NYPD Officer Shot Execution Style In Her Car.

Miosotis Familia. 48. Twelve year NYPD vetereran, Red Cross Volunteer.
Mother of twin boy and girl and a daughter in college.

sad flower


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And your point is?

A 21 YO Minneapolis "Man" punched his GF's 4 month old daughter to death because she was making "baby sounds" while he was watching TV.

The shooter, identified as Alexander Bonds, ex-felon and Hilary Clinton supporter. was shot dead on the scene by police.
OD - sad flower was the point I was making.
To lose what was to all appearances a remarkable woman...
to a twice paroled sack of filth...
Well... sad flower

I opened your link to the story of the 21 yo baby killer.
I noted that his family had sought treatment for mental illness.
He's one that slipped through the cracks.
The pic of the adorable little girl...pathetic. crying

Slipping through bureaucratic cracks.
I'm personally aware of a man who was in obvious(!) need of mental health treatment.
I'm of the opinion that Human Services of a certain small Wisconsin county deliberately ignored his situation.
He killed his sixteen yo son and then himself.
There should be a way to criminally charge government personnel so grossly derelict in their duties.
Of course there's not.

County law enforcement & county attorney?
Investigate/charge/prosecute county employees?
Yeah. Like that was gonna happen. Not.
The vermin are thick as thieves. Only worse.
I've no idea how the wretches sleep at night.

See comment above for my estimation of Bonds, KB.

As for the vermin responsible for twice returning the subhuman cockroach into society...
See also comment above.

His parole days are over.
That was one Black Life that did NOT Matter.

Good riddance.
Too bad it came one incident too late.

Shitbird Bonds posted on social media that prison guards kill inmates and blame it on other inmates.

He was paroled. Twice.
Implying he'd been incarcerated. Twice.

Talk 'bout missed opportunities/slipping through cracks.
If Only!

miclee Very upsetting. The Mental Health service is bad here, the courts are overloaded with crimes and the Jails operate on a revolving door system. Put simply it is extremely expensive to keep somebody in jail.

Where does 'psychosis' end and Evil begin when it comes to punching a young innocent child to death?

Plenty of inmates on death row have psychological disorders, but many don't and are simply evil.
Not a very popular word.

Cuts in the Mental Health System mean a lot fall between the net and many gross offences and murders, rapes etc., are committed when these 'thugs' are out on parole.

Sad news. Unfortunately so common now , it does not make News headlines anymore.
sad flower

If a person is proven to have committed a murder, the only justice is they forfeit their life! Eye for an eye!thumbs up
Thank tou for that ray of blissful optimism, Mary Sunshine! very happy

But seriously.
Sadly, gg, I suspect you're all too correct sad flower
At first glance, a good observation, Jim.
If properly applied it'd reduce recidivism, awright.

Among other issues, evidence suggests that prosecutors tend to pile up a big body count...so they can get a cushy judgeship on a 'law & order' record.
Offing actual culprits is sometimes a decidedly secondary concern.
Which allows killers to go free. joy

There's recently been a series of botched executions...
The condemned dying painfully over the course of nearly an hour.
Or longer.


This appears not to have been an overly challenging problem for Shitbird Bonds.
Officer Familia was in a hospital within a very few minutes...only to be immediately pronounced dead.
Quite possibly she didn't even hear the shot that killed her.

Hey. If it worked THAT well for Shitbird.....
Maybe states are making executions more complicated (and expensive) than necessary?
Just sayin'.

Another consideration.

Bonds had posted to social media items which pretty much followed the Black Lives Matter narrative.
Yeah, that's right...I said it!!

What do you suppose would happen if some neo-Nazi skin head had posted such rhetoric of some such a group...and then went out and capped an ethnic? Or an adherent of a religion?
You know full well what would happen!
Screams about 'Hate Speech' & calls to investigate all such groups for the 'Hate Crimes' inspired by their rhetoric.
Understandably so.

Where are the screams about 'Hate Speech' and calls for investigations of a 'Hate Crime' resulting from rhetoric spewing organizations that may have 'radicalized' Bonds?
And cost Officer Familia HER life?........
*crickets chirping*...hmmm

Perhaps some lives matter?
And others...not so much? dunno

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