older they getsmitten

and you are aging very he's 10 years younger, must be hotlaugh When I'm 50, I'll also look for someone 10 years younger...for now, I'll settle for older guyslaugh

Thank you!hug I know I deserve better than a jerk, better than a wanker, better than a prick and way better than a dickheadlaugh

Yes, can't really know a person till you live with them...but this man is really cool and hot, I mean for a 58 yearssmitten
Crazy I can't view the videowow rolling on the floor laughing
I worked out how to show the videos laugh Excuse me for forgetting, but I have not been here for sometimegrin

Opps...wild boys is Duran Duran, but it's still a cool song from the 1980s
Hans4711: "Places on Earth 467"(meet us in the puzzles)

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